APPT Auckland: Level 19 updates

October 17, 2009

Live updates from day 3, level 19 (blinds 6000-12,000, ante 2000) of the APPT Auckland Main Event brought to you by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall from SKYCITY Casino in Auckland, New Zealand. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking here.

4.30pm: Butcher shuts shop

Day three has almost been consigned to history after the elimination of Ben Butcher in 11th. The Australian liked his K♠ 10♣ on a board that ran out 3♠ 2♦ 3♣ K♥ 4♦ until Jason Brown called his all-in and showed A♥ 5♦ for the rivered straight.

Ben Butcher01.jpg

It was all going along nicely for Ben Butcher, until Jason Brown filled his straight on the river

Spectators are packed around the remaining two tables of five players awaiting the final table of nine to be decided. It’s taken less than four hours to slash the field of 32 down to 10, and we suspect it won’t be long until the final player is eliminated for the day.

Approximate chip counts

Gerome Guitteau 900,000
Jason Brown 750,000
Michael Shinzaki 600,000
Jens Walther 500,000
Simon Watt 380,000
Assadour Assadourian 380,000
Richard Lancaster 370,000
Shilton Smith 360,000
Ke Sijia 300,000
Lance Climo 300,000

4.15pm: Father and son

Assadour Assadourian is assured one fan if he makes the APPT Auckland final table – his son, Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian:

Watch APPT Auckland 09 : Eric & Assadour Assadourian on

4pm: Guitteau gets going

Gerome Guitteau has stolen a break on the rest of the field with just 11 players still seated in the APPT Auckland Main Event at SKYCITY Casino. On a flop of Q♥ 10♣ 5♦, Guitteau bet 70,000, Jason Brown pushed all-in and the French PokerStars Qualifier called.

It was Guitteau’s A♠ Q♦ against the 7♥ 6♥ of Brown, and the turn 3♥ and river 9♣ brought no help to the former chip leader, who now appears in freefall. He’s down to 330,000, while Guitteau is outright leader on 900,000.

Oleg Epp04.jpg

Oleg Epp has been confirmed as the 12th-place finisher in the APPT Auckland Main Event

Earlier Germany’s Oleg Epp was busted in 12th after committing the last of his 115,000 chips with A♦ J♥. China’s Ke Sijia made the call with pocket jacks, stealing some of the outs for the PokerStars Qualifier. The board showed 10♥ 8♣ 10♣ 4♣ 10♦, ensuring Epp a payout of NZD $11,046.


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