ANZPT Darwin Day 4: Levels 20, 21 & 22 (blinds 10000-20000, ante 2000)

October 30, 2010

9:35pm: Fifteen-minute break

9:30pm: Good time for a break for Edwards

In a hand that stretched into the scheduled break, Brotha D has taken another nice pot from Luke Edwards to leave the young gun in trouble when he returns from the break.

Brotha D limped from the button before Luke Edwards raised it to 70,000 from the big blind. Brotha D made the call and the flop landed K♠Q♦8♦. Both players checked and the 10♥ hit the turn. Edwards led out for 100,000 before Brotha D raised it to 250,000. Edwards cringed, looked at the tournament clock and made a reluctant fold as the break couldn’t have come at a better time.

Edwards is down to just 460,000 with Brotha D now commanding 1.46 million.

9:18pm: Massive flop, small pot for Brotha D

Luke Edwards limped in from the button and Brotha D popped it another 40,000 in the big blind. Edwards made the call and the flop landed K♣10♦5♣. Brotha D fired out 75,000 and Edwards called before both players checked down the A♦ turn and 2♠ river.

“I was massive!” exclaimed Brotha D as he opened 10♣9♣ for a flopped pair and flush draw, but his pair of tens was enough to collect the pot.

9:10pm: Easy come, easy go

Another huge hand has this time seen Brotha D land a double up to grab the lead back once again. Catching the action on a flop of K♥J♣3♥, Edwards led out for 45,000 from the big blind with Brotha D making the call to see the 10♦ hit the turn.

Edward fired again for 60,000 before Brotha D announced a raise to 160,000. Edwards confidently declared himself all in and Brotha D snap-called.

Edwards: 3♣3♠
Brotha D: Q♣9♠

Edwards had flopped a set but Brotha D hit his gutterball on the turn to make the straight. Edwards was still a paired-board away from the trophy but it wasn’t to be as the 8♦ fell on the river. Brotha D doubles to 1.12 million with Edwards back down to 800,000.


So close, yet so far for Luke Edwards

9:00pm: Check-raised twice but Edwards doubles up

The momentum has suddenly swung full circle as Luke Edwards has made a remarkable comeback with a huge double up through Brotha D.

It all started with Edwards raising the button to 50,000 with Brotha D making the call. The 9♦ was exposed as the burn card before the flop was spread J♦Q♥9♣.

Brotha D checked and Edwards fired 65,000. Brotha D announced a check-raise to 165,000 with Edwards making a quick call.

The turn was the 5♠ and Brotha D checked again to Edwards who put 160,000 into the middle, leaving himself 320,000 behind. However he was put to the ultimate test as Brotha D check-raised him again by declaring himself all in.

Edwards spent several minutes in deep thought before making the call.

Brotha D: 10♣6♦
Edwards: Q♣9♥

“Good call,” sighed Brotha D, but he was still a chance to grab the trophy with his open-ended straight draw as Edwards showed two pair. The river was the Q♠ to fill Edwards to a full house as he takes a near 3:1 chip lead with around 1.42 million to Brotha D’s 500,000.

8:49pm: Another river raise by Brotha D

Brotha D raised the button to 55,000 and Luke Edwards made the call in the big blind. They checked the board of 4♣4♦J♥7♥J♦ to the river and that’s when things got interesting.

Edwards led out with a bet of 75,000 but Brotha D responded with a raise to 300,000. Edwards went into the tank for a good three minutes before making a reluctant fold as Brotha D regains the ascendency in this heads-up contest.

Brotha D is up to 1.14 million with Edwards back down to 780,000.


Can Brotha D collect his third trophy in a month?

8:35pm: Level up, blinds 10000-20000, ante 2000

8:20pm: Edwards claws some back

Each player committed 60,000 on the flop of 3♦8♥5♠ before the 4♠ was checked though as the A♦ completed the board on the river. From the big blind, Luke Edwards led out with a bet of 160,000.

“That’s so sick!” exclaimed Brotha D before he made a crying call.

Edwards showed 3♥3♣ for a set as Brotha D flashed A♠5♣ for two pair. Edwards is back up to 820,000 with Brotha D still in front with 1.1 million.


8:12pm: Nice river raise by Brotha D

Brotha D is continuing to get the better of Luke Edwards after winning another big pot at showdown. We caught the action on the turn with Edwards leading out for 40,000 on a board of 6♣2♥K♥J♦. Brotha D called and the river was the 5♠. Edwards came out with another barrel worth 60,000 and Brotha D sat back in his chair as the two exchanged some friendly probing about each other’s holdings.

While it appeared that Brotha D was considering a call, he surprised all by announcing a raise of an additional 100,000. Edwards thought for a moment before matching the bet.

“You have a jack eh?” said Brotha D

Edwards nodded and Brotha D revealed Q♦Q♥ for an excellent river value bet as he slapped the table in delight. Brotha D is up to 1.34 million with Edwards now down to 580,000.

8:00pm: First blood to Brotha

Brotha D has drawn first blood in this heads-up contest, winning a big pot on the river uncontested, before then taking down the first pot that reach showdown.

Luke Edwards raised the button to 35,000 and Brotha D called to see a flop of Q♥2♣6♦. Brotha D checked and Edwards bet 40,000. Brotha D called and the 4♥ hit the turn. Brotha D again check-called, this time for 60,000 as the 6♣ hit the river. Both players checked it down.

“Ten-high,” sighed Edwards as Brotha D revealed J♦2♦ for a lowly pair of ducks which was enough to take it down. Brotha D has now squared it up as both players have about 960,000 each.

7:50pm: Heads-up play commences

The players are back and the cards are in the air with the ANZPT Darwin title and $57,000 on the line.

After being short-stacked for most of this tournament, Luke Edwards will enter heads-up play with the chip lead, holding 1,190,000 chips to Brotha D’s 748,000.


7:35pm: Jie Gao eliminated in 3rd place

With all the frantic action with multiple eliminations in a row, we expected the final three players to enjoy a little deep-stacked play. It wasn’t to be.

We jumped to the table at the cry of “all in” and “call” as Luke Edwards and Jie Gao had their chips in the middle. The board read 7♦10♥J♥2♥ when Gao bet out 50,000 and Edwards raised another 70,000. Gao moved all in and Edwards insta-called.

Gao: 9♦8♣
Edwards: K♥9♥

Gao had flopped the straight but Edwards turned the second nut flush to leave Gao drawing dead as the J♦ completed the board. Edwards had him covered as Gao departed in 3rd place for a collect of $21,500.


Jie Gao eliminated in 3rd place

There will now be a ten-minute break as everyone catches their breath and the table is setup for heads-up play.

7:30pm: Chris Levick eliminated in 4th place

Chris Levick’s quest to become the first player to win multiple ANZPT titles has fallen just short as he has been eliminated in 4th place.

Levick moved all in from the button for around 126,000 and Luke Edwards made the call in the small blind.

Levick: A♠6♠
Edwards: 3♣3♠

It was another huge race but the board favoured Edwards as the board ran out 4♣2♦J♠7♣Q♣. Levick finishes in 4th place, collecting $18,000 for his efforts as Edwards is now up to 650,000 chips.


Chris Levick eliminated in 4th place

7:20pm: Level up, blinds 8000-16000, ante 2000

7:19pm: Tim English eliminated in 5th place

Bang, bang, bang! We’ve lost another player as Tim English has been eliminated from the tournament in 5th place. He moved all in for around 160,000 over the top of the opening raise of Jie Gao who instantly called.

English: 6♣6♠
Gao: J♥J♠

The board fell 5♦10♦9♥Q♥A♦ to see English pick up $15,000 for his efforts. And then there were four!


Tim English eliminated in 5th place

7:18pm: Anthony Flanagan eliminated in 6th place

Brotha D opened with a raise to 30,000 before Anthony Flanagan moved all in from the big blind for around 230,000 more. Brotha D took a few moments to deliberate before announcing a call.

Flanagan: A♣Q♦
Brotha D: 5♠5♦

It was a huge flip to win and it went the way of Brotha D as the board ran out J♦8♣7♠4♦K♠. Flanagan exits in 6th place for $12,000 in prize money as Brotha D moves up to 750,000.


Anthony Flanagan eliminated in 6th place

7:11pm: Billy Argyros eliminated in 7th place

Action folded around to Billy “The Croc” Argyros on the button who moved all in for around 120,000 chips with Luke Edwards making the call in the big blind.

Argyros: A♥3♦
Edwards: 7♣7♠

Crocky couldn’t watch as the board was spread J♠10♥10♦2♠9♠. It left Edwards pair in front to collect the pot and eliminate Argyros in 7th place for a win of $10,000.


Billy Argyros eliminated in 7th place

7:05pm: Chop it up!

Billy “The Croc” Argyros opened with a raise to 36,000 from under the gun and play folded to Jie Gao in the small blind who moved all in. Arygros insta-called with A♥K♣ to have Gao in trouble with his A♠10♣, however the board would arrive 9♥3♥9♦3♠J♥ to leave both players to play the two pair on board with their ace kicker. Chop it up!

Meanwhile the high-stakes event has kicked off nearby with some of the entrants including Joel Feldman, Ricky Kroesen, John Maklouf, Leo Boxell, Bruno Portaro, Martin Kozlov and Ben Savage.

6:55pm: Another double for Edwards as Crocky takes a hit

Luke Edwards moved all in preflop from early position and action folded around to Billy “The Croc” Argyros in the bid blind who went into the tank.

Argyros was clearly pained by the decision as he told himself “C’mon Crocky” on several occasions before making a crying call.

Edwards: A♣J♣
Argyros: 9♠9♣

The race was on but the board again favoured the brave as it ran out A♦10♠3♦A♥5♦. Edwards doubles up to 300,000 to leave Argyros with just 150,000.

6:48pm: All in or fold

With the blinds now hitting dizzy heights, the short stacks really only have one weapon in their arsenal – all in. We’ve seen Jie Gao use it effectively with several all-in shoves over the top of opening raises from Brotha D to pick up nice pots.

Luke Edwards and Tim English have also been able to move all in and steal the blinds and antes recently without contest. It’s a matter of time before something has to give!

6:30pm: Lucky Eddy

Action folded to Luke Edwards on the button who did what he does best – he moved all in. This time he found a caller in Brotha D in the big blind who showed A♦5♣. Edwards would need some help with his 7♣10♦.

It didn’t arrive on the 2♥2♠6♠ flop but the 10♥ turn was just what he needed as he would now only need to fade an ace to double up. The river was the K♠ and Edwards is now back to 150,000. It was merely a flesh wound for Brotha D who still has 660,000.


Luke Edwards – the master of the all in

6:20pm: Play resumes

The players are back from the break and the cards are back in the air. Brotha D is a big chip leader with 730,000 with Anthony Flanagan next best with 330,000.

With the blinds now up to 6000-12000 with a 1000 ante there’s going to be some pressure on short stacks Luke Edwards and Jie Gao.



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