2014 Macau Millions: Shrinkage

March 12, 2014

We’re down to the double digits.

Only 80 players remain after five hours of play and Chang Rak Choi seems to have the lead with 103,000. But with massive blinds, the lead is very fluid and there are several large stacks at Choi’s table.

Action has been constant at his table and he crossed the six-figure chip mark after raising to 3,600 from under-the-gun. The player to Choi’s left called and so did the big blind. The flop came A♥J♦A♦ and all three players checked.


Chang Rak Choi

The big blind checked again when the K♥ came on the turn. Choi then bet 11,000, took down the pot and went up to 103,000.

Choi can’t coast his way to the top seven percent though and several players — including a few at his table — are close at his heels.

Sixiao “Juicy” Li is one of those players.

In one hand, there was about 13,000 in the pot and Li and her opponent were faced with a K♠Q♠Q♦ flop. Both players checked and a 6♣ came on the turn. After another round of checks the river brought an A♠.

After some thought, Li checked and her opponent checked behind.

“Ace?” Li asked.

Her opponent shook his head and then mucked when Li showed 9♣9♠. Li is now well-above average with 75,000.

Vivian Im is also doing well with about 80,000.

Im suffered a short setback after doubling up an opponent but is back on her feet. Im and her opponent were all-in on a 10♣J♠A♦4♦ board and Im held 10♠10♦ to her opponent’s A♥Q♥.


Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im

There was an uproar at the table when aK♣ fell on the river, giving Im’s opponent a straight. Im fell to 30,000 but quickly rebounded and went on the second break of the day with 80,000.

Im is also the last Team PokerStars Pro left in the field. Since our last update, Bryan Huang and Celina have hit the rail.

Also joining them on the rail is Lacey Jones and Gustavo Cavaliere.

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