APPT Cebu: Day 2, Level 13, blinds 1500-3000, ante 300

November 14, 2010

8:22pm: Play concludes
Day 2 is done. Korean Kim Gab Yong is the far-and-away chip leader with a count of 393,600. No other player has more than 250,000. Look for a complete recap of the Day 2 events — and chip counts of all the survivors — later tonight.

8:17pm: A late double for Valero
Double up or go home is an attitude a lot of players take when faced with a short stack at the end of the day.Roberto Vincent Valero shoved all in for 39,900 after Fabiano Michael opened the pot pre-flop to 6,800. Michael paused to consider his action.

“Wait, ask me what I have,” said Valero.

“What do you have?” Fabiano complied.


If Fabiano believed Valero he surely would have laid down Q♣Q♠. Instead he called and found himself up against exactly what Valero had said: A♣A♦. The board blanked out 3♣5♣3♥6♥9♥ to ship a late double-up to Valero.

8:05pm: Play grinding down
With only 17 minutes left in the level, the player count is stuck at 35 remaining. It seems unlikely we’ll see many more eliminations tonight. The players seem content to stuff the chips in the bags and come back fresh tomorrow to make the push to the final table. Six more hands will be dealt at each table to get us to that point.

7:55pm: Lobzhanidze buries the bone
James Honeybone was amongst the chip leaders only a few hours ago. He’s now heading to the bar. His tournament came to an end after his final chips went into the middle with king-ten against the ace-queen of Andrey Alexandrovich Lobzhanidze.

The board ran out 2♦2♣Q♦3♣3♦ to pair the lady for the Russian and eliminate the Kiwi from the Main Event.


Andrey Alexandrovich Lobzhanidze

7:49pm: Ace not enough second time around for Beeckx
Yves Sy opened all in from middle position for 16,500. This time, Alexander Beeckx did not question anything about the ace he held in his hand. He confidently said, “I call,” and turned up A♠8♠. This time Beeckx’s ace was the underdog — Sy showed A♥J♣. There was some faint hope for Beeckx after the turn, K♥7♣5♥9♦, but the 10♦ was not a card that would eliminate Sy from the tournament. His jack kicker played to double up and make a very small dent in Beeckx’s chip fortress.

7:45pm: I spy, a double up for Sy
We’ve already mentioned how well Alexander Beeckx is playing today, but as good as his game has been, his luck has been just as bad.

After Beeckx raised to 6,000 and Daren Yoon made the call, Yves Sy shipped it all in for a total of 39,800. Beeckx made the call as Yoon thought for a minute before making a reluctant fold.

Sy opened K♣Q♦ but was needing to hit a king against Beeckx’s A♣Q♥. The first four cards landed 2♣10♥2♠3♦ but the K♠ on the river was a dagger through the heart of the Belgian. He slips to 125,000 with Sy doubling to 90,000.

7:35pm: Mishel felted
Alexander Beeckx raised to 6,000 from under the gun and action folded around to Mishel Anunu in the small blind who moved all in for around 15,000. Beeckx made the call.

“I have an ace?” questioned Beeckx, but it was a good ace as his A♠Q♥ was dominant against Anunu’s A♣10♣. The board ran out Q♦10♠4♥K♠7♣ and Beeckx took it down to eliminate Anunu from the tournament.

7:30pm: Five tables left
The players are splayed across five eight-handed tables. In fact, most of the tables are short-handed as only 36 players remain in the tournament. It’s a race now to see how close the field will get to bursting the money bubble before the day ends. We expect that there are going to be a very few players who will have to come back tomorrow solely to be eliminated just shy of the money.

7:17pm: Play resumes
This is the last level of play for Day 2, a day on which Manny Pacquiao brought more pride to the Philippines. PokerStars TV checked out Pacquiao’s rousing victory over Antonio Margarito at the simulcast here at Shangri-La Mactan:

APPT Cebu reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Heath “TassieDevil” Chick and Dave “F-Train” Behr.


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