ANZPT Gold Coast: Levels 7&8 (Blinds 400-800, Ante 75)

August 11, 2010

8:15pm: Da Silva succumbs as Abdine heads the pack

In the final stages of play we lost one of the Da Silva brothers as Bruno lost the war with Scott Kerr. Da Silva’s final chips were in on the turn on a board of 7♠K♣3♥5♠ holding 6♦3♦ for a pair and straight draw, but he’d need to improve against Kerr’s K♥10♥ for top pair. Da Silva failed to connect with the 9♥ river and was sent to the rail as Kerr moved up to around 60,000.

With that the players are now bagging and tagging their chips and exchanging bad beat stories. It looks like around half the field have dropped with Shivan Abdine a likely chip leader with very close to 100,000.

We’ll have a complete wrap of the day with full chips counts for you shortly.


Shivan Abdine – ANZPT Gold Coast Day1A chip leader

8:00pm: Vesko vanquished

Vesko Zmukic has been sent to the rail after a cruel river went against him. When his last 12,000 chips went into the middle Zmukic was racing with his K♠Q♣ up against an opponent’s pocket tens. Zmukic took the lead by pairing the flop, but by the time the board of Q♠5♠J♣K♣A♣ was spread, Zmukic’s opponent had made a straight to send the Western Australian to a late exit here on Day 1A.

As the day heads towards a close, Maurie “The Master” Pears was given the honours of drawing for the number of remaining hands. Maurie masterfully pulled a four, so that means each table will play four more hands until we wrap up for the day.

The late movers and shakers include Brad Bower and Shivan Adbine who are currently battling it out for the chip lead with around 85,000 chips.

7:40pm: Ricky’s tips for success

Mental conditioning and strengthening is becoming big business in the poker world as professional players look to do everything they can to find an edge and to bring their “A-game” to the table each and every time. We couldn’t help but notice the words of motivation that Ricky Kroesen has written on a piece of paper seated in front his chip stack.

“You can take a photo as long as you give a mention to Jamie Glazier at Dare2Dream,” laughed Kroesen. His work with Glazier seems to be paying off as Kroesen is clearly keeping his focus, staying relaxed and playing very smart as he’s amassed over 75,000 chips.


The secret recipe to success!

7:24pm: That doesn’t happen online?

Tom “tollgate” Grigg is a regular on the ANZPT circuit and a destroyer of online satellites, and he’s putting his online qualification into this tournament to good use after steadily increasing his stack towards the chip lead.

However Grigg just copped a rough beat when his Q♦Q♣ couldn’t dodge the two-outer of Robbie Minchinton holding 9♣9♥. The board ran out J♥9♠4♥2♠10♣ giving Minchinton the double up to 23,000. Grigg is still commanding a sizable stack worth 67,000.


Tom Grigg in action at the ANZPT Gold Coast

7:15pm: Blinds up: 400-800 with 75 ante

7:03pm: Dodds knocked off his throne

How many times have we seen big pairs crash and burn today? Joel Dodds was one to have his “run good” shoes on earlier today, but he’s been bitten by the burden of the big pair after his K♠K♣ couldn’t hold against the A♣K♥ of Kamel Bekhaled with all the chips in preflop. The board ran out A♥3♠10♣A♠9♦ to give Bekhaled the double up to 37,000.

Dodds was close to our chip leader prior to that hand, but he’s still in sound shape with 62,000. As we approach the final level of the day it looks like Tobin Ryall has taken the tournament chip lead with 81,000.

6:50pm: A couple of doubles

Gary Scholfield has doubled up with his A♠A♣ surviving any brutality against the A♥K♦ of Ron Beggs. The board ran out safely 9♦3♥9♣10♣5♠ to double Scholfield to 21,000. Beggs is back down to 27,000.

Other the other side of things Andrew Stoltz wasn’t so fortunate when his K♣K♠ were unable to hold against the A♦Q♣ of Kerry Chambers. The board was spread 7♣A♣3♥Q♣A♥ to give Chambers a full house and a double up to 20,000. Stoltz has slid back to 15,000.

6:40pm: This is how it’s done Bruno!

After Bruno Da Silva had his kings cracked a little while ago, he needs to take a page out of his brother’s play book, as Nuno Da Silva has just cracked pocket aces and eliminated two players in the one hand!

Sam Rotar held the aces but was short stacked, as Da Silva took K♣J♥ into battle. Dan Neilson was the third player in the hand as he was desperately short with his A♦4♦ with all the chips in preflop. The board was spread J♣K♦3♣2♠4♣ to give Da Silva two pair to jump back up to 71,000 chips.

6:33pm: Time to move some chips

Andrew Stoltz was one of the early chip leaders today, but he’s just taken a hit after losing a flip preflop against Asaf Ami. Stoltz held 9♦9♥ against the A♣10♠ overcards of Ami which connected with the board of 10♦6♠Q♠8♦5♠. Stoltz is back to 30,000 with Ami doubling up to the same amount.

Jon Cunz wasn’t so fortunate after he called off his last chips with A♦Q♣ but he’d run into the Q♦Q♥ of Trevor McCormack. There was no ace on the 5♠K♥J♠K♣9♣ board as Cunz was eliminated. McCormack is up to 35,000.

6:20pm: There’s coolers, and then there’s coolers

It’s rare that you see so many players leave their own table to catch a peek of the action on another table, but I guess if you’re going to leave your seat, it might as well be for a massive three-way pot with aces versus kings versus kings!

That’s exactly what happened as Tim English was the benefactor of the cooler that left Jeff James and Danny Andrews praying for an absolute miracle. With the chips in preflop, the flop landed 10♠Q♣9♥ to give the two hopefuls some life with a straight draw. However the 9♣ turn and 5♣ river bricked out to give English the monster pot. He’s up to 49,000, with Andrews down to 8,000 as James was eliminated.

6:10pm: Play resumes; Kerr surges

The players are back with two more levels to play until we call it a day. Defending champion Scott Kerr was the big mover last level as he chipped up to close to 60,000 in chips. Local Ricky Kroesen is also amongst the leaders, as they trail Andrew Watson who has his nose in front with 71,000. 92 players remain.


The cheeky grin of the defending champion, Scott Kerr


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