ANZPT7 Perth Day 4: Elimination nation

February 15, 2015

For over three hours chips went back and forth at this ANZPT final table.

We were starting to think no one would ever bust.

It was a surprise turn of events, however, that saw starting day chip leader and Team PokerStars pro Bryan Huang make an early exit.

Bryan Huang ANZPT Perth.jpg

Bryan Huang – 9th place

After losing a sizeable pot early to current chip leader Michael Kane in a battle of the blinds, Huang struggled to get anything going. It seemed whenever he would raise or three-bet preflop he’d be met with relentless aggression from his opposition and feel forced to muck his cards.

Huang then found himself in a big coinflip against Kane. His 9♥9♠ couldn’t hold against Kane’s A♦K♦ with a king in the window and a nine free run out crippling Huang.

With only two big blinds in his stack, Huang found a double through Raiden Kan, but was still super short. Not long after he moved the last of his chips in with A♦8♦ but Navin Bechar woke up with A♥A♣ to send Singapore’s number one money earner to the rail in ninth place for $10,500.

It wasn’t long after that Gregory Wheeler found himself all in and at risk on a flop of 7♠9♣J♠. He had defended his big blind against an under the gun open from Michael Kane and moved his last 200,000 in when the flop landed. Kane called it off with the nut flush draw A♠3♠ and was chasing an ace or a spade as Wheeler held J♥2♦.

The turn 8♠ saw Wheeler drawing dead, and with the inconsequential river 6♣ he was eliminated in eight place for $13,500.


Gregory Wheeler – 8th place

Next to go was Robert McLean, who came up short after a button shove for his last 114,000. Michael Guzzardi isolated from the small blind and with the big blind out of the way they tabled their cards. Guzzardi was in front with A♠7♠ but McLean’s K♦9♦ managed to find a pair on the K♠5♦3♠.

McLean couldn’t fade Guzzardi’s flush draw and over card combination, however, with a brick on the turn 10♥ but the river A♦ left Guzzardi with a higher pair. McLean hits the rail and collects $16,500 for his efforts.


Robert McLean – 7th place

The players are about to go on a 30-minute dinner break before returning to battle down to one. We’ll have all the action right here, don’t miss it!


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