APPT Manila: Blooming coinflips

November 13, 2008

The runner-up of last year’s APPT Manila event, Ira Blumenthal from the USA, took a big hit moments ago when he lost a ‘coinflip’ against Tsutomu Nagashima, of Japan

With blinds at 300/600 (and antes of 75), Nagashima was under-the-gun and went all-in for 14,000 chips. Blumenthal, in late position, went into the tank to mull the situation over, before eventually deciding to go all-in for 16,500 with pocket tens. The other players folded, and Nagashima flipped over A-K.

As a large crowd gathered, the board was Ks-2d-3h-5h-Jd, giving the pot to Nagashima’s pair of kings, and with it, a pot of just under 30,000. Meanwhile, Blumenthal will struggle to rebuild his chip stack considering how short his stack is now.

Chip counts now available

As the playing field narrows, your PokerStars blog team will be working hard to keep an eye on chip counts of the various PokerStars sponsored players, qualifiers, and other notable players. You’ll be able to view the chip counts by clicking here


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