APPT Macau: Wang first to fall at ACOP Main Event final table

November 11, 2012

“Double me up!”

So said Henry Wang of Chinese Taipei just now after announcing his all-in opening raise.

Level 22 had just begun (7,000/14,000/2,000), and Wang had pushed his last 130,500 forward from the cutoff seat. He’d begun the day in the middle of the pack, but after suffering through a couple of shorter stacks doubling through him he had to make a move.

Andrew Hinrichsen of Australia, sitting to Wang’s left, checked his cards, paused just a beat, and took the invitation to play, setting forward a column of yellow chips to call. The blinds folded, and the pair tabled their hands.

“I have live cards!” said Wang with a smile as he stood, a few of his supporters on the rail offering words of encouragement as he did. Indeed, his Q♣4♠ represented two live cards against Hinrichsen’s A♥10♥.

Wang leaned forward to shake the Aussie’s hand prior to the community cards’ arrival.

The flop came A♣9♠6♥, and Wang’s hand wasn’t so live anymore. Then came the A♦ turn and it was dead altogether.


Henry Wang, 9th place

A still smiling Wang bid the others good luck before departing.

With that one Hinrichsen chips up into third position with eight players left, behind leader Xing Zhou (China) and second-place Tsugunari Toma (Japan).

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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