APPT Auckland Day 3: Levels 17 & 18 (blinds 4000-8000, ante 500)

September 18, 2010

4:25pm: Ten-minute break

4:22pm: Mitrovic moving ahead

Lance Climo limped in from under the gun before Noah Vogelman bumped it to 25,500 in middle position. Srdjan Mitrovic called in late position and Climo came along to see a flop of 3♥7♥7♦.

Climo checked and Vogelman fired 45,000. Mitrovic put in a small raise to 100,000 which was enough to take it down as both opponents released.

Climo’s stack is sliding away as he’s down to 80,000, Vogelman is struggling on 150,000 while Mitrovic is now up to 430,000.

4:13pm: Lendvai certainly is one to watch

Tamas Lendvai raised to 18,000 from under the gun and picked up two callers in Tom Grigg and Santi Soriano Ramos to see a flop of 10♣9♦2♣.

Ramos checked to Lendvai who made it 31,500 to go. Grigg folded but after some deliberation Ramos came back with a check-raise to 100,000. Lendvai went into the tank but made the call and the turn brought the J♥. Ramos tried to slow things down with a check but Lendvai was showing no signs of slowing as he moved all in for 290,000. Ramos let his hand go and slipped to 300,000 as Lendvai raked in the pot.

Lendvai has an impressive record with a win in the Italian Poker Tour earlier this year, a cash in this same event last year and results all over America, Europe and Asia. He was even identified by our APPT Media Coordinator Garry Gates in the Day 3 Intro video this morning as the player to watch out for today. Well, he’s looking good as he moves up to 580,000 and narrows in on the chip lead.


Tamas Lendvai in action at the APPT Auckland

4:01pm: Another chop

The action has slowed right up over the last thirty minutes with the only all-in situations both resulting in a chopped pot.

The latest was Ian Parnell who moved his last 110,000 in preflop with A♠K♥ but Tom Grigg made the call with the same hand – A♥K♦.

The board ran out 6♣6♥9♣5♠Q♦ and once again they chop it up. Grigg is still our chip leader with 630,000 chips.

3:49pm: Chop it up!

Danny Silk raised from under the gun to 19,000 with Leo Boxell making the call in the big blind.

They saw a flop of K♠Q♣6♦ and Boxell checked to Silk who fired 25,000. Boxell then announced a check-raise to 70,000 before Silk moved all in. Boxell snapped him off with a call but the excitement quickly vanished when both players tabled king-queen!

The 7♠ was the turn and 5♣ was the river as the two players chopped it up.
Silk sits at 190,000 with Boxell up to 495,000.

3:38pm: Big slick for Mitrovic

Srdjan Mitrovic raised from under the gun to 18,000 with three players calling to see a flop of A♦6♥Q♥. Noah Vogelman checked in the dark but was the only caller when Mitrovic fired 30,000 into the pot. The turn brought the 8♦ and both players checked before the river landed Q♦. Vogelman checked it again and Mitrovic fired 50,000. Vogelman let it go and Mitrovic flashed A♥K♣.

3:25pm: Level up, blinds 4000-8000, ante 500

3:20pm: Two more Kiwis hit the rail

John Harman raised from under the gun to 18,000 before Tamas Lendvai popped it to 45,000. Harman moved all in for his last 120,000 with Lendvai making the call.

Lendvai: K♠K♦
Harman: Q♥Q♣

The board ran out K♣5♣3♠10♦5♥ to leave Harman heading to the cashier in 15th place with Lendvai moving up to 495,000.

He was soon followed by Mike Tyler who moved his last 55,000 in preflop with A♠6♠ and was called by Lance Climo holding a dominant A♥K♥.

The board ran out 10♠10♣7♣A♦5♦ to eliminate Tyler in 14th place as Climo chips up to 210,000.

3:08pm: Luo lost

After losing the previous pot, Tao Luo was down to just 51,000 which he moved all in from under the gun with Q♠8♠ but was called by Tom Grigg holding A♠Q♥.

The board ran out J♣Q♣6♦2♦3♠ and Luo can’t pair his pair to be eliminated from the tournament in 16th place for NZ$9,800.

Grigg is back up to 630,000 chips.


Tao Luo eliminated in 16th place

2:52pm: Parnell reaches new heights

Ian Parnell has found a double up through Tao Luo. It was Parnell’s A♥J♦ against Luo’s K♥Q♥ after Kani Edwards made a crying fold in the small blind with what he said was ace-queen.

Edwards would be regretting his decision as the board ran out 3♥4♦6♣A♦8♥. Parnell doubled up to 120,000 which is the most chips he’s held all tournament.

2:46pm: Limping Leo

It seems Leo Boxell has changed gears into limping mode, and so far it’s been working.

Leo Boxell limped in from early position with Luke Edwards and Srdjan Mitrovic coming along in the blinds to see a flop of 6♦A♥8♣. Action checked to Boxell who fired 12,000 with just Edwards making the call to see the Q♥ hit the turn. Again Edwards check-called, this time for 20,000 before both players checked the river. Boxell showed A♠3♠ to take it down.

Moments later Boxell limped again, this time from the button into Lance Climo’s big blind.

“Stop limping Leo!” exclaimed Climo.

“I’m in front!” declared Boxell as the flop came down 3♣A♣4♣. Danny Silk led out for 14,000 from the small blind resulting in a fold from Climo, but Boxell called as the 3♠ hit the turn. Silk checked and Boxell bet 20,000. Silk went into the tank but eventually folded to save his last 100,000 for another spot.

Meanwhile Boxell has chipped up to 460,000 much to the delight of his wife Bev on the rail.

“She wants a trophy,” continued Boxell, “If I don’t get it I’m a dead man. I’m not worried about the money, but the missus wants a trophy!”

2:30pm: Mascadri eliminated

We didn’t have to wait long for our next elimination.

Eddie Mascadri was all in preflop with 10♣10♦ against the K♣10♠ of Tamas Lendvai but an ugly king on the turn on the board of 5♥3♦2♠K♥4♠ left Mascardi heading to the cashier in 17th place as the players rebalance for the final two tables.

2:25pm: Play resumes

The players are back in action with 17 players remaining. Tom Grigg is still in control but that level saw the likes of Leo Boxell, Santi Soriano Ramos and Luke Edwards rise through the pack to be with the chip leaders.


Leo Boxell and his wombat have had a good start to Day 3


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