ANZPT Adelaide Day 3: Level 20 (blinds 6,000-12,000, ante 1,000)

February 05, 2011

5:05pm: Hibbott busts; Final table is set!

David Hibbott blinded down to his last 48,000 before he made his final stand. Jesse McKenzie opened to 26,000 from the cutoff before Hibbott moved all in from the small blind. Danny Chevalier over-called in the big blind, and McKenzie also made the call.
The two live players quickly checked down the board of K♠Q♥6♦8♠9♦ to attempt to bustout the short stack. It worked as McKenzie opened Q♣9♣ for two pair which was too good for Hibbott’s A♥8♣.


David Hibbott bursts the final table bubble as Day 3 draws to a close

With that elimination our final table is set! Octavian Voegele is our likely chip leader as he has made back-to-back ANZPT Adelaide final tables. He’ll be looking to go a few spots better than his third place finish from last year. With the likes of Jesse McKenzie, Jeff Rossiter and Danny Chevalier lurking in the field, we’re in for a thrilling finale tomorrow.

We’ll have a complete wrap of the day’s action and official counts for you shortly.

4:55pm: Play resumes

The ten remaining players are back with one more elimination required until we are done for the day. Fingers crossed, we’ll be able to see some daylight!

Octavian Voegele is the first player to crack the million with 1,050,000 in chips. Charles Caris has 860,000 and Jesse McKenzie is next best with 825,000.

On the short stack is David Hibbott with just 80,000 (under 7 big binds). He’ll need a few quick double ups to get himself back into contention!


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