ANZPT6 Sydney Day 3: Dinner bell tolls

March 23, 2014

The bustouts keep coming thick and fast here at the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. The play was so rapid that The Star Poker Room Manager Stephen Ibrahim was keen on the idea to play through today until a champion is crowned. While we’d all enjoy a day off tomorrow, we’re still another three eliminations from the final table as the dinner break looms, so it’s likely we’ll be sticking to schedule.

The action has been pretty fierce with Anthony Aston (33rd), Mel Judah (29th) and Jie Gao (27th) among those to fall in the early levels. However the big talking point was the eliminations of two of the biggest sharks in the field in Daniel Neilson and Alex Lee.

Neilson was one of the most credentialed players left in the field and ultimately it would take a cooler to remove him. Neilson was all in with A♠Q♠ on a flop of J♠10♠2♠. Yep, a near perfect flop as Neilson had the nut flush with a Royal draw, but he was up against the set of jacks and when the river paired the board, Neilson was dramatically on the rail in 22nd place.


Meanwhile Lee started the day as our chip leader, but his usual aggression saw his stack fluctuate before his final chips were in with J♣J♠ against ace-king. A king on the river spelt the end for Lee as he narrowly missed reaching his second ANZPT Sydney final table, finishing in 20th place.

Edison Nguyen was out in 19th place and Nick Polias had his aces cracked to fall in 17th. Karam Bahi continued to bring plenty of excitement, following his one-outer, triple KO yesterday. Bahi was crippled, quadrupled and then doubled again, but he couldn’t complete the comeback as he was eliminated in 14th place.

Full house over full house would see Robert Spano take 13th place as we’re down to a dozen players with the players taking a thirty-minute dinner break.

Where there are losers, there must be winners, and those chips are now mostly in the hands of Joshua Redhouse.


Redhouse is in the lead with a stack of 1.6 million, with Rory Young and Jazz Mathers also sitting pretty above one million in chips. Milan Gurung is going well, while the fast-talking Oliver “The Mosquito” Gill has built up his short stack nicely to still be in contention.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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