2016 SCOOP: ‘n1ssssr’ goes wire to wire to win Event #35-L: $11 NL Hold’em, $100K

May 18, 2016

Day 2 sessions are rare online but they’re commonplace during COOP series. They need to be there when there are thousands and thousands of players competing for massive prize pools and that’s exactly what came together over the last 48 hours. In total, 13,526 players took their virtual seats to try to claim the Event #35-L: $11 NL Hold’em, $100K. That $100,000 guaranteed prize pool was well beat, as just over $135,000 was up for grabs.

Players had to navigate a landmine-like field to just make the money though and after 1,710 players locked up a $17.58 min-cash, they turned their attentions to trying to make Day 2. The lone Team PokerStars Online member that finished in the money, Tyler “frosty012” Frost in 1,068th place, wasn’t able to advance but eventually, 112 players bagged up chips for today’s restart. Germany’s IbetUfold777 returned with a sizable chip lead at the top of the leaderboard and he kept that advantage through the first few hours of Day 2. Eventually, he fell in 26th place, earning just over $256.


Team Online’s Tyler “frosty012” Frost cashed
From that point on, there were two storylines to follow leading up to the final table. The first, was the chip leader and the second was the leading country through the first half of this SCOOP series. Once IbetUfold777 fell, n1ssssr took over the chip lead and the Brit didn’t give it up leading into the final frame. He scored a handful of knockouts to bring the field down to nine and to put an end to our other storyline.

That was the Brazilian contingent near the top of the leaderboard with two tables remaining. Eventually, those green, blue and yellow flags fell, with $harKK bowing out in 13th place and his countryman, allin0709, falling in 12th. Both were dispatched by n1ssssr and after a few more knockouts, the final table was set.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 6.26.29 PM.png

13,526 started, nine made the final table
Event #35-L – Final Table Chip Counts
Seat 1: xatteo – 9,147,311
Seat 2: drew.derzh – 8,789,371
Seat 3: Rakeback24/7 – 22,975,226
Seat 4: Nadhob – 4,784,207
Seat 5: n1ssssr – 47,939,750
Seat 6: Domientje – 10,248,434
Seat 7: Bane267 – 8,883,211
Seat 8: REGTHERULET4 – 11,690,756
Seat 9: fabianod12 – 10,451,734

The final table came together in Level 56, with the blinds sitting at 200K/400K and a 50K ante. That meant that while n1ssssr was playing over 100 big blinds, there were a few short stacks that needed to quickly get to work. Two of those short stacks were seated next to each other and in the same country, as both nadhob and drew.derzh hail from the Ukraine. Both were looking to claim their first SCOOP titles, along with the rest of the final table.

n1sssr was in pole position to grab that win, as he controlled more than double the amount of chips as his nearest opponent. Rakeback24/7 was playing just under 23,000,000 and the Dutchman had a pretty decent gap between him and the rest of the field.

REGTHERULET4, from Malta, fabianod12, the lone Brazilian to make the final table, and Germany’s Domientje were all near 10,000,000. The Greek xatteo was playing just under that threshold and Austria’s Bane267 playing shy of the chip average. It was that final player that quickly started this final table, with a complete rundown of the action provided below:

LEADER TAKES EARLY HIT: Bane267 doubles on the first hand

If this were a live final table, some players might not have even finished stacking their chips in front of their new seats before Bane267 scored a double through chip leader n1ssssr. The big stack opened to 880,000 from the hijack and after the fold, Bane267 three-bet to 1,984,000 from the button.

n1ssssr called and after the 10♦9♦4♥ flop, he check-shoved overtop of Bane267’s 1,800,000 chip continuation bet. Bane267 snap called for his final 5,000,000 and turned over K♥K♦. n1ssssr’s Q♥10♥ was in trouble and after the 2♣ and 9♠ completed the board, he was shipping an early double up to the player two to his left.

When the dust settled, Bane267 was playing an above average 18,710,000 chip stack, while n1ssssr still had a decent lead on this field with just shy of 40,000,000.

BRAZIL BOUNCED: Ace-king fails, then sends fabianod12 out in 9th

With two tables remaining, it looked like there could be multiple players at the final table hailing from Brazil. In the end, there was only one and fabianod12’s time at the final table was brief. After the blinds and antes went up, to 250K/500K with a 62.5K ante, a short stacked Nadhob shoved for 2,546,000 from under the gun.

The table folded around to fabianod12, who was in the cutoff, and he raised to 5,000,000. That isolation play worked and after the button and blinds folded, he had his opponent drawing to just three outs. The Ukrainian hit on the river, as A♥3♣ beat A♦K♣ on a 10♣4♦4♥J♣3♠ runout. While Nadhob was up near 6,000,000, the Brazilian was cut down to just shy of 9,000,000 and barely had any time to recover before he was all-in and at risk.

On the very next hand, he opened to 1,100,000 from the hijack and after a few folds, Rakeback24/7 shoved from the small blind for 24,700,000. Nadhob got out of the way in the big blind and the Brazil’s only hope for another SCOOP title called to try to get back over the chip average.

He had just three outs to do so though, as his A♠J♥ was in trouble against A♦K♦. fabianod12 was an even bigger dog after the K♥Q♦6♠ flop fell, giving his opponent top pair. He had four cards that could bring him broadway though but they didn’t show up on the turn or river. The 9♦ and 7♥ completed the board and confirmed fabianod12’s 9th place elimination.

The Brazilian made $811.56 for his Event #35 run and after coming into the final table with a big gap between first and second, Rakeback24/7 was nearly even with chip leader n1ssssr.

BIG SLICKED: Nadhob can’t find it this time, falls in 8th

Nadhob was able to score a double on the river early in Level 57 but he couldn’t midway through the period. He open shoved the cutoff for 6,600,000 after it folded to him and chip leader n1ssssr called on the button. The blinds got out of the way and the Ukrainian needed help again, as he held A♣Q♦ to A♥K♠.

The 7♣4♥3♣ flop didn’t change anything but the K♥ on the turn did. It confirmed Nadhob’s elimination and made the 3♠ river card more or less meaningless. After it fell, Nadhob was awarded $1,352.60 and n1ssssr increased his chip lead, as he was behind close to 48,000,000.

BLADES BUST ANOTHER: Ukraine busts back to back, drew.derzh in 7th

The nationalistic and geographical storylines that we followed leading up to the final table didn’t last long once that nine-handed lineup was set. Brazil fell in 9th, one Ukrainian fell in 8th and then another followed him out the door in 7th.

That’s because two short stacks matched up with two pairs, with Domientje having the biggest of pairs against drew.derzh’s one off broadway pair. Domientje open shoved for 6,920,000 from middle position and after some folds, drew.derzh called for less in the small blind.

The opener held A♥A♣ and the caller held 9♥9♦, meaning drew.derzh had to hit to stay alive as he was slightly covered. The J♠10♠5♥10♥5♦ runout didn’t hit him and once it was completed, he was officially eliminated in 7th place. The Ukrainian made $2,705.20 for his final table run and when the dust settled, Domientje was working just over 20 big blinds.

THREE PLAY, THREE WATCH: Big stacks battle while shorties keep watch

There were some pretty decent pay jumps at this Event #35-L final table and after the blinds and antes went up again, to 300K/600K/75K, the three shorter stacked players didn’t seem to mind keeping watch on the action. While they enjoyed the show, Bane267, Rakeback24/7 and chip leader n1ssssr battled, with the biggest of those pots dropping Bane267 down near the 20 big blind mark.

That hand was picked up with n1ssssr opening to 1,200,000 from the button and Bane267 calling in the big blind. The Austrian check-called 1,417,000 on the 9♣8♠3♣ flop and after the A♦ fell on the turn, the same betting pattern occurred. Bane267 check-called 2,394,000 but he couldn’t find a third call on the river.

The 4♦ fell, Bane267 checked and n1ssssr fired a final barrel weighing in at 5,400,000. It forced a fold and moved Bane267 down below 13,000,000 and pushed the chip leader up near 50,000,000.

ONE TOO MANY BATTLES: n1ssssr cripples Bane267 before he busts in 6th

“It doesn’t matter who we are, what matters is our plan?”

That is one of my favorite Bane quotes from the movie The Dark Knight Rises and while Bane267 might have had a plan coming into this final table, it evidently was the wrong one after he fell to his demise in 6th place. He and chip leader n1ssssr got involved in a few more battles since their last encounter and finally, the Brit got the better of him to leave Bane267 with just a few big blinds.

Action was picked up again in a button versus big blind situation, with n1ssssr opening to 1,200,000 and Bane267 calling in the big. He check-called 1,260,000 after the K♠K♦Q♣ flop and then did the same, for 2,551,000 after the 10♣ fell on the turn.

In the previous hand, Bane267 check-folded the river but this time, after the 2♠ completed the board, he called n1ssssr’s 6,600,000 chip bet. He was shown J♦9♠ and the turned straight turned n1ssssr into an even bigger chip leader, with nearly 61,000,000.

It also left Bane267 extremely short, as he had just 3,168,000 left and those chips got in the middle on the very next hand. Domientje opened the button to 1,260,000 and Bane267 shoved from the small blind. The Belgian called and he had to hit to score another final table knockout, as he held K♦10♠ to Bane267’s A♦J♣.

The Q♣9♦7♠ flop didn’t help Domientje and the 6♠ didn’t do much to change things on the turn. The river was all he needed though and after the K♥ paired him up on fifth street, Bane267 was eliminated in 6th place. That was good for a $4,057.80 score and while Domientje was up near 15,000,000, he didn’t stay at that number for long.

KINGS CRACKED: Pocket kings fall, Domientje does a few hands later in 5th

After scoring two short stack final table knockouts off a short stack of his own, Domientje was finally starting to get his footing. Unfortunately for him, that was only a brief feeling of security, as he was crippled a few hands later.

xatteo open shoved the cutoff for 8,466,000 and after a few folds, Domientje snap called in the big blind. The shove was for close to 15 big blinds and Domientje held just over 25, and K♥K♦. That meant he was playing for a good percentage of his stack as well but his opponent would have to hit, with A♠7♥ to drop him.

He did, as the Greek smashed the A♣Q♣5♥ flop. That left Domientje looking for one of two outs on the turn or river but there was no more paint, as the 2♥ and 8♥ completed the board. Domientje was left with just over 5,000,000 and xatteo had doubled to over 17,000,000.

A few hands later, xatteo returned to dispatch Domientje in 5th place. This time, he didn’t need to crack kings, he just needed to hold. Domientje called xatteo’s under the gun shove from the small blind, with his effective stack weighing in at 3,549,000.

xatteo held J♥J♠, while the Belgian held 5♥5♦. The board ran out clean for the bigger pocket pair, 9♦3♥3♠A♥8♦ and in more or less back to back hands, Domientje experienced the harsh realities of tournament poker. He earned $5,410.40 for his 5th place run and when the action finally slowed, xatteo was playing close to 20,000,000.

TWO HORSE RACE: n1ssssr and Rakeback24/7 pull away

Immediately after eliminating Domientje, xatteo was dropped back down below 10,000,000. That was after a sizable pot developed between he and Rakeback24/7 in a blind versus blind encounter, with the latter pushing himself up near 60,000,000 with the victory.

That hand was picked up with the blinds and antes increasing again to 350K/700K with a 87.5K ante. xatteo made it 1,456,000 from the small blind and Rakeback24/7 clicked it back to 3,208,000 from the big. xatteo called and he then check-called 2,842,000 after the K♠7♦4♥ flop.

The 9♠ fell on the turn and again xatteo check-called, this time for 3,757,000. The 5♦ completed the board and after checking for a third time, xatteo couldn’t find a call for his tournament life after Rakeback24/7 bet 13,178,000. Instead, the Greek folded and suddenly, the Dutchman was back within touching distance at the top of the Event #35-L leaderboard.

LOSE ANOTHER TO THE LEADER: Queen-four and a big stack send REGTHERULET4 out in 4th

It was relatively slow going after xatteo fell below 10,000,000, as there was a big difference between the haves and the have nots. n1ssssr and Rakeback24/7 had chips and xatteo and REGTHERULET4 did not.

They were both short and xatteo won the last longer to make the pay jump after n1ssssr scored another knockout in a blind versus blind encounter. He shoved the small blind after it folded to him and REGTHERULET4 called in the big for 9,068,000.

He had to hold to score the double, as he held A♦10♦ to n1ssssr’s Q♣4♣. He couldn’t, as the Q♥4♦6♦ flop gave the chip leader two pair and left REGTHERULET4 looking for help on the turn and river.

Malta’s hopes for survival got a little better after the 8♦ fell on the turn, giving REGTHERULET4 outs to a flush but that door was slammed shut after the 3♣ completed the board. He’d go out in 4th place, good for a $6,763 result.

QUICKLY DOWN TO TWO: n1ssssr does it again, xatteo finishes 3rd

For as long as this tournament took to get down to the final table, the final table didn’t take long to get down to it’s final two. That was mostly n1ssssr’s doing though, as he picked up elimination after elimination and eventually added xatteo’s scalp to his collection.

xatteo open shoved the button for 8,857,000 and after a fold in the small blind, n1ssssr called in the big. He held A♥5♦ to the short stack’s A♦Q♣ and while both players paired up on the A♠10♥8♣ flop, only one player hit on the turn.

That was the player that needed to hit, as n1sssr’s kicker was no good until it found a pair of it’s own. The 5♠ left xatteo drawing on the river and after the 4♥ fell, he was officially eliminated in 3rd place. He made $9,468 for his podium finish and after the knockout, the remaining two players discussed a deal.

DEAL DECIDED: $2K and the title up for grabs

After the elimination of xatteo in 3rd place, the remaining two players took some time to discuss a chop of the remaining prize pool. In total, there was just over $30,000 to be had and after running some numbers, a deal was confirmed by both players.

n1ssssr held nearly 75,000,000 and Rakeback24/7 was playing just over 61,000,000. With the stacks relatively close at the high blind levels, the players decided on a more or less even chop. n1ssssr took $14,615 and Rakeback24/7 took $14,249.27. They left $2,000 and the Event #35-L title up top.

BACK AND FORTH: Rakeback24/7 draws first blood, chip lead changes hands a few times

It took a while for the first meaningful pot of this heads up battle to play out but when it did, Rakeback24/7 controlled the chip lead. That hand was picked up with the blinds and antes still sitting at 350K/700K/87.5K and n1ssssr opening to 1,750,000 from the button.

Rakeback24/7 three-bet to 4,550,000 from the big blind and the chip leader called to see the 9♥6♦3♦ flop. Both players checked and after the J♣ fell on the turn, Rakeback24/7 bet 6,121,000. n1ssssr called and he called a 9,037,000 chip bet after the J♥ paired the board on the river.

Rakeback24/7 flipped over K♥K♦ and it was good to win the pot, one that moved him up and over 82,000,000. n1ssssr dropped down to 52,000,000 after the loss but then those chip counts flip-flopped early in the next level.

The blinds and antes jumped to 400K/800K with a 100K ante and n1ssssr opened the button to 2,000,000. Rakeback24/7 called and check-called 1,600,000 after the A♠4♦2♠ flop fell. The 3♣ put four to a straight on board but that didn’t slow n1ssssr, as he bet 3,200,000. It was another check-call for Rakeback24/7 on the turn and there was a third on the river.

The A♦ paired and completed the board, bringing a 20,000,000 chip bet from n1ssssr. Rakeback24/7 again check-called, only to be shown 6♦5♠, good for a turned straight. n1ssssr took in the biggest pot of the tournament and had retaken the chip lead.

UNFAMILIAR TERRITORY: n1ssssr thinks he’s catching a bluff, crippled instead

n1ssssr held a close to 3:2 chip lead for the next few orbits but then over 95,000,000 chips got in the middle and suddenly, the long-time chip leader was in very unfamiliar territory. He was crippled to under 30,000,000 and that hand was picked up with Rakeback24/7 opening the button to 1,600,000.

n1ssssr three-bet to 4,000,000 and his opponent called to see the A♣A♥6♣ flop. n1ssssr led for 3,280,000 and Rakeback24/7 called to see the 9♦ fall on the turn. The chip leader slowed down, checking to Rakeback24/7, who bet 8,000,000.

The Brit called and after the 3♦ completed the board, Rakeback24/7 was again given the betting lead. n1ssssr checked and Rakeback24/7 shoved for just over 32,500,000. There was a quick call and a quick flash of 4♣4♠ showed up in front of n1ssssr but those cards disappeared after Rakeback24/7 showed A♠7♣.

He was now in control of nearly 75% of the total chips in play, in a good position to take down this Event #35-L title.

ORDER RESTORED: n1ssssr battles back, over 100,000,000

While being the short stack might have been unfamiliar territory for n1ssssr, he didn’t seem to mind the change of landscape. He also didn’t waste any time getting back to leading this heads up battle. He worked his way back up near 50,000,000 and then doubled in a massive hand to restore Event #35-L order.

That hand was picked up with the blinds and antes sitting at 500K/1,000K and a 125K ante, with Rakeback24/7 limping the button. n1ssssr raised to 4,000,000 and Rakeback24/7 called to see the 10♣5♦2♥ flop. n1ssssr bet 4,125,000 and the Dutchman called to see the turn. The 6♣ saw n1ssssr check-call 9,930,000 and he checked for a second time after the 6♦ paired and completed the board.

Rakeback24/7 shoved and with a pot-sized bet behind, n1ssssr called. He had just over 34,000,000 and he had rivered trips, turning over A♣6♥ to beat Rakeback24/7’s J♣10♦. The brutal river crippled the brief leader down below 30,000,000 and gave n1ssssr a massive chip lead.

WIRE TO WIRE WIN: No comeback for Rakeback24/7, n1ssssr wins SCOOP Event #35-L for $18,133

n1ssssr battled back from a big chip deficit but Rakeback24/7 could not do the same. He trended down after getting crippled on the previous hand and eventually got 16,488,000 in the middle on the button. n1ssssr called in the big blind and he had to hit to score the knockout, holding A♠3♠ to Rakeback24/7’s A♦4♠.

He’s done it all day and all night and he did it again to end this heads up battle. The Q♠J♠3♠ gave n1ssssr a pair and the nut flush draw, leaving Rakeback24/7 more or less drawing dead. He officially was after the 7♣ and 3♦ completed the board, with n1ssssr improving to trips on the river to score the final Event #35-L knockout.

The Dutchman, who came into this final table second in chips, ended up finishing in that position for a $14,249.27 score. n1ssssr won $16,615, with $2,000 of that coming from their heads up deal, but maybe more importantly for the UK-based player, he claimed his first SCOOP title. A complete list of the Event #35-L final table results are posted below:

SCOOP-35-L ($11 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 13,526
Total prize pool: $135,260
Places paid: 1,710

1. n1ssssr (United Kingdom) $16.615*
2. Rakeback24/7 (Netherlands) $14,249.27*
3. xatteo (Greece) $9,468.20
4. REGTHERULET4 (Malta) $6,763
5. Domientje (Belgium) $5,410.40
6. Bane267 (Austria) $4,057.80
7. drew.derzh (Ukraine) $2,705.20
8. Nadhob (Ukraine) $1,352.60
9. fabianod12 (Brazil) $811.56

Will O’Connor is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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