APPT Macau: Jeff Rossiter wins ACOP Warm-Up, David Martirosyan runner-up

November 06, 2012

It was a lengthy Day 3, with the final table taking much of the day. But the end came swiftly.

Jeff Rossiter and David Martiryosan began heads-up play with severely uneven stacks, with the Aussie Rossiter starting with 6.125 million chips to the 910,000 of the Russian Martiryosan. And the pressure Rossiter had been exerting prior to that point continued in earnest thereafter.

Rossiter open-raised all in several times during the first dozen hands of heads-up play, with Martiryosan declining the invitation in each instance. Finally a hand arose in which Rossiter minimum-raised from the button, Martiryosan reraise-pushed for about 800,000, and Rossiter snap-called.

The players tabled their cards, preparing for what would be the first flop of the heads-up match…

Rossiter: A♠10♦
Martiryosan: A♦2♣

The Russian would need help from the community cards to survive. The flop did bring a deuce, but a ten as well, coming 7♠2♦10♥. The dealer moved quickly, burning a card and flipping over the J♥ turn. Then came the river… the 5♦! It was over! After claiming the chip lead early on Day 3 and carrying it to the final table, Rossiter had won all the chips and the ACOP Warm-Up title!

Martiryosan pockets a nifty $1,226,000 (HKD) for his efforts…


David Martirosyan, 2nd place

…while Rossiter bags the trophy and first prize of $1,777,000 (HKD).


Jeff Rossiter, ACOP Warm-Up Champion

We’ll be back shortly with a recap of the final day of play and an epilogue to the 2012 Asia Championship of Poker Warm-Up Event.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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