ANZPT Adelaide Day 1b: Levels 1 & 2 (blinds 75-150)

February 02, 2011

1:15pm: Ten-minute break

12:55pm: Curly straightened

Peter Aristidou opened with a raise to 425 from early position before Emanuel Seal added another 1,000 to the bet from the small blind. Aristidou made the call and they went to a flop of 7♣4♣A♦.

Both players checked and the J♣ hit the turn. Again all was quiet in town as both checked to see the 3♥ hit the river. Seal led out with a bet of 1,100 but Aristidou sprung to life with a raise to 2,600.

“Have you really got the flush?” sighed Seal as he made the call.

“No, I haven’t got the flush,” replied Aristidou as he opened 6♦5♦ for a rivered straight. Seal flashed J♥J♠ for a set of jacks as a nasty river went against him. Seal is still in good shape with 35,000 as Aristidou climbs back up to 14,000.

12:40pm: Grigg loves the tough decisions

Some players are hard to catch in a hand. Others it’s hard to stop them from being right in the middle of the action! One of those players is Tom Grigg who has a habit of getting very active in just about every single pot.

We recently caught Grigg raising the old 5♦2♦, flopping an open-ended straight drawing and rivering a pair of fives which was good at showdown.

“What? Five-deuce is a legitimate starting hand!” defended Grigg.


Tom Grigg mixing it up at the ANZPT Adelaide

However a few moments later he found a bit more resistance after he bet 2,500 into a pot worth around 8,000 on a board of 7♥7♠9♥A♦2♥. His bet was raised to 6,000 by the player on the button and Grigg went into the tank.

“I don’t think I can fold, but I can’t see how you can be bluffing here,” sighed Grigg as he eventually and reluctantly let his hand go.

After some post-hand scrutiny, Grigg revealed he folded a seven as his opponent said he had A♥J♥. Grigg is back to 15,000.

12:20pm: Back to garden

Peter Aristidou opened with a raise to 425 from early position and found a call from Raj Ramakrishnan before a short-stacked player in the small blind moved all in for 2,025. Artistidou announced a call as Ramakrishnan stepped aside.

Aristidou opened A♠Q♥ but his opponent held live cards with K♥J♥ and took the lead on the 10♣J♣6♣ flop.

“Give him his king dealer!” exclaimed Aristidou, but the 3♦ bricked on the turn.

“Ave, king or queen…” requested Aristidou and this time the dealer obliged as the A♦ hit the river.

Aristidou took the pot to get back to around 16,000 as his opponent thanked the players and the dealer, grabbed his copy of Organic Growing with Worms and left the Poker Zone.

12:15pm: Level up, blinds 75-150

11:55pm: We’re here for a good time

The Adelaide Casino Poker Room is bursting at the seams with fifteen full tables and a couple of alternates waiting to grab their opportunity including Australia’s number one online player in Brendon Rubie. With 20k start banks you would think it should take a while before the alternates are seated, but as we wandered past the table of Paul “The Voice” Khoury he pointed out that there were several players on his table that were “here for a good time, not a long time”.

His words couldn’t have been more true as moments later a player on his table moved all in with pocket jacks on a 5♦3♦6♥ flop and was called by 6♦7♦. The 8♥ turn followed by the 9♣ river delivered a straight and sent one to an early exit.

11:45pm: A couple of late comers

The table of death just got even deadlier with the late arrival of 2009 ANZPT Melbourne champion Chris Levick into one of the empty seats. Talk about a tough starting table!

Another late arrival into today’s field is well-known professional Casey Kastle.

Kastle is a big supporter of events in the Asian region and a regular on the APPT/ANZPT tours. He’s taken his place on another tough table which features Hugh Cohen, Raj Ramakrishnan, Emanuel Seal, Daniel Laidlaw and Peter Aristidou.

11:30pm: Big field, big names

It’s a huge field here in the Adelaide Casino with eleven full tables in the Poker Zone and additional tables in the overflow area down the corridor. It looks like we’re set to break last year’s number of entrants.

It’s hard to give everyone a mention, but just a sprinkling of the talent here today includes Tony Hachem, Leo Boxell, Peter Aristidou, Andrew Hinrichsen, Bruno Portaro, Grant Levy, Tom Grigg, Paul “The Voice” Khoury, Martin Drewe, Brendon Rubie, Eric Assadourian, Raj Ramakrishnan, George Moussa, Ali Khalil, Dane Jensen, Joel Feldman, Emanuel Seal and John Maklouf.

We also have several of last season’s champions in today’s field with ANZPT Melbourne winner Martin Kozlov, ANZPT Gold Coast champ Nauv Kashyap, ANZPT Queenstown champion Julian Cohen and ANZPT Darwin winner Danny ‘Brotha D’ Leaoasavaii all in attendance today.

There’s a few very solid tables but we have to give the table of death award to the table featuring Mike Spilkin, Jie Gao, Martin Kozlov, Vesko Zmukic, Brad Bower and Van Marcus. Ouch!

11:15am: Let’s do it again

The bar has been set, and now it’s time to raise! It’s Day 1b of the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event. Yesterday we saw 105 players hit the Adelaide Casino Poker Zone for the opening flight. Will we see more players today? Can anyone get close to runaway chip leader Jesse McKenzie’s massive stack of 181,325?

It’s a little overcast in Adelaide today but the clouds are parting as the poker Gods reach down to strangle a few of these players by the throats and shake them to the core. A few lucky ones will be spared, often referred to as “blessed”, and will make it through to live to fight another day.

A massive queue formed at the registration desk which has pushed our start time back a few minutes as players try to get themselves seated. It looks like we’ll be well above the 100-player mark today.

With everyone seated and settled, Adelaide Casino Poker Room Manager David Galpin welcomed the players across the border and explained a few of the rule interpretations for this event. The mic was then handed to the reigning ANZPT Player of the Year, Tony Hachem. He congratulated Brotha D for his accomplishments on winning the ANZPT Darwin and then recognized the achievements of Leo Boxell for winning an Aussie Millions event, commenting, “he was very unlucky not to get nominated for the Hall of Fame”.

Hachem has set the standard in the first two ANZPT seasons and is ready to make it a three-peat as he laughed, “Let the race begin! Shuffle up and deal!”


St Peters Cathedral, Adelaide
Image courtesy of SATC and Tourism Australia


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