ACOP 2012: Anton Astapau wins Turbo Championship for HKD $192,500

November 05, 2012


PokerStars Macau has just completed its second weekend of the 2012 Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) schedule which runs from 26 October to 11 November.
While the highlight of the past few days has clearly been the HKD $25,000 ACOP Warm-up event — which drew a massive 358 players and HKD $7,986,980 prize pool — the weekend also saw the completion of two turbo side events.

Saturday’s HKD $1,500 Turbo was won by Hong Kong’s Chun Hing Yung who beat the 137-player field for a top prize of HKD $44,800. The total prize money of HKD $179,402 was divided amongst the final 16 players.

Sunday saw the completion of the larger HKD $8,000 Turbo Championship, an ACOP Title Event, and was won by 23-year old Anton Astapau who took home HKD $192,500. The Belarus native beat 106 runners in the fast paced tournament where the top 13 placed in the money for a share of the HKD $740,304 prize pool.


Turbo Championship winner Anton Astapau

The final table included notables Jonathan Karamalikis and Jacky Wang but they didn’t last long busting out tenth and eighth respectively. As some consolation, Wang made his season-leading sixth final table and moves up to tenth on the Asia Player of the Year rankings, which you can see here where he’s Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin is just behind in third place. EPT Snowfest champ Vladimir Geshkenbein made it a little further but just missed out on the lion’s share of the money by falling in fourth.

Astapau made it heads-up in the turbo as a two-to-one favourite against local Albert Lau. In the final hand, Lau limped on the button and Astapau checked his option from the big blind. The flop came 3♥6♠2♠ which Lau into for 65,000 before a series of raises and re-raises committed all of the Hong Kong player’s chips to the pot.

Lau turned over 7♦7♠ for an over pair but it was behind Astapau’s 2♣3♣ for two pairs.
Lau’s chance of an outdraw was hampered as the 2♦ turn filled Astapau’s boat and the river ran a dry Qc to send the trophy to Astapau.

“My main goal is for the Main Event.” said Astapau.

Clearly confident about the rest of the ACOP, the IT programmer added, “After winning money from this event, I also plan to play the High Roller event.”

Event 10: $8,000 Turbo Championship – Final Table Results
1. Anton Astapau, Belarus, $192,500
2. Albert Lau, Hong Kong, $125,900
3. Mika Hallstrom, Finland, $85,100
4. Vladimir Geshkenbein, Switzerland, $70,300
5. Chun Hing Yung, Hong Kong, $55,500
6. Ji Woon Kim, Korea, $48,100
7. Daniel Laidlaw, Australia, $40,700
8. Jacky Wang, Singapore, $33,300
9. Seungsoo Jeon, Korea, $25,900
10. Jonathan Karamalikis, Australia, $18,604

You can find all the side event results so far here.

2012 ACOP Title Events 
(all figures in HKD)
26 Oct: $10,000 Deepstack Championship, $1,000,000 guarantee, three-day event
1 Nov: $8,000 Six-Handed Championship, $400,000 guarantee, two-day event
2 Nov: $2,000 Rebuy Championship, $300,000 guarantee, two-day event
3 Nov: $25,000 ACOP Warm-Up, $5,000,000 guarantee, three-day event
4 Nov: $8,000 Turbo Championship, $500,000 guarantee
7 Nov: $100,000 ACOP Main Event, $10,000,000 guarantee
8 Nov: $10,000 KO Big Bounty, two-day event ($2,000 cash for each elimination)
9 Nov: $15,000 NLH, $1,000,000 guarantee, three-day event
10 Nov: $250,000 High Rollers Event, two-day event
10 Nov: $8,000 NLH, $500,000 guarantee, two-day event
10 Nov: $4,000 Ladies Asia Championship

Check out the full ACOP schedule here.


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