APPT Cebu: A tale of two main events

November 14, 2010

Day 2 of the 2010 APPT Cebu Main Event starts with a PokerStars qualifier in the chip lead, several Team Pros circling the top of the counts, and the focus of the entire Filipino nation on a 24-foot-by-24-foot patch of Dallas, Texas. Improbably, for the second year in a row, Manny Pacquiao is fighting a title fight during the APPT Cebu Main Event.

You’ll forgive us if our attention is the slightest bit distracted today. As we learned last year, there’s nothing quite like watching the hometown hero fight a major fight surrounded by hundreds of his countrymen. But there’s a slugfest brewing in the poker tent as well, as chip leader Andrew Hinrichsen of Australia tries to put some distance between himself and the remainder of the 127 players who made it through to Day 2.


PokerStars qualifier and chip heavyweight contender Andrew Hinrichsen

Play is scheduled to start at 12:30 local time. There was some confusion as to whether the start of play would be delayed for the start of the fight but because the fight is getting off so late, TD Danny McDonagh opted to get cards in the air on time. That’s the slightest bit disappointing to many in the tent who were looking forward to watching Pacquiao demolish Antonio Margarito. They’ll just have to settle for watching chip stacks collide at the poker table.


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