APPT Macau: Players dealt a welcome club

November 08, 2012

We were mentioning earlier today the ACOP Welcome Party that happened last night. In other words, the reason why play began a couple of hours later than usual today, so as to give players, staff, and perhaps even a reporter or three a little extra time to rest and recover.

The D2 is a popular nightclub in downtown Macau, and proved a most inviting location for the players to unwind following a day of poker.


Aside from the food, drink, and music, the party featured entertainment of various kinds as well, including dancers, an eye-popping acrobatic display, and even a magic show performed by PokerStars’ Senior Events Manager, Robin Lim.

Lim in fact was formerly a professional magician, having performed regularly up until a few years ago. And he drew on that experience when easily escaping after being tied up by Team PokerStars Pros Raymond Wu and Celina Lin.


Robin Lim’s talents know no bounds

Lim also led the Team PokerStars Pros through a few games on stage that tested their physical skills, teamwork, and ability to avoid embarrassment.

Among those challenges was a game of “Pass the Orange” that pitted two groups of five against one another. That’s the party game in which players must pass an orange to one another without using their hands. Here’s Eugene Katchalov and Angel Guillen readying to make a pass.


“Orange you glad you’re a Team Pro?”

Katchalov and Guillen were part of “Team ElkY,” and they ultimately proved victorious over “Team Randy,” the group led by Randy “nanonoko” Lew.

Oh, and speaking of Gangnam style, there was some of that, too.


ElkY Gangnam style

Here’s Lynn Gilmartin with more on the party:

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