ANZPT Adelaide Day 2: Levels 11 & 12 (blinds 1,000-2,000, ante 200)

February 03, 2011

3:10pm: Ten-minute break

3:00pm: Yann rockets to the top

PokerStars Player Yann Dion has jumped towards the top of the chip counts with the elimination of American Jay Houston.

It was Houston’s pocket sixes up against Dion’s pocket aces, but a third ace on the flop was more than enough to seal the deal for Dion. He’s up to 250,000.

2:55pm: A few notable chip counts

A few notable chip counts from around the room:

Octavian Voegele – 275,000
Jesse McKenzie – 250,000
Alec Smith – 160,000
Joe Serock – 125,000
Paul Khoury – 110,000
Tony Hachem – 75,000
Leo Boxell – 60,000
Aaron Benton – 45,000

2:45pm: Double for Khoury

Paul Khoury had just tournament life on the line in a preflop battle with Josh Kelty. It was Khoury’s A♦K♠ up against Kelty’s Q♦Q♥.

Khoury needed an ace or king and his “voice” was heard as the dealer spread 4♠J♥A♣2♣9♠. Khoury doubles to 100,000.

2:25pm: McLeod-Smith doubles up Grujic

Stuart McLeod-Smith has built an impressive stack but he’s just taken a hit as Oliver Grujic found a much-needed double up.

The chips were in preflop with McLeod-Smith holding 6♥6♦ against the A♦10♣ of Grujic, however an ace on the turn on the board of 7♥2♣8♦A♠Q♣ was good for a double up for Grujic. He’s up to 70,000 with McLeod still well placed with 160,000.


Stuart McLeod-Smith commands one of the big stacks here at the ANZPT Adelaide

2:15pm: Kroesen trips

We arrived at the table on the river with the board spread J♠7♥7♦5♠A♣ and PokerStars qualifier Andrew Dales firing out 11,500. Ricky Kroesen was his opponent as he considered his options for a few moments before moving all in. Dales quickly called with 7♠8♦ for trips as Kroesen showed ace-jack for top two. It wasn’t enough as Kroesen was sent to the rail as Dales, who started the day with under 20k, is now up to 130,000.

2:10pm: Level up, blinds 1,000-2,000, ante 200

1:55pm: Assadourian busts

Yann Dion opened with a raise before PokerStars Qualifier Eric Assadourian moved all in over the top for around 27,000. Dion made the call with A♥5♠ as Assadourian was in front with his 6♥6♠.

With tournament life on the line, Assadourian was on his feet as the flop came down K♣A♠5♥ to put Dion in front and leave Assadourian with just two outs for survival. The turn Q♣ wasn’t one of them, and neither was the 7♦ river.

Assadourian heads home as Dion is now up to 110,000.

1:45pm: Gilholme sent home

Another man down as Ben Gilholme has been sent to the rail. Gilholme is a fierce online player and entered today on the short stack, but he managed to work his way back into contention. However he couldn’t find another double up as a big race went against him when his ace-king failed to improve against pocket jacks.

1:30pm: They’re starting to fall

As they say in the classics, they’re dropping like flies. The big screen is showing 67 players remaining with a couple of recent casualties including Vekso Zmukic and Emanuel Seal.

Facing a raise to 3,500 from under the gun, Zmukic re-raised to 14,000 before his opponent moved all in. Zmukic went into the tank for several minutes before making the call for his tournament life with pocket queens. His opponent held ace-king and spiked a king on the flop to eliminate Zmukic from the Main Event.

Emanuel Seal was even more unlucky when he was all in with J♣J♥ against the 5♣6♣ of Robert Goodwin. However the board ran out 10♣2♦8♣7♣J♠ to give Goodwin a flush and end the day for “Curly”.

1:10pm: Play resumes

The 76 remaining players have returned to their seats as the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event continues. Octavian Voegele has been quietly accumulating chips in the corner of the room to progress his stack up to 190,000 for the chip lead. Eddie Saade and Ian Parnell are also well place.

Tony Hachem and Eric Assadourian lost some change during that level and will be look for a double up, while Paul Khoury has been moving along comfortably.


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