Anniversary Special: PS Live Manila Day 1e Updates

February 06, 2016

We are down to the last day one flight of the PokerStars Live Manila Anniversary Special Main Event P2M Guarantee. Alike the previous flights, late registration is open until the end of level 12 and regulation play will conclude five minutes into level 20. Random updates for this flight will be posted right here. We will also be posting updates on the prize pool.

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10:15PM: Day 1e is in the bag!

We are done! Day 1e has concluded with 27 players out of 171 entries left at bagging. Jenelee Dizon ended the flight as the leader with 267,000 chips.

10:00PM: Short stacks come alive, Kichae and Leoncio survive

Kichae Jun was being shoved out of the hand by a big stack player on the button. Jun still called for his tournament life and it was a good decision. He had 8♣8♦ against the button’s Q♦4♠. The board ran 2♠Q♠J♥ giving the button the lead, and same on the turn of A♦, but on the river of 8♥, Jun landed a set and won a double up.

On the next hand, John Jason Leoncion was all in with 45.5k and was called. Leoncio had A♥10♠ up against pocket kings. The board gave Leoncio an ace on the flop and his higher pair held up to the end. He doubled up.

9:45PM: Lotsa love for Abesamis

Tony Abesamis was all in with K♥Q♥ against a player with A♠J♠. The board ran a bunch of hearts for him to win with love.

9:30PM: Dominated Tae Kim always wins

Tae Kim once had only 14k left and placed it all in with his ten-four diamonds. He doubled up against ace-jack when his ten paired. Later, he was all in again with ace-ten and was up against a better hand, ace-jack. Alike previous, his ten paired and he doubled up. In one of the wildest hands we just caught, Kim raised to 15k preflop and was called by Eduard Sato and a limper. At the flop of 7♣7♠7♦, action was checked to Kim who went all in for 30.5k. Sato folded but the other player tanked. He eventually called and revealed his 10♦6♦ to Kim’s surprise as he had J♣6♣ and this time was ahead. The turn of Q♠ and river of 3♦ kept Kim ahead and he doubled in such a wild yet strange call.

9:15PM: Lots of big slicks ousting players; Villanueva and Sayo win

Big slick has been active tonight. We just caught two hands at separate tables win with the premium hand. Renato Villanueva eliminated Don Carmona with ace-king dominating ace-queen, and John Sayo eliminating a player with his ace-king against five-seven suited.

9:00PM: Pacayra’s aces get paid with a double up

Unlike the hand below, Rene Pacayra’s aces did him quite well. Action began with a raise by Kazuki Sasaki to 4k. Pacayra three-bet to 9k, then the sb player four-bet to 21k. Sasaki folded and Pacayra smooth-called. At the flop of K♠Q♥4♣, the sb player shoved and instantly Pacayra was all in as well. Pacayra had A♥A♦ against A♠K♦. A perfect flop for Pacayra. The turn of 8♣ and river of 9♦ did not change anything and Pacayra doubled up to 85k.

8:45PM: Runas badbeats aces

Tofie Runas just ended a player’s day in such a painful manner. He initially raised to 5400 preflop, saw a player three-bet all in a total of 16.9k, it was then called by a late position player, that when it returned to him, he went all in. With a big stack to back him up, it was enough to get the lp player to fold. Runas had 10♣10♠ against A♦A♣. The board ran 4♣8♠K♠3♦10♦, giving Runas a set and a painful departure for the aces.

8:30PM: Malangen bags a three-way all in; Felix rails Galang

Edgar Ronald Malangen was in a three-way all in with Kunal Shetty and Kazuki Sasaki. Clearly the weakest hand who joined the shove last, Malangen had Q♣J♣ up against Shetty’s A♣K♠, and Sasaki’sK♦K♣. When the board ran 3♥3♦9♠10♥8♥, everything changed with Malangen landing a straight on the river. He tripled up, and Shetty was eliminated by Sasaki on the side pot.

Edgar Angelo Felix also has his fair share of eliminated players today, one of them was Mike Galang. It began with Felix raising to 3200 with three limpers before him. Two of them called but Galang shoved his 14k chips. Felix gave it some time for thought then shoved his stack in as well. The other two players bowed out and it was a showdown. Galang had pocket sixes and Felix had pocket sevens. Felix was ahead throughout the entire board and Galang was eliminated.

8:15PM: Black Aces in the house for De Caro and Dizon

Black pocket aces gave a couple of players a happy double up. Stefano de Caro doubled up against Antonio Angeles who had pocket sevens. De Caro climbed to over 70k. At a different table, Jenelee Dizon doubled up with her black aces against Alexander Makedon who had ace-queen suited.

8:00PM: Takayama and Signa send one to the exit

Mike Takayama jammed a four-bet all in on top of Ronald Dimaano’s raise and Yong Wee Cham’s three-bet all in. Dimaano folded and it was Takayama with9♣9♠ against Cham’s A♦J♦. The board ran 9♥10♥5♥J♠K♠ and Takayama won with his set. Cham left the scene.

At another table, Aris Signa raised to 3k, was called by one player, but then faced a three-bet all in to 9400 by a Korean player. Signa called and it was a showdown when the other player still in the hand folded. Signa had A♣9♠ against 3♠3♥. The board ran 5♥Q♦9♥K♦7♠ giving Signa the lead and the pot.

7:45PM: One away care of Sato

Nice big pile of chips splashed in the middle of the table with five players in an unraised pot. The dealer felted 10♣2♠5♣ and instantly the sb player was all in for 8600 behind. Action folded to Sato who smooth-called while the Ronald Dimaano folded. It was a showdown with Sato ahead with J♦10♦ against a flush draw of Q♣7♣. The turn of 7♠ and river of 5♦ kept Sato on top and he railed one while taking all his chips.

7:30PM: Mente rails Youkyoung Kim

It was a tough one for Youkyoung Kim, and in the end, her choice led to her demise. It began with her raise to 1600, three-bet to 3200 by Renato Villanueva, then called by Joey Mente and Kim. At the flop of 8♦2♣9♦, Kim checked to Villanueva who bet 6k. Mente and Kim called. At the turn of 4♦, action checked to Mente who slid out 12k. Tanking for a bit was Kim who had less than the bet. She finally called and Villanueva folded. Mente had A♦Q♦ for the nut flush and Kim had J♦J♥. Drawing dead, she was out and Mente won a nice pot.

7:15PM: Makedon denies one from De Leon

From the small blind, Alexander Makedon and Mike De Leon called the cutoff player’s raise of 2k. At the flop of K♦7♣K♣, Makedon checked to De Leon who bet 3k. The cutoff folded and Makedon called. On the turn of 4♦, both checked. On the river of 9♦, Makedon bet 6k and De Leon folded. When the chips were shipped to Makedon, De Leon tried to get a read on Makedon’s hand and the conversation was tentative with Makedon not revealing much.

7:00PM: Sasaki with a push out bet

Action on this hand began with the hijack player raising to 1600, called by Kunal Shetty on the cutoff, then three-bet to 5100 by Kazuki Sasaki. The hijack player called while Shetty folded. The flop ran Q♦6♦4♦, the hijack checked to Sasaki on the button who bet a hefty 25k. He won without a challenge.

6:45PM: Camacho spikes a happy river; Gorman calls out Araniel’s bluff

In a raised pot, a total of 4200 preflop, the board ran 3♥10♣6♥. Digno Camacho bet 3500 then got pushed by his opponent to 10k. Camacho quickly snapped all in sending his challenger into the tank. With only another 4k to call, he eventually did. Camacho had A♦A♣ against 5♣3♣. Although Camacho was ahead, the turn of 5♦ gave his opponent two pair, however, it was short-lived. The river of 6♠ gave Camacho a higher two pair and he exclaimed in celebration.

Catching the action on a completed board of 4-3-2-K-3, Noel Araniel shoved. After Nicolas Gorman tanked for a bit, he eventually called and eliminated Araniel with his pocket eights against Araniel’s ace-six bluff.

6:30PM: Samarita out early

Dan Samarita came to our table to tell us of his early bust out. He had Q♦J♦ on a board that had the nine and ten of diamonds at the flop. One thing led to another, he was all in and hoped to hit one of his many outs. None of it materialized and Samarita was eliminated.

6:15PM: Dimaano rails two, climbs to 50k

Ronald Dimaano raised on the utg seat three times the blinds to 600 and was called by four players until action landed on Maria Cristina Argao who shoved. Dimaano decided to join her, and so did the next player. The rest folded. Argao had pocket sixes, Dimaano had ace-king, and the other player had pocket queens. The board saw a king at the flop which held up the entire way. Dimaano up to around 50k and sent two packing.

6:00PM: Lee calls to the end for a pair

Hakju Lee raised to 500 preflop and was called by both players on the blinds, one of whom was Jae Chul Chang. At the flop of 8♠10♦4♦, everyone checked. At the turn of 10♣, Chang bet 1100 and was called by Lee. On the river of Q♥, Chang bet 1300 and Lee called once more. Lee won with his K♠Q♠ top pair against Chang’s 8♥6♥.

5:45PM: Double up flush for Dimaano; Runas earns a pot

Spades are good to Ronald Dimaano who had 10♠4♠ and not only did he hit top pair but he also had a flush draw that eventually connected and got paid with a double up.

Tofie Runas was in a raised pot with three other players. The board ran 9♣9♥2♣ and everyone checked. At the turn of J♦, Runas bet 1075 and won without a challenge.

5:15PM: Pangan gets banged up

Luke Pangan came up and told us how he got crippled so early in the tournament. He had ace-queen nut straight on a board of king-jack-ten with two hearts. Despite the heavy betting to the river, his challenger called him and a heart spiked on the river. Pangan lost to a flush. When he chatted with us, he just doubled up with his ace-four landing a straight against pocket queens.

5:00PM: Notables on the felt

Final flight has begun! Tables are all full. Several players well-recognized in the Asian circuit are at the felt such as Edilberto Gopez, RJ Villanueva, Luke Pangan, Regie Ann Delos Reyes, Jae Chul Chang, and Seung Soo Jeon to mentin a few.


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