APPT Cebu: The fight becomes a war

November 15, 2010

Tournament poker can be a long and arduous adventure, with many tiring days spent slugging it out on the green felt in the hope of heading home with a profit. For some, the riches make it all very rewarding, but for others it’s a ruthlessly painful battle that may be for naught.

Seven of our remaining 35 players are going to feel that very pain today. Seven eliminations stand between 150,000 pesos or going home with nothing but a story to tell the folks back home. Yesterday was all about the Manny Pacquiao fight. Today the fight, becomes a war.

They’ve shed blood, sweat and a few tears, and no one wants to play over two days of poker (especially in a tropical paradise) to end up bursting on the bubble. And we can’t even offer them a day of sunshine to satisfy them afterwards. The clouds have rolled in here in Cebu today (although it’s still extremely hot), so it might be a round of pitch and putt golf rather than laying poolside for those already eliminated.

Day 3 will be led by the Korean sensation Kim Gab Yong who steamrolled his way yesterday to a commanding 393,600 in chips. Good for the chip lead by over 160,000 chips. Yong showed us that he has the right temperament and a lethal No Limit Holdem game to be a genuine threat with his big stack.


All eyes will be on runaway chip leader Kim Gab Yong

However there are plenty of threats still alive in this tournament. Day one chip leader and PokerStars qualifier Andrew Hinrichsen maintained his place towards to top end of the counts with another strong day on the felt, while Ivan Tan, In Wook Choi, Nathanael Seet, Alexander Beeckx, Richard En, Daren Yoon and Roger Spets are just some of the well credentialed players still remaining in this field.

End of Day 2 Chip Counts

Day 3 Table Draw

The action kicks off once again at 12:15pm local time (GMT+8) and we look forward to your company on the PokerStars Blog throughout the day.


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