APPT Macau: Zhou mows down Alner, Hinrichsen; 6 remain

November 11, 2012

Level 23 (9,000/18,000/2,000) is underway, and Xing Zhou continues to roll at today’s final table. He’s scored two knockouts during the first half-hour of the level, and with six players left has more than 60% of the chips in play.

Zhou picked up another big hand — A♠K♠ — to start the level, but Andrew Hinrichsen had A♦K♦ and the pair split the pot. But soon after that it was Tom Alner running up against Zhou, and the young player from Bristol, England didn’t fare so well.

Alner had pushed from the button for his last 278,000 with A♦K♣, and Zhou was there to call him from the big blind with A♣5♣.

The 6♠7♦4♥ flop was met with a lot of noise from the considerable rail that has developed here in our corner of the Grand Waldo Exhibition and Conference Centre, bringing as it did an open-ended straight draw for Zhou.

Alner was still safe after the Q♦ turn, but the river brought the 8♥ and another roar from the crowd. Zhou has been running so well, it seemed inevitable his draw would be completed. Alner earns $606,000 (HKD) for his eighth-place finish.


Tom Alner, 8th place

Shortly after it was Zhou again opening and Hinrichsen pushing his stack of 294,000 in as a reraise from the big blind.

Zhou called, showing J♠10♠ versus Hinrichsen’s pocket nines, and when the board brought a jack on the turn, Hinrichsen was out in seventh for $779,000 (HKD).


Andrew Hinrichsen, 7th place

By the way, as a consolation prize, Hinrichsen’s finish earns him and Team Australia some needed points in their ACOP Million Dollar Challenge versus Team Hong Kong. There are still events in play today that will affect that race, although the Aussies now enjoy a considerable advantage on the last day of play.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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