Anniversary Special: PS Live Manila Day 1c Updates

February 05, 2016

The third qualifying flight (day 1c) of the Anniversary Special Main Event has just begun. Late registration will be open until the end of level 12, that’s just over 3 hours with the breaks. Players will be on the felt past the midnight hour until we reach the middle of level 20. Random day 1c updates will be posted right here.

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12:15AM: Day 1c ends

Day 1c has been bagged with 12 players surviving the heavy heat at the felt. The chip leader for this flight was Hong Kong’s Jayson Lo with 221,000 chips.

12:15AM: Leonarez doubled up by Abrahams; Polishetty railed by Lo

Jessie Leonarez once had a big stack but it dwindled down to 48k and decided to shove it in the middle on top of Ben Abrahams raise. Abrahams called. Leonarez had A♥8♦ and Abrahams had K♥Q♥. The board ran A♠K♠4♥8♠9♦ and Leonarez doubled up.

On the last hand of the night, Jayson Lo was all in and Srinivas Polishetty decided to get his short stack in as well. Lo had ace-queen and Polishetty had king-ten. The board ran low and Lo eliminated Polishetty.

12:00AM: Huerto doubles up; Chen goes from 10k to 50k; Aces for Sharda

Joven Huerto was glad to have switched tables especially that he landed a sweet double up. He was all in with pocket kings and Chris Mateo called with ace-ten offsuit. The board ran blanks for Mateo and Huerto doubled up.

Zhinning Chen was down to 10,500 chips and found renewed life when he won a three-way all in situation. Chen had K♥Q♠ against 8♣5♣ and jh]10♥. The board ran K♠8♥Q♦10♣5♦ giving him the big happy scoop up. He now has around 50k.

Kushty007 Sharda was awarded a double up when his black pocket aces held up all the way to the end.

11:45PM: SJ Kim ousts one; Mateo folds to Leonarez

SJ Kim is the biggest stack at his table and he just earned another pot after railing one with his red pocket jacks against ace-nine that failed to improve on the board.

Big stacked Christopher Mateo kicked off the action at his table with a raise to 11k only to face a raise to 36k by Leonarez. Mateo opted to fold while showing his ace of spades.

11:30PM: Shoves and no callers; Lo tanks Leonarez

Short stacks seem to be shoving and not getting called. As for Jayson Lo, Jessie Leonarez min-raised to 8k, was called by the sb player, but Lo took it a notch with a shove of 101k total. This sent Leonarez tanking until he opted to fold up as did the sb player.

11:15PM: Dramatic full house for Tate

On the big blind seat, short stacked Ronnie Tate was looking down at his stack of 10k and was being pushed all in by big stacked Soo Jo Kim who raised to 9k. Tate decided to go for it and was all in. He had 8♦5♠ and Kim had A♣9♣. The board ran K♦8♣5♣ giving Tate two pair but Kim had a nut flush draw. The turn of J♣ bumped off Tate from the lead with Kim now holding the flush. The river turned the wheel again with a 8♥ giving Tate a crazy full house. He doubled up to around 20k.

According to Kushty007 Sharda, prior to that hand, Kim also doubled him up when he landed quad sevens against Kim’s full house.

11:00PM: Two double ups for Abrahams; Tech railed by Lo

Ben Abrahams went all in on a board of 2♣6♥9♣ and Zhinning Chen called. Abrahams had A♦6♦ for mid pair and Chen had queen-jack. The turn A♥ and river 5♦ kept Abrahams on top and he doubled up. In back-to-back fashion, Abrahams was all in again, this time preflop with ace-queen. He was up against a player with pocket nines. The flop landed a queen and was good to the end. Abrahams doubled up again.

John Tech however was not as fortunate. Jayson Lo raised from the button on Tech’s big blind and Tech opted to tango with him for his tournament life. Tech had K♣J♥ and Lo had 9♣8♥. The board ran 9♦A♠2♠2♦7♣ giving Lo a pair and Tech the boot.

10:45PM: Abrahams and Co split; Kim doubles off Tech’s bluff; Faering railed

Ben Abrahams and Eugene Co settled for a split pot with both holding ace-king. They did get some of Zhinning Chen’s chips in the mix so they did get back a little more than their previous stack.

At a separate table, John Tech shoved and was called by Woo Young Kim. Tech had 10♣6♦ and Kim had J♥9♥. The board didn’t give either any pair and Kim doubled up to over 65k chips.

Short-stacked Kristian Faering was all in with his ace-seven and faced Jessie Leonarez with ace-king. The flop was quite dramatic landing 7-k-a, giving both two pair. With Leonarez ahead, he took it all the way and Faering was eliminated.

10:30PM: Chang’s two pair no good; Huerto eliminates a player

Jae Chul Chang bet on the river on a board of and was flat-called by the player in the hand with him. Chang had king-ten for two pair but it was not good enough against his opponent’s ace-ten on a board that ran 10-7-6-k-a.

Joven Huerto eliminated a player on the big blind. Both were all in on a flop of Q♥7♥2♦. Huerto had Q♠2♠ two pair ahead of the bb’s king-queen top pair. The turn of 9♣ and river of 3♦ were enough to seal the win and scoop the pot while railing one in the process.

10:15PM: Karim storms off and re-enters, then busts again

Rebei Karim moved all in on a board of 3♣4♣6♠ and Martin Ealdama decided to call him. Karim had 4♦10♥ for a mid pair while Ealdama had A♦10♦ ace high. The turn however changed the tide with an A♣ landing. To this, Karim flared up very upset at the turn of events. The river of 5♥ sealed the win for Ealdama and Karim stormed off and re-entered.

In lightning speed, Karim was crippled down again and went all in with over 3k left. He was called by Kristian Faering. Karim had 8♥6♥ and Faering had A♥K♥. The board landed an ace and Karim was out.

10:00PM: Woo Young Kim scooping it up; Dementev busts

Woo Young Kim was all smiles when his ace-queen ruled over his opponent’s ace-king on a board that ran J♣Q♦2♦4♦A♠. He told us that he bubbled yesterday and was going to make sure it didn’t happen again.

On a different table, Andrei Dementev was all in on the button with 11.3k chips. Big blind player Chihoon Shin called. Dementev had Q♥4♥ and Shin had J♦J♥. The board bricked and Dementev busted.

9:45PM: Ace-Kings no good: Pelayo doubles up; Gabitan railed

Teofisto Pelayo was all in against Alan King Lau. Pelayo had pocket queens against Lau’s big slick. The board gave Pelayo a full house and he doubled up. At a different table, Gabitan was all in with ace-king, he was called by a player with pocket sixes, then was sent to the rail with his opponent landing a full house.

9:30PM: Hui railed by Acosta

Just after splitting a pot with Chris Mateo where both had king-queen offsuit, Hui was back in a hand, this time with Ronald Acosta also in the pot. Action began with a 1500 raise by Hui and was called by the blinds, Acosta and Mateo. At the flop of 7♣4♣J♠, Acosta bet 3700, Mateo folded, and Hui jammed all his chips in the middle. Acosta snap-called and showed his A♦J♦ top pair against Hui’s A♥7♥ mid pair. The turn of 2♦ and river of 9♣ were no help to Hui and he was eliminated.

9:15PM: Colada takes it down

Jose Colada raised to 2400 from mid position and was called by Teofisto Pelay on the small blind. At the flop of 8♠9♠K♣, Pelayo checked to Colada who continued with a 6k bet. Pelayo folded and showed his Q♣J♣. Colada kindly showed as well, 6♦7♦ for an open ended draw.

9:00PM: Sato folds a flush to Lo

In a five-handed raised pot that grew to 4k in the middle, the board ran K♥Q♥A♥. Small blind player Eduard Sato bet 2k that saw a fold by the next two players, Yao Hui and Srinivas Polishetty. Wai Tung “Jayson” Lo raised all in to 10,150 to call. Chris Mate on the button folded sending Sato to the tank. Sato eventually folded and showed his two mid cards both hearts for a completed flush.

8:45PM: Pangan scoops without a challenge

Action at the table began with Alan King Lau raising to 1k preflop, called by Teofisto Pelayo and Nominel Maturan however, big blind player Luke Pangan protected his blinds and shoved. Much too much, everyone folded and Pangan won without a challenge. He revealed his pocket sixes.

8:30PM: Lots of limps, Sayo wins

With five players limping in, big blind player checked and the dealer felted A♠8♣2♥. Small blind player Martin Corpuz bet 600 and was called by two players, Ernesto Camerino and John Sayo. At the turn of 9♦, the three remaining players checked. The river of A♥ had Corpuz and Sayo checking again but Camerino bet 1100. Corpuz folded and Sayo called. Sayo won with his king-eight over Camerino’s pocket sixes.

8:15PM: Full house beauty for Tech

Three players were in a raised pot preflop with a board showing A♦A♣8♣. John Tech bet 1100 and was called by both players in the hand with him, Edgar Angelo Felix and Yongwoon Hong. At the turn of 10♥, action was checked to the button player Hong who bet 2k. He was called by Felix but Tech check-raised to make it 6k. Hong called while Felix folded. On the river of Q♠, Tech was all in and got the call. He won with his 10♣10♠ full house and railed Hong at the same time.

7:45PM: Ortiz railed, Sato and Polishetty splitsville

Chris Ortiz, Srinivas Polishetty, and Eduard Sato were all in with Ortiz ahead holding pocket jacks against both his opponents ace-king offsuits. Looking pretty good, the board ran Q♠10♣2♠ keeping him ahead but the turn of A♣ changed it all and with the river of 4♣, Ortiz was out and Sato and Polishetty split his chips.

7:00PM: Notables on the felt

Lots of notables and players who busted out in the previous flights such as Kristian Faering, Joven Huerto, Regie Ann Delos Reyes, Eugene Co, and Rebei Karim. John King, Andrei Dementev, and Martin Corpuz are also in the field.


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