Anniversary Special: PS Live Manila Day 1b Updates

February 05, 2016

We are back at the PokerStars Live Manila poker room for the weeklong Anniversary Special. Today has Day 1b kicking off at 215PM. Updates for day 1b will be posted right here. Late registration is open until the end of level 12, or 3 hours of play. The night will close five minutes into level 20, as determined by yesterday’s results.

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7:40PM: Day 1b ends with Tollefsen way ahead

Day 1b has concluded with Norway’s Henrik Tollefsen holding a massive chip lead over the rest of the survivors. He amassed 528,000 chips. There were a total of 17 players out of 129 entries at the end of regulation play.

7:30PM: Tollefsen bags two big ones, massive chip leader

Henrik Tollefsen just claimed a massive pot that sent him into the leader’s seat. On a board of 8♥4♠4♦, a massive pot in the middle grew even more with one player going all in for his 32k behind. He was called by two players, one was Tollefsen. On the turn of 6♠, Tollefsen shoved and faced off against the all in player after the other challenger folded. Tollefsen had pocket aces against pocket kings. The river of 2♣ sealed the win and Tollefsen claimed a massive pot well over 200k.

Shortly after, Tollefsen railed the other big stack, Dr Han, when both were all in with ace-king to the doc and pocket kings to Tollefsen with a king on the board. Tollefsen proceeded to win it all and the doc was out while Tollefsen climbed to over 550k.

7:15PM: Marquez lucky bluff-shove

Richard Marquez went all in and was called by a player with slightly less chips. Marquez turned over Q♠2♣ and was needing to get lucky against his challenger’s pocket nines. The board ran good for Marquez as it gave him a queen on the turn and all the chips.

7:00PM: Baudin ousts one

An early position player went all in and Bo Mikael Baudin on the big blind decided to call. It was a coin flip with Baudin holding queen-jack against the all in player’s pocket eights. The board felted a jack on the turn and Baudin won the hand as another player fell from the field.

6:45PM: Joyce rails two

John Joyce was in a three-way all in extravaganza holding pocket jacks against one with ace-king, and another with king-eight. The board bricked and Joyce scooped a nice pile while sending two to the rail.

6:30PM: Stephan doubles up big through Fater

Catching the action at the flop with a preflop pot already in the middle, David Stephan bet 10.5k onto a board of 4♥J♠5♣ giving Noam Fater something to think about. Fater raised, Stephan quickly shoved, and Fater called. Fater had 2♥5♦ and Stephan had 8♥8♠. The turn of 4♣ and river of 2♠ gave them both two pairs but Stephan had the better spread. He doubled up.

6:15PM: Maturan earns a pot from Chang

Nominel Maturan limped in from the utg seat then called a raise by Jae Chul Chang beside him. At the flop of qs]3♦K♣, Maturan check-called Chang’s bet of 4500. At the turn of J♥, both checked. On the river of J♦, Maturan switched up and bet 7k. Chang called and Maturan won with his A♥10♥ straight.

6:00PM: Cybulski doubles up with rockets

Big blind player Werner Cybulski shoved his 22.5k chips sending limper Melvin Cuevillas to the tank. With more than enough chips to cover the all in, Cuevillas called while limper Rebei Karim folded his small blind. CybulskI had pocket aces and Cuevillas had pocket sixes. Cybulski stayed ahead throughout and doubled up.

5:45PM: Preflop war goes to Roy; Maturan shoves for the win

In a short preflop raise war, Michael Bueza raised to 3500, Angelou Roy three-bet to 11k, and that was enough to take the pot.

At another table, Nominel Maturan was in a hand with another player with a pot that was raised preflop. At the flop of 7♠A♦2♦, Maturan checked then faced a 5k bet. Maturan called and the dealer turned 5♥ on fourth street. Instantly Maturan was all in for 8300 and won the pot after his challenger folded.

5:30PM: Registration is officially closed

Late registration has closed for day1b. Play continues for another two hours in this flight. There were 129 total entries.

5:00PM: Delos Reyes loses to two all ins

Regie Ann Delos Reyes lost a chunk of her stack to two players at her table. It began with Richard Marquez raising to 1700, Delos Reyes calling, a short stack all in with less, then a call by the big blind. At the flop of 7♦4♠2♠, bb checked, Marquez bet 1500, Delos Reyes raised to 4200, then to the shock of the players in the hand, the bb went all in. This sent Marquez tanking until he eventually folded. Delos Reyes tanked as well but she opted to call thinking the bb had a flush draw. At the showdown, bb had K♦7♣, Delos Reyes had Q♥7♥, and the all in short stack had 10♠7♠. The turn of 5♠ and river of 4♣ saw the short stack quadruple up to over 5k, and Delos Reyes losing the side pot.

4:45PM: Maravilla’s kings hold strong

Whenever pocket kings are involved, the player with it always seems to have a bit of the jitters. It was no different with Yul Maravilla who raised to 2500 then saw Ernesto Mateo shove. With everyone else folding, Maravilla called and revealed his K♥K♠ against Mateo’s A♣7♣. Although the board bricked, Maravilla seemed on edge the entire time. Maravilla won the hand while Mateo fled the field.

4:30PM: Uy sends Leonarez packing

We aren’t quite sure what happened to Jessie Leonarez’s stack but in this hand he was all in with two players in the pot, Darwin Uy and Lester Edoc, both working on a side pot. At the flop of A♦K♦5♦, Uy checked to Edoc who bet 2600, then check-raised by Uy all in, which was an additional 6500 to call. Edoc folded. Uy took down the side pot then won the main pot after the turn of 5♠ and river of J♠ failed to improve Leonarez’s hand of 3♥8♥ against Uy’sA♣Q♠.

4:15PM: Split pot between Lagatuz and Reyes

What looked like a big pot brewing for one big winner, it ended up otherwise in this hand. It began with a limp by five players then a raise to 3450 by the big blind player Jeorge Lagatuz. Everyone folded except for Vicente Dy Reyes. At the flop of 8♥10♥2♥, Lagatuz bet 4k, Reyes tanked for a bit then pushed all in with way more chips than Lagatuz. This did not deter Lagatuz who committed all his chips. At the showdown, Lagatuz had A♠8♦ and Reyes had A♣8♣. the turn of J♣ and river of K♠ saw them split the pot.

4:00PM: Blood bleeds out, Ambata and Cybulski claim chips

Christopher Blood doubled up Rick Ambata in an all in preflop action hand. Ambata had K♥K♣ and Blood had A♦8♦. The board bricked and Ambata won. A couple of hands after, Blood’s pocket aces fell to Cybulski who had 8♣3♣ that landed two pair on the board. Blood was eliminated.

3:45PM: Salmingo vs Lejon

Andres Lejon and Dexter Salmingo called Kristian Faering’s raise to 1100 and watched the flop run 9♥7♦9♦. Action checked to last to act player Lejon who bet 3k. Salmingo called and Faering folded. The turn of Q♠ had both players checking, and the river of A♠ graced the felt. Acting first, Salmingo bet [4k] and won the pot with Lejon folding. Lejon showed his pocket eights.

3:30PM: Leonarez cracks Chen’s aces

Jingliang Chen took a beating to his stack when he doubled up Jessie Leonarez. Chen had pocket aces and Leonarez had 3♠6♠. The board was kind to Leonarez, giving him a full house.

3:15PM: Lejon ships it big

Lots of wild poker action at an outer table with a pot of roughly around 15k already in the middle and a flop of 5♠3♣8♥. Andres Richard Lejon bet 6500, was called by Pedro Gutierrez, then Bo Mikael Baudin jammed all his chips in. Nelia Nepomuceno folded, Lejon moved all in as well, and Gutierrez decided best to fold. Baudin had Q♥Q♣ while Lejon was ahead with A♣A♥. The turn of 5♣ and river of 7♠ was good for Lejon who kept his lead and shipped in a big pile. He is now over 40k.

3:00PM: Pangan tanks, Takayama scoops

Luke Pangan and Mike Takayama, two of the toughest Filipino players at their table, faced off. We caught the action on the river with a board showing 8♦8♠8♣5♥2♥. With a pot of 7200 in the middle, Takayama moved all in covering Pangan’s stack. Pangan tanked for some time until the clock was called on him. He folded.

2:45PM: Ilkwon Kim earns a little off Segismundo

With blinds low, some tables have some small battles happening in the orbits. At table 12, Emman Segismundo raised to 225 and was called by button player Ilkwon Kim plus the big blind player. At the flop of A♣4♦7♣, action was checked to the raiser who bet 300 and Kim called. On the turn of 5♣ and river of 2♠, Segismundo and Kim checked. Kim won with his A♦J♥ top pair.

2:30PM: Takayama doubles up through Heinikangas

With 1300 already in the middle and a board of 6♦3♣10♥6♠, Nillo Heinikangas bet 700 then got popped to 2200 by Mike Takayama. Heinikangas responded with an all in and Takayama snap-called. Heinikangas had 5♥ for trips while Takayama had 3♠3♦ full house. The river of 4♦ kept Takayama safely ahead and he doubled up.

2:15PM: Day 1b begins; Notables on the felt

Action is already underway with several notables banging it out early on the felt. Korea’s Jae Chul Chang, Denmark’s Kristian Faering, Taiwan’s Stefano de Caro, Filipino players Mike Takayama and Luke Pangan, re-entry player Noam Fater, and day 1a chip leader, Carlo Aziz Hassan looking to bag even more than he did yesterday.


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