4 online poker reads you can make on your opponents

August 25, 2020inStrategy

“How can someone be good at online poker though? Isn’t poker all about reading people? How can you read people if you can’t see anyone?”

How many times have you heard THAT from friends, family members, and taxi drivers you regret telling that you play online poker?

But just because you can’t see your opponents online (unless they have a selfie as their PokerStars avatar) doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a read or two on them.

PokerStars School has four observational reads you can start making right now.


  • 4 online poker reads you can make on your opponents
  • Donk-betting on low paired flops
  • Win WCOOP 2020 tickets with PokerStars School
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4 online poker reads you can make on your opponents

While it’s tempting to watch Netflix or a Twitch stream on the side when grinding, it pays to pay attention to your tablemates even when you’re not in the hand.

After all, the more knowledge you have on your opponents (particularly players weaker than yourself) the more money you can make.

This week, Dave “TheLangolier” Roemer is bringing you four observational reads that are easy to spot and quick to action.

Check out 4 online poker reads you can make on your opponents here.

Donk-betting on low paired flops

You open with A♠J♦ and the big blind defends. The flop falls 7♥7♦5♦. You’d love to keep the pot small and see a turn card, but the option of checking back is taken away when your opponent leads right into you.

This is what we call a donk bet — betting out of position as the caller of a pre-flop raise before the raiser has had a chance to act yet — and it’s not something great players do too often.

But every now and then the time is just right. 

Thankfully, Dave Clarke has gone over some scenarios for when building a donk bet range actually makes sense.

Read Donk-betting on low paired flops here.

Win WCOOP 2020 tickets with PokerStars School

The legendary PokerStars series which crowns the best in the game is back. That means it’s your chance to become a world champion.

Between August 30 and September 23, the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) returns with $80M GTD and a huge $10M GTD Main Event on September 20.

Find the full schedule here.

New for 2020 is the Sunday Slam Events; each of these 15 tournaments guarantees a 2021 Slam Package, which consists of full buy-ins to next year’s SCOOP, WCOOP and Stadium Series Main Events.

Read information regarding all WCOOP promotions on PokerStars here.

PokerStars School will also be giving you the chance to join the action. Three special WCOOP freerolls will take place between Tuesday August 25 and Tuesday September 8.

To take part in the freerolls, just enter the Star Code ‘SCHOOLWCOOP’ on your client and receive your School WCOOP Freeroll Ticket, valid for the whole series. Find details on using Star Codes here. Please claim your ticket in good time before the tournament to avoid disappointment. Please note that you will only be allowed to play in one tournament per each freeroll day.

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