2016 ACOP: Official Schedule Announcement

September 01, 2016

The wait is over!

PokerStars LIVE Macau has unveiled the official schedule for the 2016 Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) which runs from October 28 to November 13.

This season, Asia’s richest poker festival will increase the total cash tournaments offered from 23 to 26: there will be 17 ACOP Title Events (aka Spadies) and 9 smaller events with buy-ins ranging from HK$500-3,000.

The draft schedule (you can read it right here) has very much been the road map for which days the Spadie events take place. However, it’s the player feedback that’s determined the specifics for the final schedule.

Let’s get to it!

Ronaldo at last season's ACOP.jpgRonaldo at last season’s ACOP


(all figures in HKD)

Note that schedule below doesn’t include all live Main Event satellites and feeders. They will be running every day from October 28 to November 8. Click here for the complete schedule.

Friday, October 28

7:00pm – Event 1: $4,000 1m GTD Spadie – Day 1A [2-day event], Unlimited Re-entries

* With the huge success of the 2m GTD Spadie last season (655 entrants), the opening weekend will kick off with the new 1m GTD Spadie event which comes with a $1 million prize pool guarantee. The buy-in has been set at $4,000 (~USD $500) so a 500+ field is expected given how affordable the tournament is relative to other Spadie events.

Saturday, October 29

2:00pm – Event 1: $4,000 1m GTD Spadie – Day 1B [2-day event], Unlimited Re-entries
7:00pm – Event 1: $4,000 1m GTD Spadie – Day 1C [2-day event], Unlimited Re-entries

* 10pm on this Saturday will be the launch of the HK$1,500 Flipout to Main Event satellite. Win a flip and you’re now in the running for a $100,000 (~13k USD) Main Event seat! There are five Flipout satellites on the full schedule.

Sunday, October 30

12:00pm: $3,000 PLO Satellite to PLO Championship
2:00pm: $2,500 Knockout
2:30pm – Event 2: $15,000 PLO Championship [2-day event]
6:00pm – Event 3: $11,000 Knockout Championship [2-day event]

*Introducing a PLO satellite for players looking for an affordable way to qualify for the 15k PLO Championship

Monday, October 31

1:00pm: $2,500 PLO
6:00pm – Event 4: $11,000 6-max Championship [2-day event]

Tuesday, November 1

3:00pm: $2,000 6-Max
6:00pm – Event 5: $1,000 Deepstack Championship

Wednesday, November 2

6:00pm – Event 6: $9,000 2m GTD Spadie – Day 1A [2-day event], Unlimited Re-entries

* Near certainty that the 2m GTD Spadie surpasses last year’s total of 655 runners with the addition of a third Day 1 flight. New $2,000 satellites to the 2m GTD Spadie have been added after strong player demand (Wed: 3pm and 9pm)

Thursday, November 3

2:00pm – Event 6: $9,000 2m GTD Spadie – Day 1B [2-day event], Unlimited Re-entries
7:00pm – Event 6: $9,000 2m GTD Spadie – Day 1C [2-day event], Unlimited Re-entries

Friday, November 4

12:00pm: Free-to-Enter Main Event Satellite (1 Seat GTD), Unlimited $200 Rebuys
4:30pm: $5,000 ACOP Warm-up Satellite (10 Seat GTD)
7:00pm – Event 7: $25,000 ACOP Warm-up (3m GTD) [3-day event]
10:00pm: $5,000 Qualifier to Super High Roller Satellite
11:59pm: $3,000 Midnight Turbo

* Free-to-Enter satellite costs zero dollars to enter so don’t come late! There will be a maximum of 20 tables before going to alternates. Rebuys and add-on are a tiny $200 for a chance at a 100k Main Event seat – which is guaranteed.

Saturday, November 5

12:00pm: $40,000 Super High Roller Satellite
1:30pm: $2,000 Deepstack
4:00pm – Event 8: $500,000 Super High Roller [3-day event, Day 2 entry allowed], Max Rebuys: 2
5:00pm – Event 9: $9,000 Ladies Asia Championship [2-day event]

* Popular day for the railbirds. The biggest names in poker arrive for the 500k SHR event, then Asia’s best women start the the 9k Ladies event an hour later.

Sunday, November 6

2:00pm – Event 8: $500,000 Super High Roller – Day 2 [3-day event, Day 2 entry allowed], Max Rebuys: 2
6:00pm: $14,000 Main Event MEGA Satellite (10 Seat GTD)

* I’ve been trying to tell everyone who’s willing to listen that the Mega Satellite will award at least 20 Main Event seats. Alas, I couldn’t get the powers that be to double up the guarantee but listen here people: IT.WILL.BE.TWENTY.OR.MORE!

Monday, November 7

2:00pm – Event 10: $100,000 MAIN EVENT (15m GTD) – Day 1A [5-day event, Day 2 entry allowed]

* The coveted Gold Spadie. Prize money that is expected to well exceed the $15 million guarantee. This is the annual Asia Championship of Poker Main Event that pits the world’s best against each other right here in Macau.

Tuesday, November 8

2:00pm – Event 10: $100,000 MAIN EVENT (15m GTD) – Day 1B [5-day event, Day 2 entry allowed]
7:00pm: $500 Rebuy, Unlimited Rebuys

Wednesday, November 9

2:00pm – Event 10: $100,000 MAIN EVENT (15m GTD) – Day 2 [5-day event, Day 2 entry allowed]
5:00pm: $500 Flipout, Unlimited Re-entries
8:00pm – Event 11: $3,000 Flipout Championship, Unlimited Re-entries

* First time introducing the Flipout format as an ACOP Title Event. It’s just one of three Spadie trophies take part in for $4,000 or less (the others are the 1m GTD Spadie and Rebuy Championship)

Thursday, November 10

3:00pm – Event 12: $15,000 NLH [2-day event]
7:00pm – Event 13: $10,000 Teams Championship [2-day event]
9:00pm: $3,000 Qualifier to High Roller Satellite

* Eliminated the 4k and 20k Teams Events and went with a single 10k Teams Championship this year. Majority of players found the other two price points were either too low or too high so we went with a medium buy-in that satisfies both issues.

Friday, November 11

3:00pm: $15,000 High Roller Satellite
6:00pm – Event 14: $250,000 High Roller [3-day event, Day 2 entry allowed]
8:00pm – Event 15: $11,000 Turbo Championship
11:00pm: $2,500 Turbo

* Turbo Championship now has antes in the structure after vast majority of players requested for them.

Saturday, November 12

1:00pm – Event 16: $11,000 Megastack Championship [2-day event]
2:30pm – Event 14: $250,000 High Roller – Day 2 [3-day event, Day 2 entry allowed]
7:00pm – Event 17: $2,500 Rebuy Championship [2-day event], Unlimited Rebuys

* 9k NLH has been replaced with 11k Megastack Championship as the format has been extremely popular in the Macau Poker Cup and Manila Megastack series
* Rebuy Championship moved from opening weekend to final weekend to offer a third Spadie this day at three different price points (2.5k, 11k, 250k).

Sunday, November 13

3:30pm: $3,000 NLH


All tournaments are subject to regulatory approval
All tournaments are No Limit Holdem and with no re-entry unless otherwise specified
All numbered tournaments are:
– ACOP Title Events (aka ‘Spadies’ titles)
– Official Asia Player of the Year events except Ladies & Teams events

The schedule posted above is final as of 31 August 2016. PokerStars reserves the right to make changes as deemed necessary up to the start time of any individual Event, without prior notification if necessary. We welcome any feedback our players have to offer on the 2016 Asia Championship of Poker. Players may contact directly by writing to macau@pokerstars.net


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