APPT Auckland: “The Voice” of the APPT

October 10, 2008

By James Potter and Eliot James

Paul ‘The Voice’ Khoury has unfortunately blessed the table with his last warm tones as he eventually succumbed to a lack of chips. Khoury lost a few early pots and found himself very short before fighting back to over 6k. He drew an up and down straight draw on the flop and called a bet. The top pair repeated on the turn and The Voice moved all in.

“I had him on an over pair and thought I could get him off.”

It was a good read by the APPT Season 1 Television host but he was called by Q-Q and the straight wasn’t to come on the end. Goodbye to the great man but make sure you all catch him and his mate Daniel Negreanu on Season 1 of the APPT.

Khoury 02.jpg
Paul Khoury PokerStars Sponsored player and APPT Season 1 Host.

The boys from are hard at work and have more good footage from the start of Day 1B here at SkyCity Casino, Auckland.

Watch APPT Auckland 08: Day 1b Intro on


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