Anniversary Special: PS Live Manila Day 1d Updates

February 06, 2016

Day 1D (5).JPGHere we go! Day 1d of the Anniversary Special Main Event is underway at the PokerStars Live Manila poker room. This event has a P2M Guarantee with buy-in fee of P5,000. Unlimited re-entries are available until the end of level 12. Action will conclude five minutes into level 20. We will be posting random updates right here for your reading pleasure.

5:30PM: Day 1d ends with 12 remaining

Day 1d is in the bag with 12 player remaining out of 99 entries. On top was Filipino player Pedro Gutierrez with 213k chips.

5:15PM: Issa send Harada packing; Alexandrov earns more with a straight

Nickolai Alexandrov eliminated a player in a hand that had him calling the all in on a turn board of 7♠6♣J♣3♦. Alexandrov had 4♥5♥ and his opponent had J♥10♥ top pair and drawing dead.

Jean Issa is making a late stint raking in the chips. He raised to 15k preflop and then faced an all in by Naoto Harada. Issa called. Harada had pocket eights and was sorely behind Issa’s pocket jacks. The board did not improve Harada and his day ended.

5:00PM: Paulsen loses a chunk to Alexandrov then exits the floor

Kai Paulsen went all in and right there behind him following suit was Nickolai Alexandrov. Paulsen had A♥K♣ and Alexandrov had 9♦9♥. The board bricked and Alexandrov doubled up.

Not long after, Paulsen was all in again twice, the first wasn’t called by on the next he was called by Keith Gorman. Paulsen had A♥5♣ and Gorman had 8♦8♣. The board bricked ran blanks for Paulsen and he exited the floor.

4:45PM: Issa flushes one out; Petajajarvi eliminated De Leon

On a board of 9♣10♠7♣5♠, Jean Issa called a bet by Jae Chul Chang and so did another player, but the last to act check-raised all in. Issa made the brave call. Issa had Q♠J♠ for a flush draw while the other had 7♥3♥ trips. The river of 2♠ gave Issa his flush and he booted one out.

Kicking off this hand was Kai Paulsen with a raise to 8500 only to see two players shove, Michael De Leon and Tarmo Petajajarvi. Paulsen folded. De Leon had pocket eights against Petajajarvi’s pocket nines. The board bricked and De Leon was out. Petajajarvi claimed a nice pot.
4:30PM: Gorman with the ladies; Garcia doubles up

Keith Gorman had back-to back pocket queens with one giving him trouble and the other giving him joy. In the first one, he doubled up Wally Sombero who had ace-queen that spiked an ace on the river. Next hand, he raised three times the blinds and didn’t get a caller. He won the blinds.

4:15PM: Polishetty ships it in again

Srinivas Polishetty seems to be shipping in a big pot every time we are walking by his table. In this hand, he had pocket queens dominating pocket tens all the way to win a nice hefty pile.

4:00PM: Paulsen doubled up huge by King

Big betting action led to a nice double up for Kai Paulsen that started with Mike Galang raising to 5600 from the utg seat. Beside him was Kai Paulsen who three-bet to 11k. John King on the big blind had a look at Paulsen’s stack and called, so did Galang. At the flop of 6♥K♦2♥, action was checked to Paulsen who bet 8k, then King responded with a check-raise to 25k. Galang got out of the way and Paulsen shoved. King called. Paulsen had A♣A♦ and King had K♠10♠. The turn of A♥ and river of 5♥ ended the hand and Paulsen doubled up and more. He now has around

3:45PM: Maturan railed by King; Delos Reyes doubles up

John King sent another player to the rail, this time it was Nominel Maturan. During the hand, there were three limpers with King as one of them. Big blind player Maturan then raised to make it an additional 5500 to play. Instead of finding a caller, he saw King shove, covering Maturan’s stack. Maturan called for his tournament life. King had A♠K♠ and Maturan had K♥Q♠. The board ran A♣7♦7♣6♣8♣ and Maturan was out.

Regie Ann Delos Reyes moved all in and Gerald Casey called. Delos Reyes had A♣Q♣ and Casey had 8♦9♦. The board was filled with clubs and she won with her nut flush.

3:30PM: Sombero’s all in blind success

Wally Sombero entered day 1d at level 10, which was about an hour ago. Since blinds were still low and the buy-in was affordable for multiple re-entries, Sombero stated that he would shove blind on one of his first three hands. He did and doubled up. After his table broke, he shoved blind again at his new table and as before he doubled up. Now that we are at the freezeout stage, he will likely be play much differently

3:15PM: Mcauley on a rush and doubles up; Polishetty rails another

Srinivas Polishetty was in a hand against a player who had recently re-entered. Action began with a 2500 that Polishetty three-bet to 4k. At the flop of K♦2♠7♦, Polishetty called a bet of 3500. At the turn of 4♠, Polishetty called the all in of 11.5k. It was a great call because he was ahead with 9♥9♦ against A♠J♥. The river of 3♥ sealed the win for Polishetty and he claimed another sizable pot.

With bets and a raise before him, William Mcauley moved all in and Miki Teranishi tanked for a bit then folded, giving Mcauley pot. Immediately after, he raised to 3k then joined the button player all in. Mcauley had pocket tens ahead of his opponent’s pocket eights. Mcauley’s hand was good to the end, even improving to a set on the river. He doubled up and now has over 30k.

3:00PM: Red aces for Obrigo get paid

Rommel Obrigo was delivered red pocket aces twice and both times it paid off. In the first one a player shoved on his big blind with pocket eights and Obrigo scooped with his aces. One orbit later, he was back on the big blind seat and the utg had pocket kings against his pocket aces. He got paid well for that too.

2:45PM: Siegel doubles up; Galang bets to Teranishi for the win; Harada bests Tan

Having no luck at his earlier table Philip Siegel re-entered and faced a new set of players. Not long after, he landed a double up with pocket queens over pocket eights.

Meanwhile, from the table he busted from, Mike Galang was in a hand against Miki Teranishi. Galang raised to 1300 and Teranishi called. At the flop of 3♥10♠4♠, he continued and bet 3700, Teranishi called. At the turn, both checked. Then on the river of 5♠, Galang bet 3300 and Teranishi folded up.

At another table, Naoto Harada and Pete Tan, and another player were in a raised pot preflop. The board ran J♦10♥5♣ and action was checked to Harada who bet 2400. Tan called while the other player folded. At the turn of K♦, it was checked by both for a free river of 2♣. Tan checked to Harada who bet 3k and Tan smooth-called. Harada won with his ace-king versus Tan’s king-queen.

2:30PM: Polishetty’s set holds strong

Another all in fest on the floor with three-players looking down at a board of 8♥6♦5♥. After the necessary fixing of the pot took place, Srinivas Polishetty had 6♠6♥ set, another had A♥Q♥ nut flush draw, and Yong Wee Cham had 6♣7♠ for a pair and a straight draw. The turn of 10♣ and river of 7♦ was good for Polishetty and scooped up all the chips in the middle.

2:15PM: Han causes a confusion; Maturan wins back-to-back

Myung Ho Han was having a cigarette and wanted continue smoking and play his big blind. Because that’s not allowed, he sat back down and entered a pot that was raised by Philip Siegel. At the flop of A♣J♣2♦, Han checked, another player in the hand checked as well, and Siegel bet 2200. Back to Han, he check-raised to 4400 and Siegel called. On the turn, Han made a bet and then moved all his chips on the middle saying it was for the river bet. Since Siegel hadn’t acted yet, there was a confusion as to what his bet was because all his chips were already past the betting line. Amidst the confusion, Seigel decided to fold. Han showed his jack-ten trips.

Nominel Maturan earned himself two good pots back-to-back. In the first one, he was in a 7-player limped pot. At the flop of of 8♠6♣4♥, everyone checked to Maturan who bet 1500. He had three callers. At the turn of 8♦ action checked to him again and he bet 3500. This was enough to win the pot with everyone folding.

Next hand, Maturan raised to 1200 and was called by two players. At the flop of K♠Q♥9♦, he bet 2100 and was called by one player while the other opted to fold. On the turn of 7♦, it was checked by both players. On the river of 6♠, Maturan bet 3500 and won without a challenge.

2:00PM: Tate takes one from Cham

Ronnie Tate and Yong Wee Cham tangled in a pot that we caught at the turn of 9♥7♣K♠10♠. With 2900 already in the middle, Tate bet 1050 and Cham called. On the river of 6♥, Tate continued and led out for 3k, Cham called. Tate won with his king-queen offsuit.

1:45PM: King scalps three in one fell swooooop!

It was a four-way all in party with ace-jack, ace-ten, ace-king, and pocket nines battling it out for a big pot. With the board running 2♣8♥5♦8♦7♥, the owner of the pair, John King, delivered a multiple three-headed scalping and amassed around 60k chips.

1:30PM: Crazy call by Obrigo rails Gorman

Action is nutty especially at table 4. It began with Keith Gorman raising to 650 and was called by four players. At the flop of 10♦5♠8♥, the blinds checked to Gorman who bet 1800. He was called by Rommel Obrigo, but when it reached the button player, he raised to 3800. Blinds folded and Gorman jammed his 10,750 chips in the middle. Obrigo reluctantly called, and button raiser interestingly folded. Gorman had A♠K♠ and Obrigo had Q♥J♥. The turn of 10♥ and river of 2♥ gave Obrigo a runner-runner flush and Gorman was eliminated. A short debate over Obrigo’s call ensued.

1:15PM: Harada earns a pot from Lau

Alan King Lun Lau was one of those casualties at the previous flights and is back for another attempt. With two limpers before him, he raised to 650 from the button and was called by the small blind and the utg player. At the flop of 9♠5♠3♠, everyone quietly checked to each other then the dealer opened up the turn card of 6♠. Action checked to Lau who bet 800. Sb player Andres Lejon folded but Harada check-raised to 2k. That was enough for the pot with Lau folding.

1:00PM: Casey re-enters then doubles up

Gerald Casey wasn’t so lucky at his first table but after re-entering, he was granted a sweet double up with his pocket queens against Kunal Shetty’s ace-king.

12:15PM: Notables at the felt

Some new faces are at the felt today, that is, players who have not attended the previous flights, such as Gerald Casey, Kai Paulsen, and George Martel. Returning to the felt are Rebei Karim, John King, Jean Issa, and Stefano de Caro.


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