APPT Cebu: Day 3, Levels 18 & 19 (blinds 5000-10000, ante 1000)

November 15, 2010

6:45pm: Ten-minute break

6:44pm: Rosen picks off another bluff

A memo to all remaining players in the tournament: Mikael Rosen will own your soul. Rosen’s been the player most capable of snapping off a bluff today and he’s caught another bluffer. Rosen check-called a bet of 50,000 from Raymond Lapitan on the turn of a K♥7♦5♥A♠ board, then check-called another 75,000 when the river fell 7♥.

“Queen-high,” said Lapitan. He showed down Q♣9♥. Rosen opened a pair of kings, K♠Q♠, to collect another pot. He’s near the top of the counts as we head to what is probably the last break fo the day.

6:38pm: Bad spot for Spets

Roger Spets has finally lost his battle with his short stack to become our most recent elimination. Spets moved all in from the cutoff for 115,000 and Raymond Lapitan insta-called on the button as the blinds quickly folded.

Spets showed a respectable A♥Q♥ but he had kicker problems when Lapitan opened A♦K♥. The board was spread A♠10♠8♥7♣7♠, leaving Spets as our 12th place finisher.


Roger Spets eliminated in 12th place

6:31pm: Paul Foltyn eliminated in 13th place

When action passed to Paul Foltyn on the button, he put his tournament at risk by shoving all in. Kim Gab Yong passed in the small blind but big blind Daren Yoon wanted a count.

“It’s 102,” said Foltyn. Yoon then called with K♣J♠, in the lead against Foltyn’s 10♦7♠. Neither player connected with a queen-high flop, Q♠6♥4♥, but when Yoon paired kings on the K♦ turn it was all over for Foltyn.

Only four eliminations remain before play concludes for Day 3.

6:10pm: Im mixes it up

There hasn’t been a lot of action to report in recent times, with players nervously jostling for position to try and reach that elusive final table.

Young-shin Im has been pretty active and seems to be raising and re-raising a lot of pots, but she’s also been forced to make a lot of laydowns when other players have moved all in over the top. Im likes to take her time with her decisions and is very careful to ensure that she gets her money in good.

Fabiano Michael may have spotted this tendency. When Im raised from under the gun, Michael moved all in from the big blind. Im folded and Michael flashed the 4♦.

“Don’t raise my big blind!” he snickered as Im slips to 540,000.

5:54pm: Michael’s range of emotions

“Do you want to gamble?” chip leader Jukka Juvonen asked big blind Fabiano Michael after action passed to Juvonen. He then announced he was all in.

“Call,” said Michael. He opened 10♣10♦, a 2-to-1 favorite over Juvonen’s Q♣8♠. But Michael’s hopes seemed to be dashed after a flop of Q♥6♥4♠ paired Juvonen’s queen

“F*** OFF!” he shouted as he stormed away from the table. But things changed when the 10♠ hit the turn to improve Michael to an unbeatable set of tens. His good mate Van Marcus came over and clapped hands with Michael.

“All the way back!” said Marcus. Michael may not be all the way back yet, but that double up improved him to 290,000 in chips.

5:50pm: Hachem down to the final table in side event

While the Main Event is at an exciting stage, there’s another tournament in the poker tent reaching an exciting climax. The Six-Handed Event is down to the final table and one of those players happens to be PokerStars Team Australia Pro Tony Hachem. Can Hash grab a trophy for Team PokerStars? We’ll keep one eye on his progress.

5:45pm: Level up, blinds 5000-10000, ante 1000

5:40pm: Fabiano takes a hit

Fabiano Michael opened with a raise to 21,000 from the cutoff position, but Young-shin Im raised to price to 54,000 from the small blind. Michael made the call and they took a flop of Q♠8♦2♠.

Im bet out a small 30,000 and Michael called before both players checked down the A♦ turn and 4♥ river. Im tabled 9♣9♠ which was the best hand as Michael mucked. He’s down to 140,000 while Im continues to shine as she moves up to 600,000.

5:38pm: All Yoon all the time

Daren Yoon is what Mexicans would call “en fuego”. He’s up to 490,000 in chips after taking down yet another pot against Table 6’s favorite whipping boy, Kim Gab Yong. There were already 100,000 chips in the pot and five cards on board, 6♦K♦9♥3♠Q♣, when Kim checked from the small blind. Yoon, in the big blind, bet 50,000, an amount Kim couldn’t resist calling. Yoon showed two pair, 3♦6♠, to collect another pot.

Kim’s stack is now 380,000, an amount not nearly as impressive as it was at the start of the day.

5:30pm: It was sooooooooted

Life’s pretty goo for Nat Seet right now. He’s back up to the middle of the chip counts after hitting running cards against Paul Foltyn. Foltyn was in the big blind for the hand and called Seet’s late-position pre-flop raise to 20,000. Foltyn checked and called another 28,000 on a flop of Q♣A♥10♠. Both players checked the Q♥ turn card. When the J♥ fell on the river, Foltyn checked a third time. Seet fired out a large bet of 80,000, then turned up 9♥3♥ for a heart flush after Foltyn called. Foltyn gave a rueful smile as he slipped to about 125,000.

“Suited!” said Ivan Tan with a laugh.

5:28pm: Rosen out-races Rivera

Czardy Rivera is out in 14th place after Mikael Rosen was forced deep into the tank. Rivera had moved all in and Rosen took so long that the clock was called but he eventually decided to gamble with his pocket fives and was somewhat relieved to be racing with Rivera’s ace-king.

The board was a baby 6♦6♠2♠3♦2♣ to leave Rosen’s fives in front to eliminate Rivera from the tournament. Rosen is now behind a healthy stack of 450,000.

5:22pm: Yoon’s remarkable comeback continues

Daren Yoon came into day two of play with just 8,050 in chips. He now has about 250,000 thanks to a huge double up through Paul Foltyn.

It was Yoon’s Q♣Q♠ up against Foltyn’s A♦J♣ and the pair held on the board of 10♥7♣3♣2♦9♣.

5:18pm: Re-Seeted

After costing himself 90,500 in chips with an ill-timed re-steal attempt, Nat Seet got all of the chips back — with a little interest — from Kim Gab Yong. Seet opened a pot pre-flop for 20,000, then moved all in for 98,500 after Kim three-bet to 60,000. As Seet had been a few hands before, Kim was priced in to call with just about anything. Here he tabled 9♣9♥, a hand drawing against Seet’s pre-flop nuts, A♠A♦. There was nothing scary about a 6♣5♦K♠4♠Q♠ board. Seet’s back in business with roughly 220,000.

“Nice hand,” said Kim.


Nathanael Seet is in the thick of the action

5:10pm: Spets finds some breathing room

Roger Spets is certainly a survivor. He’s been short and grinding away for long periods of this tournament, but perhaps his latest double up will give him the momentum he needs to make a run towards this APPT Cebu final table.

Spets moved all in preflop for 74,500 and Raymond Lapitan made the call with 9♥9♦ but found he was up against Spets’ K♦K♠. It got worse for Lapitan on the flop of 10♠7♠5♠, as Spets carried the only spade to leave Lapitan with just one out. However even that shrivelled away when the 6♠ hit the turn to complete Spets’ flush. Just to rub salt into the wound, the 9♠ came off on the river.

Spets doubles to 160,000 with Lapitan back down to 165,000.

5:04pm: Seet caught in the crossfire

Table 6 seems to be having fun taking shots at the aggressive and deep-stacked Kim Gab Yong. Unfortunately for Nat Seet, he took his shot at the wrong time and got caught in the crossfire of Basilios Diakokomninos’ two queens.

Kim opened for 20,000 from middle position before Seet, sitting with the button, made it 60,000 to go. Diakokomninos squeezed out Q♠Q♥, then moved all in for 90,500. Kim folded but Seet was getting too good a price to fold anything. He called with J♣6♣ but only mustered a pair of 6s on the 4♠K♥3♣A♦6♦ board. Diakokomninos doubled up again.

4:55pm: Monsterpotten leaves Beeckx busto

The biggest pot of the tournament has just gone down to leave Finnish player Jukka Juvonen as a massive chip leader.

On the other end of it was Alexander Beeckx who opened with a raise to 18,000 with Juvonen making the call to see a flop of 6♥3♥A♦. Juvonen checked to Beeckx who bet out 24,000 and Juvonen called to see the 2♥ hit the turn.

Juvonen checked again and Beeckx bet again for 51,000, but this time Juvonen put in a check-raise to 130,000. Beeckx didn’t take long to move all in and Juvonen called! There was over 800,000 in the middle as Beeckx showed A♥A♠ for top set and the nut flush draw but Juvonen had already made his flush with the 9♥8♥.

The river was the 5♠ and after a count down of chips, Beeckx was left with just 10,000 in chips which were lost a few hands later. Beeckx played a great tournament but the big hands went against him as he’s out in 15th place as Juvonen is our chip leader with 830,000.


We’ll be seeing more of Alexander Beeckx in future

4:50pm: Sayonara Sugiura

Shin Sugiura all in for his tournament life with K♥Q♦ to be racing against the pocket fives of Kim Gab Yong. The board bricked out 6♦A♥10♥4♠4♥ without any paint for Sugiura as the last Japanese hope is eliminated in 16th place.

Final Two Tables
Table 1
Seat 1: Jukka Juvonen
Seat 2: Fabiano Michael
Seat 3: Mikael Rosen
Seat 4: Young-shin Im
Seat 5: Alexander Beeckx
Seat 6: Czady Rivera
Seat 7: Roger Spets
Seat 8: Raymond Lapitan

Table 6
Seat 1: Daren Yoon
Seat 2: Shin Sugiura
Seat 3: Nat Seet
Seat 4: Basilios Diakokomninos
Seat 5: Ivan Tan
Seat 6: Richard En
Seat 7: Paul Foltyn
Seat 8: Kim Gab Yong

4:45pm: Play resumes

After an extended break to take care of the redraw for the final two tables, the players have found their new seats and the cards are back in the air.

We’ll have the redraw for you shortly.

At the break the PokerStars video team caught up with PokerStars qualifier Richard En who has had a pretty good day on the felt so far:

APPT Cebu reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Heath “TassieDevil” Chick and Dave “F-Train” Behr.


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