ANZPT Adelaide Day 1a: Levels 3 & 4 (blinds 100-200, ante 25)

February 02, 2011

3:10pm: Ten-minute break

3:05pm: Huang out

Just prior to the break, Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang lost his battle with his short stack. Huang squeezed with J-8 but Graeme Putt looked him up with pocket eights. The board bricked out and Huang’s day was over.

3:00pm: Scott runs into quads

2009 Aussie Millions champ Stewart Scott has just been eliminated from the Main Event. We didn’t catch the action, but it was recalled to us that Scott had 10,000 chips behind on the river on an interesting board of 6♦4♣6♥4♠6♣ and committed them when the giant-killing Michael Haddad moved all in.

Scott tabled pocket queens but Haddad showed up with 6♠8♥ for quad sixes.

“What a horrible river!” sighed Scott as he headed to the rail as Haddad now sits behind a monster stack of nearly 60,000.

Joining Scott on the rail is young gun Jarred Graham who was also spotted making a hasty exit from the poker room.

2:50pm: A silky double up

Danny Silk has found a double up in a button versus big blind battle with Andrew Watson.

The chips were in on the flop of 2♠7♥K♥ with Watson pushing his Q♥4♥ flush draw, but Silk was in front with his A♥K♠. The turn was the J♣ and the river the 7♠ to see Silk double to 14,000, with Watson now struggling with just 5,000 in chips.

2:40pm: Kroesen struggling

Another struggling today is Ricky Kroesen. Nothing seems to be going right as his recent attempted squeeze was combated by Ben Gilholme.

Gilholme had opened to 700 with one caller, before Kroesen popped it to 2,100 in the blinds. Gilholme postured before casually dropping his stack into the middle. Both opponents folded and Gilholme collected the pot to move up to 22,000, leaving Kroesen with just 9,000.

2:30pm: Dunwoodie departs

As we wandered past the table of Sean Dunwoodie we couldn’t help but notice his once impressive stack has been decimated with Ray Aoukar looking the likely culprit as he is now commanding a stack worth 47,000.

Dunwoodie was down to just 3,000 and change when he moved them all in preflop with K♥Q♠ up against an opponent’s A♥10♥. The flop was an ugly A♠9♠9♦, although Dunwoodie picked up outs with the 10♠ turn. However the river landed the 9♣ and Dunwoodie’s day was done.

2:10pm: Level up, blinds 100-200, ante 25

1:55pm: Bryan back in business!

It’s been a rough day so far for our only Team PokerStars Pro in the field, but Bryan Huang has just found a much needed double up to get his head back above water.

It took the pocket rockets to do it as his last chips were in on the turn holding A♥A♦ on a board of K♠10♠2♥9♥. His opponent was Patrick Oldfield who made a gambling call with Q♠5♠ for a flush and inside straight draw. The river bricked the 3♥ and Huang doubled back up to 11,000.


Bryah Huang in action at the ANZPT Adelaide

1:45pm: “C’MONNNNNN!!!!!!”

That was the cry from Table 1 and grabbed our attention to rush to the table. But when we arrived there actually wasn’t much to report.

“No, I was just practising for when I get to the final table!” laughed Michael Haddad.
False alarm.

Haddad is currently talking up a storm, telling stories, cracking jokes and has the table in hysterics. It seems his level of noise is relevant to the size of his chip stack. He also happens to be seated right in front of our blogging desk, so we have to pass on this beauty of a joke he just let rip…

“I got kicked out of the Aquatic Centre yesterday. The manager came up to me and told me to leave.

I said, ‘What for?’

He said,’You were pissing in the pool.’

I told him, ‘Everybody pisses in the pool!’

He said, ‘Yeah, but not from the diving board!'”

1:30pm: Starting to fall

The action has been a little slow today but the players are slowly starting to drop away.

Manvel Tovmasyan lost his battle with his short stack when he shoved his A♣4♣ from the small blind smack bang into the A♦A♥ of Michael Haddad in the big blind. The board bricked out 2♠8♥Q♣3♠7♦ to see Tovmasyan eliminated as Haddad now commands the biggest stack in the room with 48,000 chips.

Another recent casualty is Dave Allan, as his empty seat is now filled by Jarred Graham. All tables have been moved to nine-handed play, with Kristian Lunardi moving across to the direct left of Stewart Scott, joining Jonathan Karamalikis, Matt Brown, Elliot Smith and the short-stacked Dennis Huntly.

1:10pm: Play resumes

The players are back in action follow the break with Jonathan Karamalikis out in front with around 45,000 in chips. Karl Krautschneider has progressed well to be up over 30,000, with Jackie Glazier, Daniel Neilson and Jessie McKenzie all nicely in profit after the first two levels of play.

The big screen is currently showing 105 entrants with the official confirmation of numbers expected shortly.


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