APPT Macau: Nothing Suni about Harri’s beat

September 02, 2008

So you’ve flown halfway around the world to Macau from Finland; settled into your hotel suite; carefully considered your day one strategy and … you’re out within 30 minutes.

PokerStars qualifier Harri Suni was none too happy to have his APPT experience end before the clock had ticked into level 2 – we can only swear in 30 different languages, Finnish not being one of them, so we’re not exactly sure what he said when he stormed from the tournament area, leaving a single green 25 chip in place.

The carnage was played out between a trio of PokerStars qualifiers – Dutchman David Van Brakel was all-in against Harri Suni after American Bob Binsky had showed some interest but decided to fold.

Van Brakel showed pocket kings, and was in plenty of hot water against Suni’s pocket aces. Worst still, Binksy declared he’d folded kings, leaving Van Brakel virtually drawing dead. Virtually.

The board came 5h Qd Jc 10d 9c, delivering Van Brakel an incredible straight and Suni one of the worst beats you can imagine. Harri, hope you enjoy the sights and tastes of Macau. It really is a nice place.

David Saab and Van Marcus, already squabbling like an old married couple.

We’ve spotted some interesting table draws, none more so than a pair of PokerStars Supernovas at table 4 – Van sirens Marcus and David Saab. The pair have butted heads in their home poker room at Crown in Melbourne on many occasions, and Van is well aware of David’s propensity to start talking, and never stop.

“That’s why I’ve brought my iPod, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll have security throw him out,” Marcus quipped.

Meanwhile at table 15, the 1997-98 WSOP main event winner Johnny Chan is holding court against a table full of PokerStars qualifiers.

One is Perth journalist Max s0stndrd Veenhuyzen, who may be the most self-deprecating poker player in Australia. “If there was a football team of Australia’s best 18 poker players, I’d be lucky if they let me run water out to them,” he said.

PokerStars Sunday Million winner Max Veenhuyzen enjoys his first taste of Macau, APPT style (well, maybe not this hand).

However, the West Australian will always occupy a spot in Aussie poker history as the first winner of the PokerStars Sunday Million. And not just any Sunday Million – Max’s victory on March 2 came against the biggest field in a regular edition of the $200 buy-in tournament.

Despite his six-figure score, Max’s feet are still firmly planted on the ground. “I’ve managed to luckbox my way through the first level, so I’m already ahead after not busting out on the first orbit,” he laughed. We suspect Max might be here for a while.

Today’s field has been confirmed at 185, taking the overall tally to 310. With one flight to come tomorrow, the field is expected to surpass 500 – a stunning figure which will smash last year’s record of 352.


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