APPT Auckland Day 2: Levels 10 & 11 (blinds 800-1600, ante 200)

September 17, 2010

4:35pm: Ten-break minute

4:22pm: No notes on Schaffman

Oliver Schaffman opened to 4,100 from middle position with Akshay Nauhria put his glasses on to make the call and see a flop of 6♥A♠4♣.

Schaffman fired 5,200 but Nauhria responded with a raise to 16,200. Schaffman made the call and the Q♣ hit the turn. Schaffman checked and Nauhria fired 35,000. Schaffman check-raised all in but before the amount could be counted, Nauhria’s cards had hit the muck.

Nauhria was nicknamed “Notebook Guy” on day one for his habit of taking notes on his opponents at the table, but he’s notes seem to have gone astray as he’s slipped to 68,000 while Schaffman is up to 148,000.

4:09pm: Hinrichsen out

It’s starting to get kinda cold here in Auckland, and I’m not referring to the rain outside or the casino air-conditioning. It’s the dealers who are tossing out the coolers to create some massive pots, as the latest to feel the pain is Aussie young gun Andrew Hinrichsen.

After getting himself up the chip count page earlier today, Hinrichsen was recently eliminated when he ran his ace-king into the pocket aces of Srdjan Mitrovic. All the chips were in preflop and with no help on board Hinrichsen was crippled and eliminated soon after.

3:58pm: Another cooler eliminates Petersen

American Kevin Petersen has been sent crashing out of the tournament after running another monster hand into the irresistible force that is Noah Vogelman.

Petersen raised under the gun to 4,000 before Vogelman re-raised to 8,600 from the big blind. Petersen put in the four-bet to 23,600, Vogelman moved all and Petersen made the call!

Petersen: K♥K♦
Vogelman: A♥A♦

The board ran out A♠8♦5♥7♣6♣ to skyrocket Vogelman up to 270,000 as the cooler send Petersen to the rail.

3:50pm: The quiet achiever

Ardmore Vakalahi has been talking up a storm on his table but “Twinkle Twinkle” was just put back in his place against the quiet-achieving Tao Luo.

Vakalahi opened with a raise from the hijack to 4,600 before Luo re-raised to 13,600 from the small blind. Vakalahi made the call and the flop landed Q♠5♥6♣.

Both players checked and the 6♥ hit the turn. Luo fired a bet of 18,000 and Vakalahi called as the 10♦ landed on the river. Luo released another big bet, this time for 35,000 to send his opponent into the tank.

The normally talkative Vakalahi was pretty quiet, other than probing his opponent’s chip stack, before eventually releasing his cards.

Tao takes down a nice pot to move up to 170,000 with Vakalahi slipping back to 120,000.

3:38pm: Flush over flush for Grigg

Nauv Kashyap opened with a raise to 3,100 from early position with Tom Grigg and Ropati Toleafoa making the call to see a flop of 7♥4♣4♥. From the small blind, Toleafoa checked it to Kashyap who made a continuation bet of 5,200. Grigg and Toleafoa both called to see the 3♥ hit the turn.

Toleafoa then decided to lead out for 15,000 which forced Kashyap to fold as Grigg made the call and the 10♣ completed the board on the river. Toleafoa checked and Grigg made a hefty 35,000-chip bet to send Toleafoa into the tank. He eventually made the call with Q♥8♥ for the queen-high flush, but Grigg showed A♥5♥ for the nut flush, as Kashyap claimed to have folded pocket kings!

Grigg is now up to 165,000 with Toleafoa back to 110,000.

Lee Nelson Interview

Lee Nelson has been eliminated from the tournament but earlier on today we caught up with the Team PokerStars Pro to have a chat about how he got started in the game and what brought him to the beautiful shores of New Zealand.

3:25pm: Level up, blinds 800-1600, ante 200

3:20pm: Dodds done as Jakobsen survives

Some mixed fortunes for a couple of our PokerStars qualifiers as Denmark’s Morten Boserup Jakobsen found a fortunate double up while Australian fan-favourite Joel Dodds was sent to the rail.

Jakobsen was all in with A♠10♣ for top pair on the 10♥2♥5♥ flop but found himself up against an opponent’s K♥K♣. Needing some help to stay alive, the 3♠ turn and 4♣ river gave Jakobsen a running straight for a double up to 40,000.

Dodds wasn’t quite so lucky as he pushed with ace-five into the dominant ace-nine of Nicholas Scaife. Dodds couldn’t connect with the board and was sent to the rail.

3:12pm: Vogelman sails ahead

Noah Vogelman has just taken down the biggest pot of the tournament to once again claim the tournament chip lead.

Vogelman raised the cutoff to 3,100 and Kevin Petersen made the call on the button to see a flop of K♣9♥10♥. Vogelman checked and Petersen bet 4,500. Vogelman check-raised to 11,000 and Petersen called to see a turn of 9♣. Vogelman checked again before calling the 17,000-chip bet of Petersen as the 3♣ completed the board.

Vogelman then decided to lead out with a bet of 32,000 but Petersen came over the top for all of his chips. Vogelman made the call and tabled 10♠10♦ for a full house, tens full of nines, to better Petersen’s K♦9♦ for nines full of kings!

The 210,000-chip pot was shipped to Vogelman as Petersen slipped to 70,000.


PokerStars qualifier Noah Vogelman continues to lead the way at the APPT Auckland

2:59pm: Twinkle, twinkle

Ardmore “Twinkle Twinkle” Vakalahi and Jessica Hu have just clashed in a big pot that left Hu crippled and Vakalahi grabbing the attention of the room with his boisterous celebrating.

After both players checked the 5♣6♠J♠ flop, Vakalahi check-raised the 6♦ turn card with Hu making the call to see the A♣ hit the river. Vakalahi fired a bet of 12,200 to send Hu into the tank with a decision for most of her chips.

It was at this point that Vakalahi started his table theatrics.

“I just wanna say I’m sorry! Twinkle, twinkle, come and get it! BOOM! Twinkle, twinkle, come for the ride!” chanted Vakalahi while Hu deliberated for some time.

Hu eventually made the call and Vakalahi showed A♥3♣ for a rivered pair of aces. It was good.

“BA BOOM! Thank you sister!” shouted Vakalahi as he started another verbal avalanche.

Vakalahi then turned his attention to Leo Boxell who is also seated at the table and said he was coming for his chips.

“You can’t get chips from the wombat!” was Boxell’s blunt reply. Vakalahi is up to 160,000.

2:42pm: Toleafoa takes three barrels from Kashyap

Ropati Toleafoa limped in from the cutoff before Oliver Schaffman raised to 4,100 on the button. Nauv Kashyap and Ross Stevenson called in the blinds as Toleafoa came along to see a flop of 9♦8♣6♥.

From the small blind, Kashyap decided to lead out for 7,000 with Toleafoa and Schaffman making the call as the 3♥ hit the turn. Kashyap fired again for 15,000 and Toleafoa called again as Schaffman got out of the way before the 4♦ completed the board on the river.

Kashyap took another stab with a hefty bet of 25,000 and Toleafoa called for the fifth time in the hand.

“Arghhh, good call,” sighed Kashyap as he tossed his cards straight into the muck. Toleafoa opened Q♦Q♠ and scooped the pot to jump to 155,000. Kashyap slips to 140,000.

2:25pm: Play resumes

The players are now back in action with 65 remaining in contention for the 2010 APPT Auckland Main Event title.

After taking out an opponent late in the last level with his pocket kings holding against ace-king, Aaron Sue has surged up to 150,000 to be amongst the chip leaders with Nauv Kashyap, Andrew Hinrichsen and overnight chip leader Noah Vogelman.


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