APPT Macau: Welcome Party

September 01, 2008

It’s all quiet on the gaming floor of the Grand Waldo casino right now. The green felt of the tournament tables, so new it’s almost glistening, is waiting patiently for the beginning of the APPT Season 2.

It’s almost time for the APPT Season 2

Soon the tables will be alive with shuffling of cards, the riffling of tournament chips and the aspirations of all the players… hoping they can be the next to have their name inscribed on the APPT Macau trophy as the next champion of Macau. It’s the calm before the storm…

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Last night however, there was a storm of another kind, as all the players who have arrived for the Main Event, enjoyed the hospitality of the major sponsor,, at the APPT Macau welcome party. PokerStars is very well known for the quality of its social functions, and the APPT Macau welcome party was certainly no exception. Poker players and their guests were treated to a fantastic array of entertainment, starting from arrival at the front door of the Grand Waldo casino’s aptly-named “Monkey Bar.” Upon entry, guests were greeted by staff offering colourful cocktails and magicians performing sleight-of-hand tricks with coins and playing cards. It’s probably a good thing those guys don’t know how to play poker, otherwise the tournament directors may be kept busy making sure there aren’t any Aces disappearing up sleeves!

Colourful cocktails were the order of the night.

Inside the Monkey Bar, the floor was thronged with players enjoying the delicious food being served, and the myriad of drinks flowing from the open bar. Many of the Team PokerStars Pro players were in attendance, including Joe Hachem, Chad Brown, Barry Greenstein, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, and Isabelle “No Mercy” Mercier. Other well-known poker players sighted at the party include Men “The Master” Nguyen, his wife Van Nguyen, Celina Lin, Tony Hachem, and last year’s high roller event winner, Eric Assadourian.


Team PokerStars Pro players Chad Brown and Isabelle Mercier enjoy the Welcome Party

As the party continued into the night, beautiful women appeared, and danced atop the bar using purpose-built dancing poles. It looked like they’ve done this before, becuase they skillfully avoided knocking over any drinks belonging to the wide-eyed players enjoying the show. Needless to say, with the great combination of food, drinks, entertainment, and A-list poker royalty, the welcome party will be remembered (by some) as another fantastic APPT party. In fact… it was so good, there will probably be a few players making the decision to sleep in for Day 1A, and play Day 1B or Day 1C instead.


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