TCOOP 2014- Back from the brink, grs1703 wins Event #28, $82 NLH (Turbo, 2x Chance)

January 29, 2014

On the seventh day of TCOOP, everyone who played the day’s first event was given a second chance. A $200,000 guarantee was surpassed by $140,275 as 3,151 players entered and 1,386 re-upped for a second tournament life.

Before five hours had passed Brazilian gsr1703 had seized the final table and sealed the deal, good for a TCOOP title and a massive $39,461.55 score.

Red spades Mickey “mement_mori” Peterson and George Danzer ran deep enough to finish in the money, Peterson cashing in 57th for $612.49.

It was looking as if the final table would be eight-handed when gsr1703 three-bet all-in with A♦ J♠ for 2M over the 252,000 min-open of Noveasalpedo. Noveasalpedo called with Q♦ Q♣ and 4.3M was in the middle. The flop was 8♠ 6♦ 3♣, the three-outer had waited for the A♥ turn, and the river was the 2♣.

Meanwhile on the other table, during concurrent hand for hand play, Belgian WeyDan199 had moved all-in for their last three big blinds under the gun with Q♦ 9♠. On the button ImCastles11 isolated all-in with A♠ Q♥ and the board began 4♠ 5♣ 6♥ 2♦, meaning a 9 or a 3 would prolong the tension. It was the 10♥ on the river and WeyDan199 had bubbled for $2,126.71. We had a final table of nine.


Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1: smetta123 (Belgium) 1,646,596
Seat 2: m0nster1989_ (Brazil) 1,074,360
Seat 3: Titanocen (Germany) 2,660,979
Seat 4: wtfgmon (Belarus) 2,772,452
Seat 5: ImCastles11 (United Kingdom) 4,888,964
Seat 6: Noveasalpedo (Argentina) 1,092,562
Seat 7: faraz jaka_7 (United Kingdom) 1,306,415
Seat 8: tml_89pl (Poland) 2,899,972
Seat 9: gsr1703 (Brazil) 4,327,700

A half-dozen hands after the final table began Argentine Noveasalpedo could not recover from the beat they suffered earlier at the hands of gsr1703. They moved all-in for 5 big blinds two seats off the button with J♦ J♠. On the button tml_89pl moved all-in with A♠ Q♦ and it was a good old flip. Not one with much sweat though, the flop Q♣ 8♣ 6♥, the turn the 2♠, and the river the 9♣. Noveasalpedo could not have been too pleased with the deck, finishing 9th for $2,892.33.

Brazilian m0nster1989_ was on a heater, having won three of the previous four hands. and pressed their momentum raising under the gun. Two spots next to act wtfgmon moved all-in for 2,747,352, about 17 big blinds. faraz jaka_7, no known relation to Faraz Jaka (who plays under sobriquet The Toilet), wanted all of that action and more, moving in from the cutoff seat for 1,376,415. It was a vicious cooler for short-stacked turbo format poker — Q♥ Q♣ for faraz jaka_7 and K♣ K♠ for wtfgmon.

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A♣ Q♠ 5♣ on the flop and fortunes tides shifted in the at-risk player’s favour. The J♠ turn added some perspiration and the 9♣ river sealed a massive double for faraz jaka_7. That bad beat set up an extra heaping of cruelty for wtfgmon, who moved all-in for their last 1.3M the next and, blinds having risen in the interim to 100,000-200,000-25,000. Who woke up with a hand (A♦ K♥) this time but faraz jaka_7. wtfgmon tabled K♠ 10♥ and was dominated. The J♠ 9♠ 4♠ flop was everything wtfgmon could ask for outside a ten. All those outs for naught, however; it was A♥ 2♣ on the board and wtfgmon was abruptly out in eighth for $4,600.51 as faraz jaka_7 took the chip lead.

There was a reasonably long absence of hole cards turned face up as faraz jaka_7 extended their chip lead to 6M. Meanwhile Belgian smetta123 had dwindled to 441,596 and moved all-in in early position with Q♥ J♥. It was dreams of avarice for faraz jaka_7 in the small blind with K♥ Q♠, in dominant position once again. Just another sweat to dodge, 8♥ 6♠ 4♥, giving smetta123 hopes of survival. The turn was the8♠ and the river the 5♠. Seventh place for smetta123 was worth $7,996.46 and faraz jaka_7’s ascension continued unabated.

Six players were left and some talk of a deal broke out, but not all parties were ready to commit. ImCastles11 of the UK moved in for 1.5M, 5 big blinds, under the gun with J♠ 9♠ and it folded around to m0nster1989_ in the small blind who came to life with A♣ K♥. It was only a 2:3 deficit for the short-stack, a deficit that looked like it had been overcome on the Q♥ 9♦ 2♠. But poker teases, gives and takes away at a moment’s notice. The A♦ turn paid tribute to that and the 5♥ wrapped up ImCastles11’s sixth place run, a hard earned $11,399.21 added to their account.

No deal was in place when Pole tml_89pl, who had been quietly humming along, moved all-in with A♥ 9♥ under the gun for six big blinds. The Brazilian gsr1703 had fallen below ten big blinds next to act, but that was about to change, because they didn’t hesitate to get their stack across the line with A♣ K♣. J♥ 2♠ 6♦ flopped and 6♠ turned. Not the heart or nine tml_89pl was hoping for but some chop outs came to the fore. It was the 2♣ on the river and a split pot, grs1703’s rollercoaster continued and tml_89pl could take a breath for a moment.

The short-stacks survived three times more before tml_89pl three-bet shoved K♥ Q♦ for 6 big blinds in the small blind. faraz jaka_7 had raised on the button with A♥ 8♦ and was priced in to call. Some final tables run out without much additional drama from the board, but TCOOP 28 was not one of them. The flop was J♣ 10♥ 2♥ and tml_89pl had just about every hope of survival. The 9♥ fulfilled those hopes but while the Q♥ gave the short-stack the second nut flush it gave The Toilet fan the nut flush. Finally there were four, tml_89pl out in fifth for $14,801.96.

Deal-making now began in earnest and the remaining hopefuls chopped the prizepool up with $4,000 left for the winner:

faraz jaka_7: $38,068.78
gsr1703: $35,461.55
m0nster1989: $34,586.91
Titanocen: $29,609.08

With the payouts smoothed out considerably play opened up following the deal.

About six hands on Titanocen found a good spot to move all-in with six blinds and Q♠ J♠ on the button, gsr1703 calling in the big-blind with K♣ 10♣ for less than half their chips. The flop came 8♣ 5♣ 7♠ and the 2♣ turn ended affairs. It was third place and $249,609.08 for Titanocen.

The Brazilian gsr1703 had seized control of the final table and m0nster1989_ ran into the buzzsaw, shoving with K♥ 6♠ for 9 big blinds on the button. It was an easy call with A♣ 8♦ in the big blind for gsr1703 and the flop A♥ 7♦ 3♠ was followed by an A♠ turn, rendering the J♣ river meaningless. m0nster1989_ would have to be satisfied with second and $34,586.91.

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Heads-up was a five-hand affair with faraz jaka_7 nursing ten big blinds before shoving J♠ 8♦ on the button. Again gsr1703 had the best of it with K♠ 9♣ and flopped another pair to boot on A♠ 9♥ 4♣. What had started with an ace from above on the final table bubble ended with a 5♦ A♦ runout, the Brazilian riding a wave of well timed all-ins to scoop the pot while the UK’s faraz jaka_7 was eliminated second for $38,068.78.

Add that $4,000 to the haul, it was $39,461.55 for first place and a TCOOP title for gsr1703!

TCOOP-28: $82 No-Limit Hold’em (Turbo, 2x Chance)
Entrants: 3,151 entries, 1,386 re-buys
Prize pool: $340,275
Places paid: 396

1. gsr1703 (Brazil) $39,461.55*
2. faraz jaka_7 (United Kingdom) $38,068.78*
3. m0nster1989_ (Brazil) $34,586.91*
4. Titanocen (Germany) $29,609.08*
5. tml_89pl (Poland) $14,801.96
6. ImCastles11 (United Kingdom) $11,399.21
7. smetta123 (Belgium) $7,996.46
8. wtfgmon (Belarus) $4,600.51
9. Noveasalpedo (Argentina) $2,892.33

*Denotes the result of a four-way deal.

TCOOP is far from over. Check out the remaining events on the TCOOP schedule here.

Gareth Chantler is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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