APPT Auckland Day 2: Levels 8 & 9 (blinds 500-1000, ante 100)

September 16, 2010

2:15pm: Ten-minute break

1:59pm: Hinrichsen rockets past Turker

Well, Koray Turker’s stay at his new table didn’t last long as he was just eliminated by Andrew Hinrichsen.

In a battle of the blinds, Turker raised to 2,700 from the small blind with Hinrichsen flat-calling in the big blind to see a flop of 9♥5♥7♠. Turker led out for 3,000 before Hinrichsen made it 8,000 to go. Turker responded with a three-bet to 14,200 before Hinrichsen moved all in. Turker called with A♥3♥ for a flush draw as Hinrichsen showed a deceptive monster with his A♠A♦.

The 2♣ turn gave Turker a straight draw but the river was the 3♣. Turker is out as Hinrichsen is back up to 126,000.

1:50pm: Table of heavyweights

Koray Turker has just been moved tables and now finds himself on a table of heavyweights as several of our chip leaders are now seated together.

Turker holds a healthy 60,000 chips and joins Andrew Hinrichsen (75,000), Kevin Petersen (160,000), Noah Vogelmen (120,000), Aaron Sue (130,000) and Srdjan Mitrovic (76,000).

1:40pm: Grigg and Silk exchange from friendly banter

Danny Silk opened with a raise from the button to 2,700 before Tom Grigg, in his words, “whacked it” all in for 18,400 more to send Silk into the tank.

“I so wanna call this!” exclaimed Silk.

“Tell me what you have and I’ll tell you what to do,” offered Grigg in reply.

“I’m either a mile ahead or way off,” Silk continued before eventually flashing the A♠ and folding. Grigg returned serve by flashing the A♣.

“How big sir? That’s the question,” posed Grigg as he raked in the chips. “I’m pretty sure mine was bigger!”

“I was ready to call pretty light!” laughed Silk. “I had to respect you but I didn’t want to!”

Silk is back to 78,000 while Grigg is chipping away as he moves up to 25,000.

1:31pm: Two more casualties

We’ve lost two more PokerStars qualifiers in Josh Barrett and APPT Macau champ Victorino Torres.

Barrett three-bet shoved his K♥3♥ into a dominant K♠Q♥ but failed to improve on the board of A♠Q♣J♥8♣9♦.

Torres got his last chips in with king-queen on a queen-high flop, but his opponent went with his flush and straight draw which then hit when a third spade fell on the turn to send Torres to the exit.


Victorino Torres won’t be making it back-to-back APPT titles

1:15pm: Level up, blinds 500-1000, ante 100

1:10pm: Two stars fall

We’ve lost one of the marquee players of the tournament in Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson.

Nelson and Lee Boxell went to war on a 7-K-J-8 board with Nelson’s king-queen holding the advantage over Boxell’s ace-jack. However an ace from space landed on the river to give Boxell two pair and end the tournament for one of New Zealand’s finest.

Joining him on the sidelines is ANZPT Queentown champion Julian Cohen. After seeing a flop of 6♦7♥2♦, his opponent, Nauv Kashyap led out for 3,000 before Cohen bumped it to 7,500. Kashyap re-raised to 17,000 and Cohen moved it all in for a little more. Kashyap called wth 7♠6♠ for two pair as Cohen tabled A♦3♦ for the nut flush draw. The turn was the 8♠ and river the A♠ to leave Cohen heading to the rail.


Julian Cohen eliminated from the APPT Auckland

12:55pm: More chips for Kashyap

Another big stack who has continued to flex his muscles on day two is ANZPT Gold Coast champ Nauv Kashyap.

After recently eliminating Geoff Smith when his pocket kings held against Smith’s pocket eights, Kashyap saw a multi-way flop of 3♦7♦4♠ and the action was checked to him. He made it 3,600 which forced folds from Michael Mariakis and Julian Cohen before Ian Parnell clicked it back to 7,200. Kashyap made the call and the K♥ hit the turn.

Parnell fired again for 12,000 and Kashyap called before the 8♠ completed the board on the river. Parnell released another barrel worth 17,000 but Kashyap wasn’t going anywhere as he moved all in. Parnell quickly folded his 2♠2♦ face up as Kashyap showed 6♣5♣ for the flopped straight. He’s well out in front now with a commanding stack of 175,000.

12:50pm: Hinrichsen claims another victim

Andrew Hinrichsen raised to 2,000 from under the gun with Neil Stewart moving all in for another 11,200.

“Ok, I guess I have to call,” sighed Hinrichsen as he splashed the pot and opened 5♣5♠ to be racing against Stewart’s A♠Q♣.

Hinrichsen spiked a set on the 6♥5♦A♦ flop, but Stewart picked up outs with the A♥ turn. However the river bricked the 3♠ to give Hinrichsen yet another pot as he storms up to 125,000 to leave Stewart heading for the rail.

12:42pm: Mitrovic cracks Kings

Josh Barrett opened to 2,500 and found a call in middle position from Neil Stewart before Srdjan Mitrovic made it 10,000 to go from the button. The blinds folded, as did Barrett, before Stewart decided to move all in. Mitrovic made the call and the cards were on their backs:

Mitrovic: A♦Q♦
Stewart: K♠K♦

The board fell A♠A♥4♣3♦2♦ and Mitrovic finds a double up to 63,000.

12:35pm: Hinrichsen trips Mitrovic

Once again Andrew Hinrichsen found himself in the middle of the action in a big pot against Srdjan Mitrovic.

After Hinrichsen raised preflop to 2,000 from under the gun and Mitrovic called to see a flop of K♠K♥9♣. Hinrichsen fired 3,500 which Mitrovic called before the action got heavy on the 8♥ turn. Hinrichsen checked and Mitrovic bet out 5,000. Hinrichsen check-raised to 13,000 but Mitrovic wasn’t going to give up that easily as he made it 22,000. Hinrichsen called before both players slowed and checked down the 6♣ river.
Mitrovic could only show A♣Q♥ for ace-high as Hinrichsen showed K♣Q♣ for trips to jump to 105,000.

12:30pm: King Constantin

Constantin Harach has found an early double up with his K♥K♣ and some friendly table talk inducing a call from his opponent Soren Smith-Hansen.

“You need the money?” joked Harach. “I need the money, so let’s do some business! Come on, let’s get it in!” he continued.

Eventually Smith-Hansen decided to commit with his J♠J♣ but he wasn’t able to spike a miracle as the board fell Q♥K♦4♣7♠3♠. Harach doubled to 18,000 with Smith-Hansen back down to 16,000.

12:28pm: Hinrichsen gets busy early

Andrew Hinrichsen is a young gun to watch out for today after recovering from a short stack early on day one to end the day amongst the chip leaders.

He’s chipped up early today after raising preflop from the cutoff to 2,000 with calls out of the blinds to see a flop of 5♣2♥9♦. The small blind led out for 3,500 with Kevin Petersen calling in the big blind before Hinrichsen bumped it up to 8,500. The small blind folded but Petersen called to see a J♣ hit the turn. A check from Petersen was followed by a bet of 21,000 from Hinrichsen which was enough to take it down.

Last night Hinrichsen, along with several other pros, including PokerStars qualifiers Tom Grigg, Julian Cohen and Dan Neilson, were spotted splashing around in a Pot Limit Omaha cash game

“Didn’t you qualify on Stars too?” one of the players posed to Hinrichsen.

“Nah, I’m too good at finishing second,” laughed Hinrichsen, who is a regular in the PokerStars online satellites, but actually bought directly into this event.


Andrew Hinrichsen is off to a good start on Day 2

12:15pm: The cards are in the air

The players having taken their seats and unbagged their chips as Day 2 of the 2010 APPT Auckland Main Event is now underway.

We’ll be playing a maximum of seven levels today, or until we reach the money for the final 24 players, whichever comes first.

Before play started we caught up with overnight chip leader, and PokerStars qualifier, Noah Vogelman to get his thoughts on the day ahead while PokerStars reporter James Bernard brings us up to speed on the latest updates.


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