APPT Macau: Rossiter rolling following money bubble bursting

November 05, 2012

The first hour of play following the dinner break on Day 2 of the ACOP Warm-Up saw plenty of action and frequent bustouts. The 44 players who returned had all made the money, and thus it wasn’t too surprising to see the short stacks start pushing their chips once they returned.

Victor Chong of Malaysia was the first to go in 44th, falling in a hand in which his opponent made quads. He was soon followed by Kosie Ichinose (Japan, 43rd), Dinesh Pireira (Malaysia, 42nd), and Homan Houshiar (Canada, 41st). Houshiar had committed his last chips with [A][J] versus an opponent’s pocket tens, had flopped a jack, then saw a [10] come on the turn to end his Warm-Up run.

Andrew Gaw (Philippines) was next out in 40th, followed by Wenlong Jin (China, 39th) and Ren Peng (China, 38th). In Peng’s last hand he was all in with Q♠10♠ against Joseph Cheong’s A♥K♠, and when the board rolled out K♠5♥6♥2♣9♦ they were down to 37.

The lone South African left in the field, Conrad Coetzer, was next out in 36th after his pocket kings failed to hold up against an opponent’s [8][8] when the board brought an eight.

Coetzer was followed by Bo Wu (Hong Kong, 36th), the last remaining woman in the field, Yu Kurita (Japan, 35th), and Kristian Lunardi (Australia, 34th). Each of those 11 players eliminated during the level earned $40,000 (HKD), as will the next three to go.

The bustouts slowed at that point and the remaining 33 players crossed over into Level 16, still led by the Australian Jeffrey Rossiter who maintained a stack of just under 700,000 through that hour of play.

In one Level 15 hand, Rossiter had gotten into a betting war with an opponent that saw the latter all in with [A][Q] versus Rossiter’s [A][K], but when two pair appeared amid the community cards the pair chopped the pot.

That led to Julian Powell marveling at Rossiter’s recent run of good cards, not to mention how it has often been coupled with other players betting into him.


Jeff Rossiter

“I’m getting coaching from Phil Hellmuth,” cracked Rossiter — tongue in cheek — alluding to Hellmuth’s 2012 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event win where the Poker Brat seemed to benefit repeatedly from others willing to gamble against him with inferior hands.

We’ll see if Rossiter’s run good continues, as well as whether Johnny Chan (still with an average stack of about 220,000 chips), Joseph Cheong (also sitting near the average), and the others fare better in their efforts to catch him than was the case with Hellmuth’s opponents.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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