APPT Macau: Masters and apprentices

September 04, 2008

One of the more interesting tables today in the Grand Waldo is Table 8, which had Johnny Chan and Men “The Master” Nguyen, seated next to each other, albeit only briefly. Chan had been short stacked for the majority of the tournament, but became one of the 47 players of the starting 209 today to be eliminated in the first hour.

Holding A-K, Chan hoped to double-up against an opponent with pocket Eights, and although an ace appeared on the river, this would be no Barry Greenstein moment, as his vanquisher turned an eight for an unbeatable set.

Johnny Chan and Men “The Master” Nguyen, only room for one poker legend at this table

Nguyen on the other hand is travelling much better, and is sitting behind an above average stack of 39,500. With Chan now gone, “The Master” can now stretch out a bit and is hoping to increase his stack at the expense of those still learning their tournament craft.


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