APPT Auckland: Level 16 updates

October 17, 2009

Live updates from day 3, level 16 (blinds 3000-6000, ante 1000) of the APPT Auckland Main Event brought to you by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall from SKYCITY Casino in Auckland, New Zealand. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking here.

1.15pm: Quick-fire departures continue

Still they tumble – Aussie PokerStars Qualifier Luke Edwards is out in 28th, followed just minutes later by another PokerStars Qualifier, the UK’s Joe Quinton. Chip leader Jason Brown wasted little time calling Quinton’s all-in with A♥ K♦, which had K♠ J♥. A paint-free board of 8♦ 4♠ 6♦ 2♥ 8♣ had Quinton off to collect NZD $5523. Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian scored a crucial triple-up with pocket queens against the A-K of Charlie Swan and Rob Toleafoa before Anibal Lee departed in 26th and George Moussa 25th.

1pm: Defending champ bows out

The hopes of a repeat win for Daniel Craker have ended with last year’s winner out in 29th. The 2008 APPT Auckland winner picked a good spot to make his move with A♥ Q♠, only to find compatriot Rob Toleafoa holding A♣ A♦. The seven-high board showed no love for Craker, who received a nice ovation as he headed down to check on the six-handed event that starts soon.

Arnaud Bull02.jpg

Arnaud Bulle from France is our 30th-place finisher

Earlier Frenchman Arnaud Bulle bowed out in 30th after a race of raggy aces – A♠ 4♣ against Shilton Smith’s A♦ 8♥ – where neither hand improved on a board of J♦ 10♥ 5♣ 6♦ 7♣.

12.30pm: Two down in two rounds

No shortage of action in the opening hands – PokerStars Qualifier Mathieu Louisy-Gabriel was first to go after shoving with Q♠ 8♣ only to find his attempted steal caught out by fellow qualifier Sal Fazzino, who held A♠ K♥. The Aussie didn’t need the flush – 10♥ 10♦ J♥ 4♥ 5♥ – but he nailed it anyway to send the Frenchman home in 32nd.

Sal Fazzino03.jpg

Australia’s Sal Fazzino claimed the first scalp of day three

Another long distance traveller, Tamas Lendvai followed in 31st after his pocket 10s were overtaken on the flop when Aussie Ben Butcher’s pocket fives improved to a set. The Hungarian PokerStars Qualifier leaves with NZD $5523, which should nicely cover his travel expenses to the South Pacific.


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