APPT Cebu: Day 1A, Level 3&4, blinds 100-200 ante 25

November 12, 2010

4:31pm: Break time again
We’ve reached the second break. Players will return in 10 minutes to play the last two levels of the day.

4:21pm: Grigg tames the wolf
With a raise from Tom Grigg before him, Michael Wolf moved all in for his last 6,200 with A♣K♥. Grigg made a reluctant call with 7♣7♠. He didn’t need to worry as the board bricked out J♣3♦6♦5♥8♠ to leave Grigg with the chips and send Wolf to an early exit.

“Easy game…just win flips!” laughed Grigg as he moves up to 35,000.


Michael Wolf is off to the bar for Happy Hour after his elimination

4:11pm: Honeybone’s runner-runner gets weak value
With roughly 4,000 chips in the pot pre-flop, James Honeybone and one other player took an all-heart flop, 6♥2♥8♥. The other player had first action and checked after about a minute. Honeybone also checked. Both players then checked the 7♥ turn. When the 7♠ paired the board on the river, Honeybone’s opponent checked a third time. Honeybone finally leapt into action with a small bet of 1,500. His opponent called, then shook his head and mucked after Honeybone showed A♣7♣ for running trip sevens.

Honeybone is back to roughly the starting stack of 20,000.

4:00pm: More chips for Graham
Jarred Graham has padded his stack with another nice pot against Daniel Laidlaw.
Laidlaw raised it preflop to 750 and Graham defended his big blind to see a flop of 9♣Q♠7♥. Both players checked and the turn brought the 5♠. Graham led out for 1,100 and Laidlaw called as the 7♦ completed the board on the river.

Graham released another bet worth 2,200 and Laidlaw paid him off before mucking at the sight of Graham’s K♥Q♦ top pair.

Graham is at 45,000 with Laidlaw down to 22,000.

3:51pm: Silk can’t deliver the knockout blow
Danny Silk tried. He did his best, really. Sitting in the big blind, Silk called the 6,025-chip all-in raise of a player in late position. And pre-flop, Silk’s 9♠9♥ was best against his opponent’s suited ace, A♦4♦. In fact, Silk’s opponent stood up and started to pick up his possessions. Then the dealer delivered an all-diamond flop, Q♦5♦7♦, and Silk’s opponent sat back down. The rest of the board ran out harmlessly, 4♠ and 7♣.

Silk chatted with PokerStars TV earlier in the day:

3:39pm: Ewing finds an adventurous double

Dave Ewing has found a double up but he had to pull out all the tricks in his arsenal to do so. There was obviously a dynamic developed between Ewing and his opponent as the two tangoed preflop. With a raise to 700 in front, Ewing added 1,425 to the bet holding a rather meagre J♦4♦. His opponent responded as he popped it up another 4,200 but Ewing obviously didn’t believe him as he moved all in for another 11,450 only to find his opponent make the call with A♥K♠.

The first four cards landed 6♥8♣6♣7♣ and it looked like Ewing was heading for the beach but somehow the J♥ found its way onto the river for a spectacular double up.

“He’s learning from me!” chirped tablemate Mitchell Carle as Ewing is now up to 30,000 in chips.

3:30pm: Level 4 begins, blinds 150-300, ante 25

3:25pm: Graham gets creative as Arce is sent packing

PokerStars sponsored player Neil Arce has lost the battle with his short stack. He was sent to the rail recently at the hands of Aussie gun Jarred Graham who gave Arce a demonstration of why his online handle is “FlopNutsOnYou”.

With a limp and a raise to 750 in front of him, Graham decide to three-bet to 2,200 in position on the button. The small blind folded but Arce moved all in from the big blind. The two other players folded and Graham asked for a count. It was another 5,425 to Graham who did some math, gave a wry smile and made the call.

Arce showed a respectable A♠K♦ as Graham revealed a rather creative 10♣5♣. However Graham seems to have a sixth sense for this game of poker as the board ran out 5♥K♥10♥2♣J♦ giving him two pair and the pot to eliminate Arce. The Filipino star stood and smiled through clenched teeth before departing the tournament floor.

Graham is into the chip lead with 52,000 chips.


3:10pm: Grigg flats with aces
Tom Grigg’s been making a name for himself around the Asian and Australian circuit and is coming off a near-win with this 2nd-place finish two months ago at APPT Auckland. He’s flying high today after taking a big pot from Michael Wolf. Grigg opened pre-flop from the button, with Wolf making the call out of the big blind. On a paired flop, 7♦K♥7♣, Wolf checked to Grigg, who continued for 700. Grigg then called a check-raise to 2,200 from Wolf.

Wolf fired 3,500 on the 5♥ turn and 5,500 on the 2♥ river. Grigg seemed pained at the river bet.

“This is so gross. So gross,” he said. After about a minute he called. It was a great decision; Wolf had total air with Q♠8♠. Grigg turned over the red aces, A♥A♦, to collect the pot and boost his stack to about 38,000.


“So gross.”

2:50pm: Getting a little looney in Cebu
There are some fantastic PokerStars online names out there, but one of our all-time favorites is “LooneyGerbil” which belongs to Australian Mitchell Carle. He’s used it to great success with a 6th place finish in the PokerStars $10,300 High Stakes WCOOP event in September.

Carle usually prefers the high stakes cash games to tournaments, but who could resist the lure of this tropical paradise, and despite having one too many cocktails last night, Carle is motoring here in the APPT Cebu Main Event. After raising under the gun, Carle followed up with a continuation bet of 1,100 on a flop of 10♦2♠J♦. His opponent was Vincent Torres (the brother of APPT Macau champion Victorino Torres) who made the call in position to see the 5♣ land on the turn. This time, Carle checked it over and Torres threw out 1,500. Carle thought for a few moments before making it 6,000 to go with Torres making the call.

The river brought the 7♦ and Carle moved his last 7,950 into the middle. Torres considered his options but eventually made the call. Carle opened a monstrous A♦K♦ for the nut flush to collect a big double up to 35,000. Torres slips back to 11,500.

2:44pm: Man down
We’re sure if we ask Jarred Graham later today, he’ll tell us whether or not he actually wanted a call on the turn of a recent hand. At the time, we weren’t certain. Graham opened the pot pre-flop with an under-the-gun raise to 600. Andy Hinrichsen then re-raised to 1,900 and was flat-called by one player behind him before Graham also called.

Graham led out on a three-way flop of all wheel cards, 2♦4♠5♦, with a bet of 3,000. Hinrichsen folded but the third player made an unsteady call after about a minute. When the turn came small again, 2♣, Graham made a hefty over-bet of 15,000. That was more than Graham’s opponent had left. That player thought for several minutes before calling all in. He was disgusted to see Graham’s 9♣9♥ as he tabled his own 8♥8♦, a pair that was just barely out-pipped. The river blanked out 2♥ to send a massive pot to Graham and send the late-position player to the rail.

Graham is up to about 40,000.

2:30pm: Play resumes
Cards are back in the air. Blinds are at 100-200 with an ante of 25.

APPT Cebu reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Heath Chick and Dave Behr.


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