APPT Cebu: Day 3, Levels 14 & 15 (blinds 2000-4000, ante 400)

November 15, 2010

2:15pm: Ten-minute break

2:10pm: En pays back Hinrichsen

“Now I feel like I don’t owe you anymore,” Richard En told Andy Hinrichsen after their last battle. “We’re even.”

Hinrichsen had moved all in pre-flop for 52,700 with A♠Q♥ and was called by En’s 8♠8♥. It was an ace in the window for Hinrichsen, 10♥6♦A♣. The Q♣ on the turn gave him an unnecessary two pair and left him needing only to fade an eight on the river. The 9♦ gave Hinrichsen the pot.

2:05pm: Im nearly pushes Beeckx out

Young-shin Im’s deliberate, thoughtful brand of poker has raised a few eyebrows during the Cebu Main Event. She made Alexander Beeckx very uncomfortable when she check-raised the turn of a J♣[9]2♥6♥ board. Beeckx called to see the 8♦ hit the river. Im made a very small bet of 20,000 into a pot that had more than 80,000 already in it. Beeckx felt obligated to call with Q♣J♥, a pair of jacks. His kicker played against Im’s J♦10♠.

“Nice bet on the turn,” said Beeckx after the hand. “I was quite scared. If you bet big on the river I’d have had no idea what to do.”

1:58pm: Short stacks refusing to die

Rather improbably, every short stack that has been all in since the bubble burst has doubled up. The latest short stack to do so was Kenneth Aberg, who pushed all in for 24,400 with A♦8♠. Gordon Black took a flyer with K♥6♠ and actually flopped the best hand, K♦4♥J♣. But Aberg caught the most beautiful card in the deck, the A♠, on the turn and jumped into the lead. Black didn’t improve with the 2♣ river. He shipped a small double-up to Aberg as 28 players continue in this event.

1:58pm: Two more double ups

The double ups keep coming as the short stacks continue to survive and extend their time in the APPT Cebu Main Event.

Basilios Diakokomninos doubled up through Raymond Lapitan with Diakokomninos’s ace-ten holding against Lapitan’s ace-six on a board of 9♦5♣K♠3♠J♣. Diakokomninos is up to 85,000.

Roger Spets has also doubled with his A♥5♥ getting lucky against the pocket kings of Caroline De Weerdt as the board landed 9♥2♥10♣4♠K♥. De Weerdt made a set of kings but Spets rivered the flush to double up to 70,000.

1:52pm: Seet trips up Bloom

“Blah!” said Max Bloom at the river of a 7♣4♠3♣A♣7♠ board. He had led out 13,500 on the flop, then called a raise from Nat Seet to 30,500. Both players had checked the turn, leading to the board-pairing river. Bloom elected to check again, then called a bet of 40,000 from Seet. Seet tabled 7♥5♥ for trip sevens. Bloom nodded, mucked his cards and said, “Nice hand.”

1:31pm: Spegar’s bubble bursts

Early on Day 1b, Thomas Spegar found himself seated at the crazy Table 2. He used the craizness to great advantage to build himself a stack. Unfortunately, Spegar couldn’t keep it up all the way to the money. He moved all in for his last 27,200 with A♥Q♠ and was looked up by Fabiano Michael, who showed 10♥10♠. Pocket tens would win this race without much sweat, 6♠9♠8♣6♦9♦. Spegar’s elimination was music to the ears of the other 28 remaining players. They are now all in the money.

1:25pm: Big fade for Herrera

On the very first hand of hand-for-hand play, Juan Herrera was all in for 62,000 pre-flop and called by Ivan Tan. Tan had the overcards, A♥K♥; Herrera had the pocket pair with Q♥Q♦ and a huge sweat when the flop came 10♣2♥7♥. Any king, any ace or any heart would improve Tan to the best hand.

“Black! Black” Herrera pleaded. The turn wasn’t black, but the 5♦ also wasn’t a heart. The river 8♣ was a blank to secure an important double-up for Herrera.

1:23pm: Hand-for-hand play begins as Galan is eliminated

A race at Table 1 went the wrong way for Nicholas Galan. His A♣Q♦ couldn’t overtake Belgian player Caroline De Weerdt’s 8♦8♥ on a board of 4♣K♦6♦K♠5♠. Galan was the short stack who was left without a chip after the pot was pushed to De Weerdt.

With that elimination, 29 players remain.

1:15pm: Level up, blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 400

1:14pm: Ladies unkind to Hsu-fang

We’ve lost Cho Hsu-fang in rather unfortunate circumstances. Hsu-fang raised preflop with Gordon Black making the call to see a flop of J♥2♥9♠. Black checked, Hsu-fang bet, Black check-raised and Hsu-fang moved all in. Black thought for a moment and made the call with 10♥9♣ for just middle pair as Hsu-fang was well in front with his Q♦Q♥. That is, until the 10♦ appeared on the turn and the 4♠ bricked the river.

Black raked in the huge pot to move up to 180,000 as Hsu-fang stood in shock for several moments before trudging out of the poker tent.


Cho Hsu-fang was in disbelief over his sudden elimination

1:12pm: Easy game for En

Richard En has followed up his big hand with pocket aces by taking down another huge pot with pocket kings to jump into the chip lead.

We caught the action on the river with En firing 70,000 into the middle on a board of J♣6♠5♥3♣8♦. Mikael Rozen went deep into the tank for several minutes before committing to a call. En showed K♦K♠ which was too good for Rozen as En is now up to 460,000.

Everyone was still in awe with En getting so much action when he raised the next hand. His opponents got out of the way and En showed 2♣4♥!

1:09pm: En cuts Hinrichsen down to size

Andy Hinrichsen had just sat down at Table 1 when he played a huge pot against Richard En. There were a few bets pre-flop before each player put 150,000 chips — all of En’s stack, coincidentally — into the middle on a flop of K♠10♦3♥. Hinrichsen showed down top pair, A♦K♥, but En had an overpair of A♠A♥. A 7♣ on the turn and 3♠ on the river doubled up En to about 350,000 and left Hinrichsen with only 60,000.


Richard En is storming up the chip count leaderboard as we approach the money

1:05pm: Puno comes up short

Ronaldo Puno made it all the way to the bubble of the Main Event, but his run ends there. Dealth A♦Q♦, Puno opened for 7,000 pre-flop. The aggressive Inwook Choi then three-bet to 16,500, prompting Puno to go all in for 70,000. Choi double-fist-pump-snap-called (well, there was no double fist pump but it was really, really fast) with K♥K♦. The board didn’t bail Puno out as it ran out 4♥4♠10♣9♠3♠. His chips were pushed to Choi and Puno began the long walk back to the main hotel building.

12:57pm: River tags Marzan AGAIN

Edwin Marzan is probably going to have nightmares about the river card for the next few nights. The villain in all of them will be Canadian Gordon Black. The two players were at it again, just fifteen minutes after their last confrontation, with Marzan all in on the turn of a 9♠K♣2♦J♦ board. Black showed J♥7♥ for a pair of jacks; Marzan showed A♦J♠ for a pair of jacks with a better kicker. Marzan shouted in anger when the dealer burned and turned the 7♠ on the river to improve Black to two pair and end Marzan’s Main Event.

“How do I get so lucky against that guy?” Black wondered as he stacked the pot.

“Did you lead out on the flop?” Alexander Beeckx asked Black.

“I was being aggressive because he was short-stacked,” Black replied. “I was taking a gamble he missed.”

12:52pm: Ta ta Mr. Cha

Our first elimination today is Ya Deug Cha who moved his last chips in preflop with 6♠6♦ but ran into the K♠K♥ of Alexander Beeckx. All day yesterday Beeckx saw his big hands go unrewarded, but today his kings held on the board of K♦Q♥2♥10♦5♠.

Cha is out as Beeckx is up to 220,000.

12:50pm: Bloom gets the shakes

We couldn’t help but notice Max Bloom shaking uncontrollably as we walked past his table, and it seems his tablemates noticed too.

“Either I have a monster, or I’m really cold!” exclaimed Bloom while in a recent hand, before tossing his cards into the muck. “I guess I’m just cold!” he added.

Bloom is wearing just a t-shirt but with the temperature in Cebu considerably cooler today and the air-conditioning still cranking away in the poker tent, Bloom is definitely feeling it!

12:49pm: Rozen making up for lost time

Mikael Rozen was a bit tardy taking his seat for Day 3. When cards first went into the air, Rozen was noticeably absent, his chips stacked at his vacant seat. He turned up about 10 minutes late and immediately went to work.

Most recently, Rozen opened the small blind for 8,500 and was called by big blind Shin Shigiura. Rozen continued for 9,500 on an ace-high flop. Shigiura snap-called, perhaps prompting Rozen to slow down on the 3♣ turn. He checked, and Shigiura checked behind.

The river fell 8♠. Rozen fired out a large bet of 28,400, about three-quarters of the pot. Shigiura flicked his cards into the muck.

12:42pm: Unlucky river for Marzan

Edwin Marzan must have been able to taste the double-up. On the turn of a K♥J♠9♦Q♦ board, he got his depleted stack into the middle and was called by Gordon Black. Black showed a king-high straight with 10♥8♠ but was dismayed to see Marzan turn up the ace-high straight with A♠10♠.

“What can I do there?” Black said in disgust. But disgust turned to jubilation when the dealer peeled off the A♣ on the river, a card that improved Black to his own ace-high straight. Chop it up.

12:40pm: Spegar survives

Twenty-five minutes into the day and we are yet to lose a single player. The overnight short stack was Thomas Spegar but he just doubled up when his ace-four out-flopped an opponent’s ace-jack on a board of Q♥9♦4♦7♠3♥.

Spegar is up to 54,000.

12:35pm: Bloom gets them back

After losing a chunk of change early, Max Bloom will be relieved to be back where he started the day after a recent double up against Mike Puno.

The chips went in on a flop of 6♣3♦7♠ with Bloom holding just A♠K♦ for ace-high, however Puno was drawing with his 5♦8♣. The turn was the J♠ and river the 3♥ to miss Puno’s straight and double Bloom up to 150,000. Puno slips to 75,000.

12:31pm: Im doubles to start the day

Young-shin Im has been turning heads here in Cebu with her thoughtful brand of poker (and her amazing smile). Sitting with the button, she called a raise to 7,100 made by Ross Parkhill. Parkhill continued for 13,000 on a board of 8♠9♠7♣. Im scrunched up her brow, cut 13,000 off her stack, then paused before cutting another 31,000 off and throw all the chips into the middle. It was a raise to 44,000.

Parkhill eyed Im’s stack, then announced all in, a raise back to Im of about 70,000. Im again paused, before calling all in with the third nuts, 5♠6♠, and a flush draw. She was in great shape against Parkhill’s top pair A♣9♣. Parkhill caught chop outs with the 5♥ on the turn, but the river blanked off 2♥ to double up Im.


Young-shin Im makes a great start to the day with a double up

12:25pm: Early set for Jukka

Andrey Alexandrovich Lobzhanidze opened with a raise to 8,000 but he probably wasn’t expecting three callers to see an early multi-way flop of 9♥3♣A♦. Action checked through to Jukka Juvonen on the button who bet out 12,000. Max Bloom was the only caller to see a turn 5♣ card.

Bloom checked and Juvonen quickly bet out 18,000. Bloom thought for a brief moment before calling as the 8♠ completed the board. Bloom checked again and Juvonen fired a third barrel worth 29,000. It seemed like Bloom had already made his mind up, quickly calling the bet. However he couldn’t beat the 9♣9♦ of Juvonen for a flopped set.

Juvonen collects a huge early pot to move up to 290,000, while Bloom slips to 80,000.

12:15pm: Day 3 kicks off

The players have taken their seats, unbagged their chips and the cards are in the air on Day 3 of the APPT Cebu Main Event.

We be playing down today until we reach a final table of nine players.

Before play kicked off the PokerStars video team caught up with APPT Tournament Director Danny McDonagh and Korean sensation Young-shin Im to preview the day ahead:

APPT Cebu reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Heath “TassieDevil” Chick and Dave “F-Train” Behr.


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