APPT Cebu: Day 4, Levels 20&21, blinds 6000-12000, ante 1000

November 16, 2010

2:37pm: Break time
The remaining five players are on a break.

2:34pm: Basilios Diakokomninos eliminated in 6th place
American player and PokerStars Qualifier Basilios Diakokomninos open-shoved his last 113,000 into the middle preflop. Kim Gap Young was quick to call as the remaining players stepped aside.

“I only saw one,” said Diakokomninos as he opened A♠8♦. It turned out he was dominated by Kim’s A♥Q♠.

The flop of 7♠9♣3♠ was no help, but the J♠ on the turn was a pretty card as the American picked up both straight and flush outs. However Diakokomninos missed on the J♥ river. He uses the last of his nine lives to be eliminated in 6th place for PHP1,025,000.


Basilios Diakokomninos – 6th place

2:29pm: Michael takes a bite out of Kim
Kim Gap Young has cooled off since his hot start to the day. Earlier he doubled up Basilios Diakokomninos when his 5s couldn’t overtake the American’s jacks; more recently he doubled up Fabiano Michael. Michael was all in pre-flop for 313,000 after an opening raise by Kim.

“This is it boys!” Michael called over his shoulder to his supporters on the rail, including Van Marcus.

Kim gambled and called with 7♥7♦ and, for the second time, found himself against a bigger pair — K♦K♠. Michael removed all doubt about the outcome of the hand after a flop of J♦K♥K♣ gave him an unbeatable four-of-a-kind. He doubled up to more than 600,000 while Kim fell back to the pack.

2:20pm: Play slows
After a flurry of activity to start the day, play has slowed down considerably in the last 45 minutes. Apart from the elimination of Jukka Juvonen, flops have become rare. One pre-flop raise, or a raise and a re-raise, has been enough to end most hands. For the moment it doesn’t seem that anyone is really making much headway. Kim Gap Young remains the chip leader but he hasn’t been able to extend that lead very much.

1:59pm: Im chops Rosen
With her newly acquired stack, Im went back to work and called a raise to 40,000 made by Mikael Rosen. Both players checked an ace-high all-wheel flop, A♣3♠5♠. The turn paired the board 5♦ and brought a bet of 56,000 from Rosen. Im took her time before making the call. It was similar action on the 7♦ river, with Rosen betting 71,000 and Im calling. Rosen showed A♠6♣ for two pair; Im had the same two pair with A♦4♦. Each player played the 7 on board as their fifth card and chopped the pot.

1:52pm: Jukka Juvonen eliminated in 7th place
For the second hand in a row, Young-shin Im raised preflop. In the first hand, she folded to the three-bet shove of Fabiano Michael, but in the second hand, she decided to gamble and it paid dividends.

Im opened to 38,000 from under the gun before Jukka Juvonen raised it to 100,000. Im took her time, as she usually does, then called to a flop of 2♠A♦4♥ and tapped the table. Juvonen quickly slid 100,000 into the middle, but Im responded with a check-raise to 225,000. Juvonen moved all in and Im snap-called!

Juvonen: A♥Q♦
Im: 4♦4♣

Juvonen had flopped top pair, but ran right into the set of 4s for Im. It was all over when the K♠ hit the turn and the 8♣ completed the board on the river. Im had Juvonen covered to move up to 1.2 million and send Juvonen out in 7th place for PHP805,000.


Jukka Juvonen – 7th place

1:35pm: Level 21 begins, blinds 8000-16000, ante 2000

1:26pm: Rosen plays back
Kim Gap Young has certainly been a dominant force so far today, but he’s not going to get everything his own way. His tablemates are starting to play back at him. In a recent pot Kim once again was the preflop aggressor with a raise to 27,000. Mikael Rosen made the call in the small blind.

The flop was K♥3♥2♥ and Rosen checked to Kim who bet 30,000. Rosen then verbalized a raise and started to cut down his chips. However before he could decide on a raise amount, Kim tossed his cards into the muck and tapped the table in resignation of the pot.

1:22pm: Diakokomninos’ nine lives not used up yet
We’ve lost count of how many times Basilios Diakokomninos has been all in the last three days. The all-in bets have come repeatedly, but it seems like every time Diakokomninos has been called he’s had the best hand. So no surprise that when the American moved in for 105,000 and was called by the on-a-heater chip leader Kim Gap Young, Diakokomninos had the best hand. His black jacks J♣J♠ were ahead of Young’s red presto, 5♥5♦. For the first time today, Kim didn’t hit as the board came 10♠4♥3♦Q♣2♣ to keep Diakokomninos in the game.


Not even Kim Gap Young can win them all.

1:15pm: Richard En eliminated in 8th place
Kim Gap Young opened the from early position to 27,000 and action folded around to Richard En in the big blind who announced himself all in for around 185,000. Young was quick to call.

En: K♣J♥
Young: 10♠10♦

En was probably happy enough to gamble in a race to try and get himself back into contention but the way Kim has been running today, you just got the feeling that we weren’t going to see any paint on this board. And so it was, as it ran out 3♣6♠9♥2♠A♣ to eliminate En in 8th place for PHP645,000 in prize money.


Richard En, moments before being eliminated in 8th place

With that elimination Kim now has close to two million in chips and almost half the chips in play seven-handed!

1:10pm: Raymond Lapitan eliminated in 9th place
Action folded around to the short-stacked Raymond Lapitan who moved all in from the hijack position for around 120,000. Mikael Rosen didn’t need a count as he quickly called in the small blind.

Lapitan: J♣9♣
Rosen: K♦K♠

The flop was right color, wrong suit for Lapitan as it arrived 4♠5♠2♠, but the 3♣ turn created a few murmurs as suddenly Lapitan had outs to a chop. It wasn’t to be as the 9♥ hit the river to leave the Philippine-born Australian as our 9th place finisher for a collect of PHP485,480 in prize money.


Raymond Lapitan shakes hand after being eliminated in 9th place

1:04pm: No stopping Kim
If Kim Gap Young continues to run as good as he’s run the first 30 minutes of Day 4, none of the other players stand a chance. Kim was in the big blind for a pre-flop raise by Mikael Rosen to 32,000. He called, then check-called another 49,000 on a flop of 4♣K♣6♦. When the turn paired the board 4♥, Kim led into Rosen for 70,000. Rosen called that bet, then called again when Kim bet 150,000 on the 3♣ river. At showdown, Kim tabled Q♣4♠ for trip fours and another winner. He’s up to about 1.6 million in chips now.

“We need to change the dealer now,” said TD Danny McDonagh after the hand. “The other eight players are happy to see this happen.”

12:56pm: River kind to Kim again
Daren Yoon is looking to get into the mix with our chip leader Kim Gap Young. Yoon put in a three-bet to 75,000 from the hijack position after Kim opened yet another pot for 27,000. Kim called to a flop of 6♦7♦2♥, then led into Yoon for 70,000, just less than half the pot. Yoon made a cautious call.

The 5♥ on the turn filled a few straight draws and put a second flush draw on board. Both players checked to see the heart flush potentially get there with the 10♥ river. Kim elected for a curiously small bet of 40,000 into the 290,000-chip pot. Yoon called but couldn’t beat Kim’s A♥10♦, top pair on the river.

12:49pm: Im fights fire with fire
It didn’t take long to find the first multi-way pot of the day. Chip leader Kim Gap Young opened for 27,000 from middle position and was called by two players: Darren Yoon from the button and Young-shin Im from the big blind.

Kim continued for 50,000 on a flop of 2♦5♠3♥, perhaps again looking to put his stamp on the final table. That bet was enough to induce a quick fold from Yoon, but Im was not about to let Kim run her over. She went for a check-raise to 125,000. Kim shook his head and let out a deep sigh before mucking his cards.

12:38pm: Kim wastes no time
All the talk following yesterday’s play was about the aggression shown by our chip leader, Korean Kim Gap Young. Well he didn’t waste any time in asserting himself on this final table as he raised the very first hand from under the gun to 27,000 and found a caller in the big blind in Jukka Juvonen.

Juvonen checked dark to see the 8♠10♣8♥ flop and Kim checked behind. The turn brought the 2♥ and Juvonen checked again to Kim who bet 25,000 with Juvonen making the call.
The river was the 3♥ and both players checked it down.

Juvonen opened ace-queen but it was the ace-three of our chip leader that rivered the only pair to collect the pot. With just one hand down, the intentions of Kim are pretty clear as he looks to take control of this final table.

12:35pm: Shuffle up and deal!
The cards are in the air at the final table. The button starts in the 9-seat with Basilios Diakokomninos.


The final table of APPT Cebu

12:15pm: Play to commence soon
We’ve reached our scheduled starting time for the 2010 APPT Cebu Main Event final table, but we’re not quite ready to go yet. The chips stacks are all on the table and most of the players are here but the staff are still making final preparations. We expect cards to be in the air within 10 minutes.

APPT Cebu reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Heath “TassieDevil” Chick and Dave “F-Train” Behr.


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