APPT Cebu: Day 1A, Levels 5&6, blinds 200-400 ante 50

November 12, 2010

6:41pm: The chip bags are out
Day 1A of the 2010 APPT Cebu Main Event is complete. Of the 75 players that started the day, it looks like 42 have made it through to Day 2. They’re headed by Andrew Hinrichsen, who bagged up 124,900 in chips. He seems to be the only player with six figures in chips, as Kevin Park slipped at the end of the day to finish with about 90,000. Other notables include Wally Sombero (22,525), Victorino Torres (39,850), Sunshine Samson (45,650) and Jukka Juvonen (85,425). A full recap will appear later.

6:30pm: Grigg takes one from Francis
Tom Grigg has clipped the wings of Kiwi Daniel Francis in a big pot late in the day. Catching the action on the river on a board of 7♣K♦K♠5♠6♠, Francis bet out 6,000 in front of Grigg, who raised it to 17,000. Francis deliberated before splashing the pot with a call, only to muck when Grigg showed 6♥6♣ for a rivered full house.

Grigg was the runner-up in the last APPT event in Auckland and picked up a huge six-figure score online last week. The man is in form, and now he has a stack to boot. He’s up to 60,000 as we close in on the end of the day’s play.

6:22pm: A two-horse race
We thought for sure that no other player would be able to approach Kevin Park’s six-figure chip stack before the bags were brought out for the end of the day. Yet it seems that Andrew Hinrichsen has been a one-man wrecking ball on Table 2. His count currently stands at about 115,000. He and Park will be vying for the overnight chip lead.

6:04pm: Another scalp for Torres
We pushed our way back out into the field just in time to see Victorino Torres attempting an elimination. His opponent was all in with K♦9♥ and in bad shape against Torres’ A♥A♦.

“I have out, I have outs,” the opponent remarked after Torres pre-flop nuts turned into a set, Q♣A♠10♥. It was true — any jack would vault Torres’ opponent into the lead. But neither the 2♥ nor the river K♣ were the required knave. Torres stacked up the pot to increase his count to 44,000 while his opponent stood up and walked into the night.


APPT Macau winner Victorino Torres

5:51pm: Girl power
After a recent table break we now see four female players seated together on one table, which is rare to see in these major tournaments. Not only is it great to see so many women in today’s field, but it’s terrific to see them doing so well. Jackie Glazier is going strong with 40,000, Connie Lai is to her direct left with 33,000, Japan’s Noriko Suzuki is quietly up to 26,000 and they have been recently joined by Sunshine Samson who has 45,000.

5:48pm: Park storms to the lead
Day 1A of the 2010 APPT Cebu Main Event has a new chip leader: Canadian Kevin Park. Park was the beneficiary of a massive pot at Table 1. With the board showing A-10-6-8 with two diamonds, Park’s opponent led out for 5,000. Park, sitting with A-K, raised to 15,000. His opponent then moved all in and Park called. Park was drawing thin against his opponent’s A♦6♦, two pair with the nut flush draw, but the river fell another 10 to give Park two pair as well with the best kicker. When the chips were all stacked up, Park had roughly 100,000.

The very next hand, Park was one of three players to call a pre-flop raise to 1,800 made by Jukka Juvonen. Juvonen acted first on an all-diamond flop, A♦10♦3♦, and bet 4,000. Park’s raise to 12,500 ended the hand.

Park’s count now is about 110,000.


Kevin Park

5:40pm: Level 6 begins, blinds 300-600 ante 50

5:25pm: Double KO for Hinrichsen’s Kings

A huge three-way all in hand has just gone down on Table 2 that’s resulted in a double KO and Andrew Hinrichsen with all the biscuits.

We arrived at the table to see virtually all nine players standing on their feet, watching the dealer work out all in bet amounts and side pots. It was recalled to us that Jesse McKenzie opened from late position, Hinrichsen three-bet from the small blind, before Danny Silk shoved from the big blind. McKenzie then moved all in and Hinrichsen called, covering both opponents.

Silk: A♥Q♣
McKenzie: 10♠10♦
Hinrichsen: K♦K♣

The board fell blankly 4♠J♠8♦3♣5♣ to send both McKenzie and Silk to the exit as Hinrichsen jumps up to a massive 65,000 in chips.

“Well at least we can go get drunk together now!” said recently eliminated Ryan McKay to his buddy Jesse McKenzie, as 48 players remain in the Day 1A field.


Andrew Hinrichsen

5:20pm: Silk sets up Hinrichsen

Andrew Hinrichsen raised to 800 before fellow PokerStars qualifier Danny Silk shoved all in over the top for a total of 6,900. The table folded back to Hinrichsen who quickly called with A♠Q♣. He was racing against Silk’s pocket sevens.

Silk was standing as he knew he was going to leave the table either way – it was either to the bar or the bathroom. The J♥7♣8♦ flop hit him hard and the J♦ turn left Hinrichsen drawing dead. Silk doubled to more than 15,000 after the 9♦ completed the board. He scurried off for a bathroom break with Hinrichsen still in good shape on 33,000.

5:10pm: Lai refuses to show
Earlier in the day, Ryan McKay was complaining about his lack of cards until he flopped quad 10s. McKay might go back to complaining after losing a sizable pot to Connie Lai. Lai led out for 3,075 on the turn of a 4♥6♦3♥6♣ board, with 8,500 already in the pot. McKay had position and called to see the river double-pair the board, 4♣. Lai quickly checked, then snap-shoved for 10,100 total after McKay bet 5,000. McKay was perplexed.

“If you think I’m bluffing you don’t go all in,” he said. He took about a minute and a half before folding his cards. Lai refused to show whether she was bluffing or had the goods.

A few minutes later, McKay stood up and walked away from his table. He is busto.

4:55pm: Another victim for Graham
Jarred Graham is now up to 60,000 and narrowing in on the chip lead after making a flush to eliminate Dutch PokerStars qualifier Verheijen Gijs.

We caught the action on the turn with the board reading J♠3♣10♠8♦. Graham check-called for 3,600 before the K♠ completed the board. Graham liked the look of that card as he led out for 10,000 as Gijs quickly called all in for less. Graham showed 7♠5♠ for a rivered flush as Gijs’ A♣J♥ was no good and he was sent to the rail.

4:52pm: New chip leader
Jarred Graham is continuing his early surge (more on that in a moment) but it looks like Japanese player Shin Sugiura — a player who won his Main Event entry via live satellite here in Cebu — is the chip leader with 67,000. Sugiura is at the same table as APPT Macau winner Victorino Torres, whose stack seems to be trending downward recently. It seems a likely bet that some of those chips wound up in Sugiura’s stack.

4:42pm: Play resumes
Cards are back in the air. The 61 remaining players are facing blinds of 200-400 and a 50-chip ante.

During the break the hard-working PokerStars video team caught up with PokerStars qualifier Danny Silk who gave us an update on his progress before Dave “F-Train” Behr provided a recap of the day’s action so far:

APPT Cebu reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Heath Chick and Dave Behr.


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