2014 Macau Millions: Button to button

March 12, 2014

Late registration is closed and the numbers are in.

Day 1D drew 335 entrants, the largest Macau Millions Day 1 field ever. That means that 24 players from Day 1D will go on to Day 2.

While the field is large, it’s shrinking quickly. The 335 entrants were whittled down to 160 players just one level after late registration closed.

With 160 players left, the average stack was about 20,000. Several players found themselves struggling with less, but others were starting to rise. One of those rising stacks belonged to serial Day 1 survivor, Alexandre Chieng.


Alexandre Chieng

Chieng currently has 49,000, more than he survived Day 1C with. But at this stage, a large stack guarantees nothing. Even in the final levels of play, large stacks have come crumbling down in a matter of minutes.

But Chieng knows this, if anyone knows what it takes to make it to Day 2, it’s him. So we decided to follow him, button to button.

Blinds were 400/800 and action folded to Chieng on the button. Chieng raised to 2,200 and took down the pot. Chieng then folded the next five hands. During that time, Sixiao “Juicy” Li moved to his table and another player got eliminated.

Then, when Chieng was on the big blind, the small blind called. Chieng took a few chips from his stack and threw them in for a raise to 3,800.

The small blind had about 15,000 and thought for a bit before folding.

The next hand, Juicy Li raised to 2,100 from early position and everyone folded to her. Chieng was back on the button the next hand, folded and continued to watch something that included both singing and dancing on his iPhone.

Chieng was up to 49,000.

Some other counts from the field include: Vivian Im (40,000), Bryan Huang (18,500), Celina Lin (14,000) Gustavo Cavaliere (13,000) and Lacey Jones (11,000).


Gustavo Cavaliere

Players are about to enter a new stage of this tournament though. Blinds will kick in the next level and stacks will start shrinking — and growing — even faster.

Alexander Villegas contributes multiple words for the PokerStars Blog.


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