APPT Auckland Day 3: Level 19 & 20 (blinds 6000-12000, ante 1000)

September 18, 2010

6:40pm: That’s a wrap!

That concludes our coverage from Day 3 of the APPT Auckland Main Event, with the “Godfather of New Zealand Hip Hop” Brotha D hanging onto a very narrow chip advantage at the end of the day. We’ll have a complete wrap of the day’s action and final table player profiles for you shortly, but here’s how they will line up tomorrow:

Seat 1: Tamas Lendvai (PokerStars Qualifier) – 472,000 chips
Seat 2: Santi Soriano Ramos (PokerStars Qualifier) – 347,000
Seat 3: Noah Vogelman (PokerStars Qualifier) – 576,000
Seat 4: Tom Grigg (PokerStars Qualifier) – 616,000
Seat 5: Ropati Toleafoa – 163,000
Seat 6: Danny Silk (PokerStars Qualifier) – 260,000
Seat 7: Danny ‘Brotha D’ Leaoasavaii – 636,000
Seat 8: Leo Boxell – 194,000
Seat 9: Srdjan Mitrovic (PokerStars Qualifier) – 632,000

6:34pm: Grigg charges a toll

While Lance Climo was fighting for his tournament life, a big hand was going down on the other table. Tom Grigg raised to 27,000 from the small blind and Ropati Toleafoa made the call in the big blind. They saw a flop of Q♦A♠K♥ and both players checked. The turn brought the 9♠ and Grigg fired out 46,000. Toleafoa called and the river brought the A♣. Grigg fired again for 81,00 and Toleafoa went into the tank.

Once he learnt of the elimination of Lance Climo he decided to save his last chips for tomorrow.

“Pay the toll!” was the cry from the railbirds as Tom “tollgate” Grigg ends the day on a high note.

6:33pm: Climo eliminated in 10th place

Action folded to Danny Silk in the small blind and he moved all in on the short-stacked Lance Climo who made the call in the big blind.

Silk: K♠J♥
Climo: K♣6♦

Climo was dominated and couldn’t spike a pair on the 5♦2♥3♣9♠10♥ board. Climo is eliminated in 10th place and our final table of nine is set!


Lance Climo is our final table bubble boy

6:26pm: Climo crippled

Danny Silk moved all in from the cutoff for 125,000 with Lance Climo making the call on the button.

Silk: A♥Q♣
Climo: 10♠10♥

The board ran out A♦6♠6♣Q♦7♣ to make Silk two pair for the double up to 260,000 as Climo’s quest for back-to-back APPT Auckland final tables is now in jeopardy as he is crippled to just 42,000.

6:15pm: Grigg and Lendvai clash

Still playing across two tables, the short-handed play is creating plenty of action as we await this final table bubble to burst.

Tom Grigg and Tamas Lendvai have been butting heads all day and this time Grigg landed a blow as Lendvai slides back into the pack.

Lendvai raised preflop to 28,000 and Grigg called in the small blind to see a flop of A♦K♠6♠. Grigg checked and Lendvai fired a bet of 28,000. Grigg made the call and the 2♣ hit the turn. Both players checked and the 2♥ paired the board on the river. Grigg led out with a healthy bet of 80,000 and Lendvai deliberated for several minutes. He asked for a count of Grigg’s stack but decided to let it go.

Grigg gets back up to 500,000 with Lendvai back down to 470,000.

6:04pm: Brotha D into the lead

Tamas Lendvai raised from the cutoff to 27,000 with Brotha D making the call on the button. The blinds folded and they saw a flop of J♣10♥4♣. Lendvai led for 44,000 with Brotha D making the call as both players checked the 6♠ turn.

The river brought the 7♠ and Lendvai fired out a bet of 56,000 but Brotha D looked him up with a call.

Lendvai opened K♥J♠ for top pair but he was out-kicked as Brotha D opened A♥J♦. With that hand, Brotha D has taken the chip lead in a remarkable comeback. He’s up to 680,000 with Lendvai back down to 550,000.

5:53pm: Luke Edwards busts

Action folded to Luke Edwards on the button who open-jammed for his last 90,000 chips. Leo Boxell made the call in the big blind.

Edwards: 8♦2♦
Boxell: Q♦J♥

The board fell 10♣A♣K♣K♠6♥ to give Boxell a Broadway straight and eliminate PokerStars qualifier Luke Edwards from the tournament in 11th place.

We’re now one elimination away from our final table lineup!

5:46pm: Mitrovic cripples Edwards in blind battle

Srdjan Mitrovic and Luke Edwards had already created a bit of a dynamic in the blinds after Mitrovic had shoved from the small blind on several occasions. So when Mitrovic raised again to 25,000 from the small blind, he was probably expecting some resistance. Edwards made it 75,000 to go before Mitrovic moved all in with Edwards making the call.

Mitrovic: A♦J♥
Edwards: J♣J♦

The board ran out 6♣A♥2♥5♦9♥ to spike the ace for Mitrovic for a huge double up to 580,000 and leave Edwards crippled with just 60,000.

Tom Grigg update from the floor

5:35pm: Level up, blinds 6000-12000, ante 1000

5:30pm: Kings + Queens + Jacks = big pot

Brotha D is taking centre stage here in Auckland. After being one card away from elimination a few moments ago, he’s just virtually tripled up to be back to 570,000 and in contention in a monster pot.

Tamas Lendvai opened to 24,000 from the button before Brotha D made it 63,000 from the small blind. Tom Grigg was in the big blind and he put in a four-bet to 110,000. With the action back on Lendvai he declared himself all in for around 900,000. Brotha D also moved all in for 240,000 to send Grigg into the tank.

After several minutes of deliberation Grigg folded Q♥Q♦, as the two all-in players flipped their cards.

Lendvai: J♠J♦
Brotha D: K♥K♠

The board ran out A♥3♣8♥K♣2♥ and Brotha D collects the monster pot to move up to 570,000, with Lendvai taking a hit to slip to 650,000 and Grigg back down to 460,000.

5:25pm: Kani Edwards eliminated

With a raise from under the gun to 24,000 in front of him, Kani Edwards moved all in from the button for a total of 145,000. However Santi Soriano Ramos moved all in from the big blind to isolate the short stack.

Edwards: 5♠5♦
Ramos: Q♥Q♦

The board was spread K♣2♥A♣9♠6♠ to eliminate Edwards in 12th place as Ramos moved up to 490,000 chips.

5:20pm: Big call by Vogelman

Noah Vogelman raised to 25,000 with Leo Boxell calling from the big blind. They saw a flop of 3♥7♠9♦ and Boxell checked to Vogelman who fired 40,000. Boxell check-raised all in to put his opponent to a decision for his stack, but Vogelman made the call.

Boxell: A♥J♦
Vogelman: A♣7♥

It was a great call by Vogelman that paid off when the 9♣ turn and 3♦ river completed the board. Boxell slips back to 168,000 with Vogelman doubling to 420,000.

5:15pm: Brotha D laying down the beats

Brotha D is used to lifting the roof off venues, but he may not have ever heard a roar as loud as the one we just heard here after the Kiwi icon just spiked a two-outer river to stay alive in this tournament!

Brotha D moved all in from under the gun for 90,000 and Tom Grigg made the call.

Brotha D tabled 3♣3♦ as Grigg showed A♣K♥ and the race was on. Grigg jumped well out in front on the A♦J♥9♠ flop to leave Brotha D with just two cards in the deck to stay alive. The 5♣ wasn’t one of them, but the dealer boomed a 3♥ on the river as the locals on the rail exploded in delight!

Brotha D doubles to around 200,000 with Grigg losing a rare race to slip to 560,000.

A few moments later Brother D three-bet preflop and moved all in on a 7♣7♦6♣ flop to take a small pot off Santi Soriano Ramos and move up to 238,000.


Brotha D is back!

5:00pm: Spill on aisle four!

Play really has slowed to a crawl right now as our final twelve are playing a game of cat and mouse to try and avoid elimination and reach the APPT final table.

However the room has taken on a much more attractive look in recent times as around 30 ladies have join the room to take part in the ladies event which has just kicked off in the SKYCITY Auckland Poker Room.

The most exciting piece of recent action to report from the floor was when one waiter accidentally spilled an entire glass of red wine over one of the female participants. She took it well, but now may have to win the tournament to pay for her dry-cleaning bill!

4:44pm: Parnell perishes

Ian Parnell has departed in 13th place when he moved his last 150,000 in preflop with 10♥10♣ and found himself racing against the A♣K♥ of Tamas Lendvai.

The board ran out A♥9♦8♦A♦8♠ to send Parnell to the rail as Lendvai moved up to 640,000.

4:35pm: Play resumes


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