APPT Macau: Warming-up to the main event

August 31, 2008

If the rock singer Pink was here, she’d be singing “Get this Party Started!” The atmosphere is building in the Grand Waldo casino. The players can almost taste the anticipation in the air as they prepare their poker faces for the biggest ever poker party in Asia… Season 2 of the APPT Macau, sponsored by

Yep, everyone who’s anyone and anyone who aspires to be someone in poker have descended on Macau, a city where there’s so much neon that anyone who lives here and isn’t a poker dealer works in the light bulb business. With even more casinos under construction, business forecasts are looking good.

Barry Greenstein… aware there are bounty hunters out there

Meantime, back at the Grand Waldo, there’s some poker going on. The players have been warming up with some preliminary events. Today we saw the Team PokerStars Pro bounty tournament, where each of Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier; Barry Greenstein; Hevad “RainKhan” Khan; Emad Tahtouh; Chad Brown; and Vanessa Rousso had a $5,000 bounty paid to any player who eliminated them. ElkY, the 2008 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event winner, championed the Team PokerStars Pro cause, with a solid effort making it to the final table of the bounty event, but still fell short, as players were much more willing to call the all-ins of bounty pros. Not to worry ElkY, you just got a bit more time to prepare for the PokerStars APPT Macau welcome party tonight…


ElkY – eyeing off an APPT title to go with his PCA championship

Let’s not forget the ladies. The Ladies Event also took place today, and as a demonstration of the growth of poker’s popularity in Asia, the vast majority of the competitors were of Asian descent. Some of the notable players who took part include Celina Lin, Van Nguyen (Men “The Master” Nguyen’s wife), and Jeannie Hachem (Joe Hachem’s wife). Although Hachem was eliminated early, both Lin and Nguyen both made it to the final table of the $1,000 buy-in event.

Celina Lin – Shangai’s greatest poker export

Day 1 of the Main Event begins tomorrow, but all the players are also looking forward to the APPT Macau welcome party tonight, at the Grand Waldo’s most popular bar, the Monkey Bar. So although the “big poker dance” is tomorrow, you can bet your last tournament chip that there’ll be dancing of another kind taking place this evening. Anyone who has been to a PokerStars party knows they are quality events, so if you couldn’t make it this time, don’t worry, as the PokerStars blog will be performing the… er… research to keep everyone informed on the APPT Macau social scene. Oh yes, there’ll be some poker reported as well if you like that sort of thing.


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