APPT Manila: Lights, camera, action on feature table

November 13, 2008

As part of PokerStars’ effort to spread the enjoyment of poker, the local Filipino television station is covering the APPT Manila event in great detail.

The featured table has almost 30 cameras, allowing more people than ever before to enjoy watching the stars of poker, and watch them as they battle it out for the big prizes on offer here.

The combatants on the featured table are like sparring partners, wanting to conserve chips early while slowly establishing themselves at the table.

The tempo on the feature table was slow, with none of the players wanting to risk being knocked out early. Very few of the early pots saw flops, with most of the pots being picked up with uncontested raises and the occasional re-raise.

David Saab from Australia lost a large pot early on in a three-way raised pot pre-flop, with three eights coming on the flop. The flop action saw a bet and two more calls, before the chips started flying on the turn.

Kai Paulsen from Norway led out for 400 chips again, Saab raised to 1700 chips, and the third player folded. Paulsen put in a re-raise to 3,000 chips, and after some consideration, Saab folded.

To the crowd’s delight (and the relief of Saab) Paulsen revealed that he had the fourth eight for flopped quads. With the generous chip stack and deep structure, Saab still has a good chance to recover from this flesh wound as he continues to battle for the ultimate prize.


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