Of the many contributions that South Australia has made to the world, few are as famed as Penfolds Grange. Without doubt Australia’s most famous wine, the annual Grange release is highly anticipated by collectors and consumers alike, and continues to pick up awards across the globe.

Penfolds, which comprises several vineyards dotted around the state (including the prime SA wine regions of the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale and Clare Valley), first experimented with Grange in 1951.

Winemaker Max Schubert implemented the winemaking techniques he picked up on a trip through the Bordeaux region of France, aiming to create a red wine that reflected the quality and ageing potential of Bordeaux reds. Bottles of this 1951 experimental vintage have sold for as much as $AUD 50,000 per bottle.


One of Australia’s best known exports, the world class Penfolds Grange

Unlike like Old World-style cult wines, Grange is subject to the vagaries of grape sourcing and vintage variation as the amounts and quality of Shiraz (up to 90 per cent) and Cabernet Sauvignon change each year.

We asked a wine-quaffing friend to describe his Grange experiences: “It’s a wine of extraordinary dimension and power. Richly textured, intensely concentrated and packed with fruit sweetness, these wines, regardless of vintage, require medium to long-term cellaring. They develop into immensely complex, beguiling wines that seduce the senses.” We couldn’t have described it any better.

The winner of the PokerStars.net ANZPT Adelaide will be able to pick up a crate or two of Penfolds Grange to celebrate their victory, and we take a step closer to deciding the 2010 champion with day 1C at Adelaide Casino today. Play starts at 12.30pm local time, and it’s expected that almost 100 players will take the Main Event field beyond last year’s tally of 215.

Note: if the good folk at Penfolds choose to send us a bottle or two of their fine product, let it be known that the PokerStars blogging team will accept said gifts in the spirit with which they’ve been provided. We’ll be here for four more days. At Adelaide Casino. Poker Zone. Second floor. Thanks.


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