2014 Macau Millions: Zhaojun tops Day 1D, Im close behind

March 12, 2014

Today was a momentous day.

Day 1D drew 335 entrants and became the largest-ever starting flight in Macau Millions history, obliterating the previous record of 270 entrants.

We also have our first woman in Day 2. Women actually. Percy Yung and Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im survived the onslaught and made it to Day 2.

Yung bubbled Day 1A and came very close to bubbling again today. Yung employed the fold-and-pray strategy when we got down to 26 players and just squeaked by with 24,500. Yung is now the short stack for Day 2.


Percy Yung

Im on the other hand finished way up top. Almost the top. After a stellar day, the Team Pro ended Day 1D second in chips — and third overall — with 294,000. This also makes Im the first Team PokerStars Pro to advance to Day 2.


Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im

The only person to finish the day with more chips was Ruan Zhaojun. Zhaojun took advantage of his large stack late in the day and effectively applied bubble pressure to chip up.


Ruan Zhaojun

Zhaojun finished Day 1D atop of the field with 328,500.

Jack Lee also made it through to Day 2, again.

Lee made the final 24 with 52,000 and became the second player to make it to Day 2 twice. The full list of Day 1D survivors is right under this sentence:

1. Ruan Zhaojun (China) – 328,500

2. Im Vivian (Korea Team) – 294,000

3. Tech John (Philippines) 242,500

4. Petersen Kevin (Thailand) – 241,000

5. Ji Lei (China) – 235,000

6. Choi Chang Rak (Korea) – 224,500

7. Jung Chul Woo (Korea) – 172,500

8. Tong Kristopher Keung (USA) – 149,500

9. Zhu Gaofeng (China) – 117,000

10. Du Ting Ting (China) – 116,000

11. Lu Weijun (China) – 111,500

12. Pinto Lester Ian (Singapore) – 103,000

13. Ong Jun Yang (Singapore) – 100,000

14. Attarian Florent (France) – 93,000

15. Huen Tin Wai (Hong Kong) – 91,000

16. Wong Hon Man (Hong Kong) – 75,500

17. Ho Cheng (Macau) – 72,500

18. Yang Kai Sheng (Chinese Taipei) – 69,500

19. Kim Soo Jo (Korea) – 55,500

20. Jack Lee (Australia) – 52,000

21. Rivera Czardy (Philippines) – 52,000

22. Zhao Ziyang (China) – 43,000

23. Zhu Xuexi (China) – 40,500

24. Yung Percy Pui Suen (Hong Kong) 24,500

But these players were the minority as only seven percent of the field advances to Day 2. Several players took their shot today, including Bryan Huang, Celina Lin, Iori Yogo, Alexandre Chieng, Sixiao “Juicy” Li and Lacey Jones.


Lacey Jones

While these players didn’t make it today, they still have two more days to give it a go. Join us tomorrow at 7 p.m. UTC+8:00 for more fast-paced madness from the Macau Millions.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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