ANZPT6 Sydney Day 1A: Meg wins the last longer

March 20, 2014

Day 1A of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event is rolling along nicely. We’re halfway through the day and the players have settled into a groove, especially those sitting on the tables directly outside the Rock Lily lounge where a live band has been thumping out some tunes. If anyone thinks it’s loud tonight, then we’re guessing Friday and Saturday night is only going to be even louder!

One player who may be enjoying the music is Meg Brandenburg who is seated at one of the tables directly adjacent to the lounge area. Brandenburg is an online qualifier making her ANZPT debut here in Sydney.


Brandenburg may not yet be a big name in poker, but she has close connections to the Australian poker community as the girlfriend of Full Tilt Ambassador Tom Grigg.

While Grigg has many solid ANZPT results on his poker resume, it’s Brandenburg who will have the bragging rights at home this week after already winning the last longer bet here in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event.

The latest from Tom Grigg’s Twitter tells it all…

With Grigg an early casualty, it’s left to Brandenburg to carry the flag. She’s making a good fist of things so far on a table that includes the experienced Michael O’Grady and ANZPT Perth final tablist Scott Davies.

We caught Brandenburg in one interesting spot where she clashed with O’Grady and a third player on a flop of 9♦5♥7♦. Brandenburg called a bet of 2,700 on the flop and another 6,000 on the A♠ turn before all three players checked the A♦ river. Brandenburg said she had flopped two pair with nine-seven, but the third player tabled A♥Q♥ to take it down with running aces.

Despite that unfortunate river card, Brandenburg has increased her start stack to around 25,000 as 158 currently players remain from our starting field of 211. Our chip leaders include Anthony Aston and Alex Lee who are both close to around 80,000 in chips.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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