ANZPT Darwin Day 3: Level 17 (blinds 3000-6000, ante 500)

October 29, 2010

8:08pm: Daniel Laidlaw is the bubble boy as Tony Hachem wins ANZPT Player of the Year!

It’s all over here for Day 3 action from the ANZPT Darwin Main Event. While twelve players are celebrating making the money, it’s Daniel Laidlaw who becomes the unfortunate bubble boy.

Laidlaw moved all in preflop from the hijack position for roughly 65,000 but Billy “The Croc” Argyros snap-called in the cutoff.

Laidlaw: 8♣7♣
Argyros: A♣K♥

The board was spread 10♥3♠3♥K♣2♦ to pair up Argyros’ king and eliminate Laidlaw from the tournament empty-handed.

With that elimination we congratulate Tony Hachem who has accomplished a remarkable achievement in back-to-back ANZPT Player of the Year titles.

Jie Gao will end the day as our chip leader with Argyros, Hachem, Brotha D, English and Levick all in good shape. We’ll bring you a complete wrap of the day’s action for you very shortly.

End of Day 3 Chip Counts

8:00pm: Bubble action

There have been a couple of close moments on the bubble but so far no eliminations as the bubble rolls on.

Luke Edwards stayed alive after moving all in from the cutoff for his last 71,500. Chris Levick claimed to fold pocket eights in the small blind and Tony Hachem said he folded ace-queen in the big blind as Edwards is let off the hook.

On the other table things weren’t quite as friendly as Jie Gao put the maximum pressure on Bruno Portaro. In a raised pot, three players took a flop of 10♥9♠10♦ with Portaro betting out 18,000. Gao quickly called as Tim English released his hand.

The turn was the K♠ and both checked to see the J♣ complete the board on the river. Portaro let rip with another bet of 23,000 but Gao immediately responded by moving all in. Portaro cringed but let his hand go to save his last 100,000 chips for a better spot, as Gao flexes his muscles as chip leader.

7:46pm: Hand-for-hand on the bubble

Since we’re now on the money bubble, play is hand-for-hand across our two tables. The next player eliminated will head back home with nothing but a story to tell as the remaining twelve will be guaranteed a pay day of $5,000.

7:45pm: Ergos eliminated as Hachem looks likely for POTY honours

We’ve lost our last local player as Nick Ergos has fallen just short of a cash result. His last chips went in preflop with A♦7♣ against the J♣J♠ of Tony Hachem.

With Hachem continuously chanting for “nothing stupid” the board ran out K♥K♠4♣3♦6♣. Ergos has been eliminated as Hachem raked in the pot and now looks pretty safe to reach the money and back-to-back ANZPT Player of the Year titles as he sits with 180,000 chips.


Tony Hachem has one hand on the ANZPT Player of the Year trophy

7:35pm: Play resumes

The players are back and the black 100-denomination chips have been coloured up and raced off which should make our chip counting duties a lot easier!

Tim English still holds onto the chip lead with around 260,000, just ahead of Jie Gao who holds 240,000 and Brotha D with 210,000.

Tony Hachem sits with 110,000 and is closely watching the short stacks which include Nick Ergos, Ben Savage, Daniel Laidlaw and Angelo Limanis who all have about 90,000 each.


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