APPT Manila: Kocher coughs, Nagashima doubles

November 13, 2008

Arthur Kocher has just lost a chunk of chips in a recent encounter with Kim Jong Sung of Korea. With blinds of 400/800, and a stack of just over 60,000 chips, Cocher raised in early position to 4000. It folded around to the big blind of Kim Jong Sung, who re-raised to 15,000 chips.

Cocher now had a tough decision to make, with all three options – fold, raise or call – distinct possibilities. He called, and seemed pleased with a flop of Jh-8d-2d.

Kim Jong Sung makes a move.

Now, Sung had just 17,300 chips remaining, and, with a pot of over 30,000 on the table, he made the only move practically available to him – he went all-in. Without much hesitation, Cocher called with pocket kings, only to be sickened to see Sung’s pocket jacks. Sung’s set was a huge favourite, with only two kings remaining in the deck to save him.

3h and 5c completed the board, meaning that Sung doubled up to around 65,000, and is now one of our leaders. Meanwhile, Kocher’s stack fell to around 33,000, back with the pack and, although healthy, he was no longer one of our chip leaders.

Meanwhile, on lucky table 13, Tsutomu Nagashima doubled up with A-Q all-in against 7-7, and, with a Queen falling on the turn, a cheer rang through the room from the Japanese supporters. As one of the players said, “It’s a Japanese invasion,” with Nagashima’s courageous play and fortunate outcome.

Tsutomu Nagashima rides the roller-coaster of poker.


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